Photos of Cyclist Shot Dead in Philippines

Photos of Cyclist Shot Dead in Philippines

Here are a few photos to update the post with the video of the cyclist shot dead after a road rage fist fight in the Philippines. In the gallery there are also photos of the killer.

I have not received any new info on the case, so without further ado, here are the pics. Props to Best Gore member @ALOTBSOL for these:

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      1. Road rage is a horrible thing…its amazing that people will kill for such stupid reasons. …but I would not put the person in prison…I would take saw and cut off both legs and both arms and use a knife to cut off his tongue, then return him to his home.

    1. Yeah but when u sleep u still know that your alive: Dreams good n bad, bodily functions, respiratory functions, impulses all remind us of life even as we sleep. When your dead there’s none of that. Gone. Period. Done deal.

  1. Damn that’s a nice bike you’ve got there boy! Is that a Huffy? No? **Pow*** Real men ride Huffys bitch! Said the member of the rival Philippino bicycle gang member who killed him. I believe the gang is called the Manila Macho Men and they are some mean little fuckers with really, really strong legs and excellent cardio.

  2. I almost hit some retarded cyclist on the road yesterday who decided riding in front of the full size chevy z71 i was driving was a good idea. Thought about pushing his rear tire with the king ranch grill gaurd while reving in neutral would teach him a lesson but refrained because i assumed the people in traffic didnt harbour the same feelings as me and would call the cops…. fuckicking hate seeing em on the road. And the toyota prius too….

      1. Where do you live because i live in Florida and ALL of the driving laws a geared for old people, example: in a basic collision the person who was behind is automaticaly at fault. If you get break checked on the highway whilst doing the speed limit, YOU are legaly at fault and have to pay all fines. Its so drivers wont ride the asses of seniors driving there 1973 lincoln land yachts doing 10 under the limit.

        1. I am really old (60) compared to you teenagers, and my Land Yacht never exceeds 25 mph. As for the man who says he enjoys pushing cyclists off the road with his massive truck, I myself prefer to use a steam roller.

          1. @aegrescit-medendo If he had flip flops on instead, he probably loses the fight and then maybe the driver feels satisfied enough to not want to kill him. Its harder to fight while wearing those click clacking clapper doodle flappers.

    1. The motive was… He was a little bitch faggot who was trying to be a big man and someone showed him up…So he shot the guy. He really does look like the kind of guy you wouldn’t want on your team…Bitch!

  3. I really love these updates, on past posts! It,s like a pleasant, unexpected surprise when you least expect it! Something like waking up to an incredible blowjob on a Sunday morning, lol. 🙂

  4. Filipinos don’t give a FUCK!! Savages I tell you… I used to fuck a filipina chick here in Arlington, TX and she had like 43 cousins and half were dead and the majority of the rest were in jail back in the Philippines … But that tight little Asian ass and perky tits made it worth the shadiness of going to her family cookouts.

  5. That bikes a belter. If nobody was looking id be scarpering off on that.
    And it’s no surprise that chubby little fucker resorted to pulling out a gun. i mean look at him he’s got slimy bastard written all over him.

  6. This little gay guy was not in the regular Army, I bet he was in the Filipino equivalent of the Territorial Army or some part timer bullshit like that. (I.e. not the real hard-core stuff).

    Hope he gets banged up in jail and has to suck someone’s knob for the next 10 years, in order to leave.

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