Philippine Fisherman Shot Dead by Cops for Violating Quarantine

Bullet Wound in Left Side of Back

Philippine Fisherman Shot Dead by Cops for Violating Quarantine

According to the backinfo I’ve got, this incident happened in Bohol, the Philippines. This dead man is an impoverished fisherman who depended on the sea for food for his family.

When the Covid-19 plandemic made the Philippine government impose the quarantine, he faced the choice between watching his children starve to death, or risking his life by facing the police state enforcers.

He opted to sail out to the sea but the police noticed him and arrested him for violating the quarantine. We don’t know what truly happened next, but the cops say he jumped off their boat into the sea so they shot him. Basically, ACAB no matter where in the world you are. Not the first time in the Philippines either.

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56 thoughts on “Philippine Fisherman Shot Dead by Cops for Violating Quarantine”

  1. Clearly the cops, in their boat, were in imminent danger from the man bobbing in the ocean that the police had no choice but to shoot him in the BACK!

    Why does nobody ever see it from the cops side?!

  2. Hi.. This man is Ronnie Langgoy and his death had nothing to do with quarantine violations. Bohol is one of the low-risk provinces, which means it’s under GCQ. Which furthermore means that restrictions are not strict *AND PEOPLE CAN WORK TO SUPPORT THEIR FAMILIES*.

    Though it’s certainly possible that police had something to do with Mr. Langgoy’s death. They reported that they were patrolling in the area in response to complaints of illegal fishing (using illegal fishing equipment) and this man presumably “went missing” when they abandoned ship during the chase and was found sometime after with the injuries shown.

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