Photos of Brutal Prison Riot in Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil

Photos of Brutal Prison Riot in Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil

Yesterday I reported on the New Year’s Day jail riot at COMPAJ in Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil. I now present to you pictures of the aftermath, which show the sheer brutality of the massacre that took place.

Yesterday, it was believed that about 40 people were killed in the onslaught. Today, that number was increased to “at least 80“. The latter number was just confirmed by the commander of the Specialized Police (comandante do Policiamento Especializado) Lieutenant Colonel Cleitman Rabelo.

Of 15 prison workers who were held hostage by the inmates yesterday, seven remain in their captivity. There is information that former police officer Moacir Jorge da Costa, nicknamed “Moa”, is among the dead.

At a news conference last night, Secretary of Public Security Sérgio Fontes revealed that an internal war between the factions of the Northern Family (FDN – Família do Norte) and the First Command of the Capital (PCC – Primeiro Comando da Capital) sparked the massacre:

Everything indicates that it was an attack by a major faction against a minor, to eliminate the competition…

According to the secretary, a great effort is being made in the attempt to recapture the prisoners who escaped. The Army is collaborating in the searches. There are flyovers in the woods around Compaj and Ipat prison compounds, with the use of heat seeking equipment. So far, 20 prisoners have been recaptured (up from 15 recaptured by the end of day yesterday).

Gallery of pics:

Here’s also a short video of an inmate being beheaded (props to Best Gore member @brunoousado):

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  1. That was brutal. Those brazilians inmates sure know how to start the New Years right on full brazilian mode.

    Those videos on those cheaply Brazilian phones will be awesome! I got my popcorn aside with soda ready.

    1. I think could I do it. lol Seriously. As long as I had like hazmat attire. I think I could. I’ve cleaned up blood, puke, pulled staples out of people, been bled all over. I think I could handle it. You just have to think about finishing the job and don’t take time to look at every thing. Then a forensic type person has the hard, gross job.

  2. they should wire up these brazilian prisons with cameras and live stream it to the world. would be much better than that big brother crap.. we can watch all the fights, killings and gore… the public could vote to drop in weapons to people and make it interesting…

  3. Brazilian prisons are basically favelas (slums) with walls and barbed wire around them. Prison guards are there just to make sure the inmates don’t get out, and a lot, if not a huge portion, take bribes, kill inmates by hire, sell drugs, etcetera. Prisoners have cell phones, internet access, hookers at demand, all sorts of guns (there are even frequent shootings between gangs). American prisons are kindergartens compared to this.

    1. @portuguesedude American gangs are def Mickey Mouse compared to this SHIT. I still don’t understand how it’s called prison. ? If they have all the same rights and prob more then being free?? SHIT kill someone go to jail. Get an iphone 7 big screen to capture more. nice pair of flip flops. Blow jobs on demand. And oh yeah a gigantic machete. Sign me up. Notttt

  4. 90 escape, 40 turn in jail.
    The ostages was 12 and they’re safe.
    This shit is fuckin brutal, in Italy before never talk about Brazil’s jail’s bullshit.

    Really seem Thomas Hewitt’s bedroom.

    1. Here at Brazil the prisons are slums with fences, the prisoners rule the place, if someone is against the prisoners… they just order to kill the entire family of this person, no matter who, anyone… no one is safe here…

      We have more than 60,000 murder per year, and only 10% are elucidated… maximum sentence here is 30 years (no matter if the sentence say 1,000 years) the maximum time a person can stay at prison here at Brazil is 30 years… if the inmate behave well, he can go out with just a third of the sentence served…

      in the first day of this year a man who was falsely accused by the mother of his son entered a new year party and killed 12 people, includind her ex wife and his own son… and the worst part is the population is backing the killer, “he have his motives” they are saying all around…

      Sad to be a Brazilian…

      1. @port. Thank you for that information. Yes I’m speaking to someone who actually lives there. My ? Is are there any nice safe vacation spots in Brazil. I had a childhood dream trip planned to go to rio. That shit is cancelled beyond cancelled after coming to this site.

  5. I have no problem with everybody involved in that just being killed. If that is your existence as a “human”, you need to be eliminated. Those aren’t people. They’re a kind of animal that doesn’t exist in nature. They are ruined, dangerously insane and should be scooped into a mass grave.
    That’s the meanest thing I’ve ever said on this site.

  6. Man, now THIS was a party. I don’t know why you people are acting all shocked….we watch this stuff in movies, act it out in video games, channel it through sports; these guys actually get the chance to do it in real life, and the BEST part is that it is unlikely any of them will be punished for it, because who can tell who killed who?

    And the maximum sentence for murder in Brazil is 30 years, so a person convicted of one murder could have done all of this singlehandedly within the riot and he’ll still get out after 30 years.

  7. That place is about As close as you could get to Hell. Shit like that going all the time plus the anxiety the inmates must go through knowing that could happen at any second. I believe I’d rather just end myself before ending up there.

  8. Some brutal sadistic mother fuckers!!! I love it total carnage , need a steel cage match between the Mexican narcos, Brazilian cartels and isis! I’d pay big money for front row seats!!! Keep up the great work Brazil

  9. And I have been proposing Nuking Brazil and some people here thought that I was extreme for saying that lol.

    ISIS has nothing on these guys.

    I’d say airdrop these savages into ISIS territory and see who wins.

    I put my money on these Brazilian savages

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