Philippine Government Forces Killed by Abu Sayyaf Jihadists

Philippine Government Forces Killed by Abu Sayyaf Jihadists

The religion of peace spreading their message of peace in the Philippines. Where Muslims go, bloodshed follows.

Government soldiers killed by what they believe were Abu Sayyaf Jihadists in the video below look incinerated and still smoking, so they must have been found immediately after the attack. Maybe another unit which was following them with a little delay found them?

Whole truckload of soldiers were killed. May have been an IED but they were driving down a dirt road in a jungle which is not where you would anticipate much motorized traffic so why place an IED there? But then again – none of the weapons were collected by the attackers. Why would they pass up on the opportunity to expand their weapon supplies if the soldiers were dead? Perhaps the IED idea isn’t too farfetched.

Another possibility would be that Abu Sayyaf Jihadists fired a rocket propelled grenade at the truck but unfortunately I don’t have any of that info. Perhaps our Filipino speaking friends can help with translation of dialogue?

Many soldiers burned to a crisp. Must have been quite a fireball:

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  1. Sometimes they don’t grab the weapons just because they can’t be sure if they’ve taken any damage from the explosion.
    Also in a terrain like that, you wouldn’t wanna give away your position by firing off a gun just to see if it works.
    If I had decent supplies as is, I would say fuck it myslef.

    Kudos for them having a camera. The phillipine islands are fucking hellzones loaded with militants and terrorist groups waiting to kidnap tourists and behead them for ransom (FARC).

          1. Right Kels? I think someone’s jealous of my appearance…

            but if he’s trying to support a legitimate argument then I’ll go ahead and say the Phillippines carries the highest rate of American kidnappings. “True story bro.”

    1. @rammfan1
      I agree, the one rifle he zoomed in on looked done, looked like it was even missing the hand grip.. you’d have to be really be low on your weaponery to pick one up of the ground and trust it to protect your own life in a firefight.. definitely worst case scenario..

    2. @rammfan O.o the farc..? You clearly must be joking the farc is in english *revolutionary armed forces of Columbia* Columbia not the Philippines every fucked up country kidnapps and asks for ransom Mexican cartels kidnapp and behead tourists from the US. The *Farc* isn’t a religious extremist group they are more political XD you should visit Mexico some time O_o it’s just crossing the border you don’t need to take a plane

      1. Whats with all the fucking attacks since I changed my picture?
        Locked up Abroad must have had their facts wrong but I doubt it. I’m just gonna go on with what National Geographic had, and that was 22 American missionairies claiming to have been kidnapped in the Philippines by the FARC.

        Listen to yourself asshole, “You should visit Mexico sometime.”

        Can someone tell me how many retarded trolls have said that on this site?

        Pull ths spic-dick out of your ass, grow up, and don’t type little 12 year old girl shit like “O.o” “O_o” while trolling.

        1. @rammfan1 your telling me to grown up ..? I’m not the one using the word *troll* what are you five XD chill the fuck out. I watched that documentary they wernt farc don’t always believe what’s on the tv -.-

        2. don’t believe what missionaries say, they don’t know shit, very obviously. I mean come on, they believe in an invisible man in the sky, and annoy people with those lies for a living.

          FARC stands for “Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia”. Colombia is VERY far from the Philippines. Geographically. What they got in common is Spanish history and heritage. Occupation, religious indoctrination, a wonderful mix of admiration and deep hatred against their occupiers, who became and are part of the culture and blood. Cause even the greatest racists can’t resists the yummy brown women of the countries they invaded.

    3. It’s true. Philippines is the kidnapping capital of the world. Travel insurance companies have ransom insurance for those travelling to the Philippines and highly recommend you buy it because incidence of kidnappings there is much higher than anywhere in the world. Colombia has nothing on the Philippines. Doesn’t come anywhere near.

      1. Wow, that doesn’t not surprise me at alway. The Native filipino got their ass beat, and than all their Women Raped and impregnated by Spanish conquerors. So the people who raped and murdered their forefathers and mothers are their forefathers!!!
        The Flips today are bastards resulting of that time in history

  2. Those burnt bodies’ color and stiffness remind me of how drowning victims look after a few weeks in the water. The genitals look the same as a drowning victim’s genitals. The only difference is that drowning victims have fish face.. Their tongues stick out. Wonder what causes these things.. The fish face on drowners or the reason why wild life eats the human face before anything else..

  3. Probably some sort of incendiary device, a lot of carnage.. nice gore, some of those bodies looked extra crispy.. toasted , must have been hell of a blast…probably weren’t around to steal arms or saw reinforcements coming perhaps…?

  4. Sorry I couldn’t really understand that much because there is a little Tagalog words I heard. This place took place in the state called Mindanao they do no speak Tagalog. I hope it helped a little..
    Cameraman: They let us pass
    Cameraman:That’s only thing they did.. There’s a lot of us.
    Cameraman:This is where they ambush

      1. It is safe to visit the Philippines.. Just don’t go to Mindanao, they have a lot of shit going on in that place especially to the provinces.. China is fucking over Philippines right now.. They want to take over because it started with a little piece of land and now they want the whole country since it is ‘below’ China..

    1. yep, they said truck was ambushed, looks like they we’re in a convoy. On the initial part of the video, they we’re just talking on what to do with the burnt corpses. On the later part, they we’re talking on they should have taken the other route, and could have avoided the ambush.

      How the fuck i’ve never seen or heard this on TV….must’ve been focused on BG too much.

  5. War is such a beautiful thing. Send your kids off to fight in one. Your kids come home in one or several body bags. Soon after war is over, the Government that sent your children to die for stupid reasons, makes nice with the Country they invaded to begin with. Makes total fucking sense to me….meantime, I’m listening to “Games without frontiers”~Peter Gabriel….

    1. We need a revolution Lisa!

      You find that ex-soldiers that are planted into high office are much more wary of sending the best of our society to fight stupid fucking wars (Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia, etc…).

      1. Well said dear Tom! As long as there be oil in them thar hills though, and opium, those wars will continue. Money talks, bullshit walks right, or so they say. To fuck with humanity, the environment, people. Money, is the master of the human race. I would love to go back to the days when people actually spoke to one another, when you had two channels on tv and had to get up to change them. And I still love power failures for that very reason. Who eats at the table with their family anymore…?

  6. Ok what they are saying in the video is that is an ambush the truck is part of a convoy but the truck is too far behind it so the rebels take advantage of it. And the soldier said that the MNLF (Moro National Liberation Front) group that ambushed the soldiers and not the abu sayaf group. Hope this info can help.

  7. 2:03 = Carry them manually over there.
    2:11 = I think this is the driver, This one? said the *other voice* here, the one that is burned, No! No!, this one.
    2:57 = The enemy planned to let us pass through.
    3:08 = They got lucky that they let some of us pass this way, because they knew they were outnumbered.
    3:24 = Were very far from them when they were ambushed!
    3:34 = MNLF, MNLF is the one who attacked us.
    3:58 = We can’t see any of them, were uncertain that whoever was in front of us might be our comrades.

    Sorry for the translation, this is the only thing I can understand. apparently, some of their language is not tagalog.

  8. That was an ambush,MNLF did it not the Abu Sayyafs.The MNLF (Moro National Liberation Front) let the first battalion of Marines to passby because they are many of numbers and they are in the battle tanks.The MNLF fired the rocket on the 2nd battalion truck and they escaped fast,the MNLF just wanted to outnumbered the Marines.And the rescuing soldiers just asking the identity of the dead bodies.The officer speaking in the video identified the truck driver and Lt.Punzalan,and he said that “If they were ambushed on this place surely we cannot rescue them ’cause the site was too far away from us.They just let us passby and attacked them.They are son of a bitches,MNLF did it.MNLF attacked us.”

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