Photo of Dead Micah X Johnson After Being Blown Up by Explosive

Photo of Dead Micah X Johnson After Being Blown Up by Explosive

Photos have been leaked alleging to depict dead Dallas shooter Micah Xavier Johnson, and a Saiga AK-74 rifle allegedly used by the shooter in the act of killing citizen killers.

Funny how all initial reports claimed there were two snipers, but suddenly we get it narrowed down to a shooter acting alone on the ground. Or how it was originally reported that an SKS rifle was used, but now it’s an AK-74.

Must be a real dilemma for the bootlickers among us – they worship citizen killers and thank military fags for their service. So what now? Abolish military so we don’t have trained killers to kill your precious boys in blue, or shoot them in the face after we’re done with them so they can’t turn into killers on the streets?

Props to Best Gore member @african-angel for the pics:

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117 thoughts on “Photo of Dead Micah X Johnson After Being Blown Up by Explosive”

    1. The shooter said he wanted to kill White people. No outrage, only justification. Poor, innocent, decent black folk always getting the shaft from whitey, especially from the “racist” po-leece. Newt Gingrich (Possibly Trump’s running mate, dear God!) scolds us about not knowing what it’s like to be black in America, blah, blah, blah.

      Well, I know what it’s like to be White in America. I know when I see someone who looks like me but has no loyalty to me. I know Diversity is a code word for White Genocide.

      1. well you should have stayed in Europe instead of came to America, this beautiful land belonged to us, you came and did a lot of worst things to us natives, even bring black slaves to make the invasion more profitable to you, pay the price without cry. Karma is around, a revolution is coming soon, are you scalp ready?

          1. Agreed @joedirt9.
            When left to their own devices, modern day Native Americans live largely in desperate poverty. Whitey did not do that to them. Had Europeans (English mainly) not arrived, present day U.S. would be nothing more than North Mexico.

          2. Someone had to show the inbred, white trash, child raping Christians that you get what you dish out. If your illiterate ass could read, then you would know that the euroscum only wanted the land for their greedy asses to rape as well. The Natives welcomed those pieces of shit with open arms and helped them survive the first winters they were here. If it wasn’t for the euro trash being saved from starvation and freezing to death, then the retards would still think the Earth is flat.
            This land would not be north Mexico, the spics wouldn’t be here either, since they are all from Spain, which is in Europe. None of the world’s trash would be here, you fucking retards.

    2. There were two White men in Camy, bulletproof vests, gas masks and Assault Weapons who thought the end was coming and they wanted to participate….ultimately, they changed their mind and were taken into custody…In Texas you can play soldier anywhere and at any time.
      Ironic that the shooter could have died in Afghanistan by an IED but came home to die of an IED…funny there was no mention of a family, wife, mother, father etc.. He is now, burning in hell or all eternity.

    3. I’m I the only nigga on best gore I’ve been on this everyday almost 2years. So y’all can direct all racist nigger comments to me since I don’t see niggas on here. I’m fat and blacc I’m from south central Los Angeles nigga and bean city

      1. You’re not the only black person on here lol 😛
        I’m black and I’ve been a member on this site since 2009 lol.
        I wonder how many other black ppl are on here or rather black females other than myself?
        Normally I don’t comment but I see that racist assholes are out :/
        Hate comes in all colors ppl so grow the fuck up. When are white ppl going to figure out that they’re the Minorities? All this hate begets more hate it’s an endless cycle that you perpetuate when will it end? No doubt with their mentalities some more material to be seen on here.
        I don’t hate whites my kids are half german.
        xP~ So enjoy that you racist shits xP~

      1. Yeah that’s him. Went to high school with the shooter. He was a strange one. Decent enough guy I guess, but he did get sent to an alt school for beating up a teacher. Don’t remember why he did it, but I remember people saying the teacher deserved it. This dude was known as Xavier in my hometown and he was literally that quiet kid you see in the halls but don’t really fuck with. Not that people really wanted to fuck with him, he kept to himself mostly, joked around from time to time but ultimately forgettable.

  1. The funny thing is they say his motives are “unclear.” He seemed “delusional.” Yet it was very clear that the media, politicians and more all said very nasty things about police in general and incited violence. I’m a bit surprised this didn’t happen sooner. Now suddenly everyone is talking about how great cops are and how we should respect them yet these same people last week were taking about racism and how white cops go on a shooting spree in some low income neighborhood because a guy was selling records.

    1. If what was reported by various news sources is true a possible motive for his actions would be self hatred coupled with self delusion.

      It would appear that a number of women had taken out restraining orders against him over the years to stop his unwanted sexual advances, non of the women were black I hasten to say. This dispels the myth that he hated white people, white men perhaps but certainly not white women.

      In fact it also appears that he had a coal-burner for a stepmother and got on well with her.

      So we have then a black man who doesn’t like his own race of women enough to date them, preferring instead to chase after white women, white women I might add that wanted nothing to do with his black ass, and so turned his self-hatred into hatred of whites in general in an attempt to escape the fact that his desires went unfulfilled and unreciprocated.

      Still, he does sound like a patsy though. The original reports do not match what was stated afterwards, probably got used to quell public support towards black people and boost the image of cops.

      1. @empty-soul Thanks for always researching this kind of stuff, amazing what comes out after the initial story. That’s absolutely hilarious, he didn’t like whites, but obsessed with white women. A lot of them are like that, wanna-be whites. Bleaching their skin, straightening their hair, dogging white women.

      2. Blacks don’t love white women. They love to USE white women. They probably think they’re getting revenge for slavery when they fuck a white chick. Like, “Fuck that plantation owner that flogged my great-great-great-great grandaddy, I’m fuckin’ a white bitch! Now when do I get my 40 acres and a mule?”.

        At least that’s been my observation…

        1. Ur absolutely right! Im married now but the only reason i used to pop out white trash females was to troll these dumb white boys! It definitely wasnt over any land or animals but you are a very perceptive cave bitch none the less…Maybe you shout try taming your savagery by deepthroating a black pole and let him dump his load down ur throat?

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      3. I went to high school with this guy. I haven’t heard from anyone at my old high school that he had peace bonds out against him. We graduated in 09 though so it’s possible that happened after high school. All the people I knew and from my experience, this dude was just your average suburban black kid until he went to the military. The military apparently really fucked him up, haven’t heard why or what exactly happened, but I did hear he was discharged for a grievance of a sexual nature.

        1. If it ain’t officer Norman…. shootem. Cops down here surely don’t act like cops. I know people who have been beaten from cops (men and woman) and also 2 people who has died due to being beaten from cops. BG members on here that has visited hawaii and stayed at Waikiki must surely seen what I speak of. Cops also get paid off so the bouncers of clubs can go out and take care of people themselves. I witnessed this multiple times cruising around that area. Seen a group of high school kids get beaten from a van full of bouncers from a certain bar. Front Row seats of that action. One of the boys girlfriend got a skateboard to the head for intervening. Seen under cover agents beat someone that was running from cops. Lol. They pulled us to the side originally but walked away since they was beating him. Friends would come by my place saying they just got jumped by cops just because they mistaken them for someone else. A cop told me that hopefully I’m gay since I’m being stuck with other men. What kind of Shit is that? Cops pull up late to shit even though they just parked doing shit. Stop beating your meat.

      1. At least one person gets it. @joedirt9 you’re a sad little boy with a narrow view of things, be careful.

        inb4 “nigger nigger nigger / nigger lover / any other elementary insult you may try to use with your peanut sized brain” – I’m white and you’re a peon.

  2. 5 tiny dicked pigs, resting in piss. I salute you. Don’t worry I’m sure the dead piggies fellow officers will take good care of their widows(get thy lube)and I mean good care….9/11 style.. Lucky bastards.

      1. Why wouldn’t they? Plenty of us mouth breathing white people choose to take that stance in regard to blacks, muslims, gays, transgenders, anyone with a different religion …. the list goes on.

        So why not? Two wrongs don’t make a right, sure. One wrong and one right doesn’t make a right either though … so fuck it, right?

          1. I wonder if how did he delivered the “Alah Snackbar!” message… by recorder, a simple text display, a robotic text-to-sound message or in morse code. 😆

      1. I gotta admit, that was really ingenious of them to send in a robot bomb. Hard to differentiate the cops and the military, just like in L.A. when they used tanks to punch holes in crack houses.

  3. If we as of now don’t embrace the way of violence and attune its enveloping cusp, in open carry mandate America will cease any decisive action that may or may not save countless lives in the future. -951-

  4. I see you’ve taken a break from calling him and other blacks “niggers” Ackneska. I guess you don’t mind black people so much as long as they’re murdering someone else you hate.

    1. @chop..bwahahaha! Also, wondering if this nig nog started a sort of “Columbine” thing…where this “exterminating” of police officers, no matter what race they may or may not be, will be happening alot more often. We here at BG knew/know it was/is just a matter of time, imo.

  5. Yep, @acneska their bullshit never flies with me, as an Ak-74 Semi-Auto, shoots 7.6mmx54 rounds, as a Russian SKS Semi-Auto, shoots 7.6×32, rounds. The difference is quite noticeable as the AK,s shell casings are 22mm longer than the SKS, and would be quite easy to tell them apart. I know this, as i myself, own a Russian Built SKS-Semi-Auto. But either way sometimes looks can be deceiving, as a 22 cal. with Long Rifle Bullets can pierce bullet proof vests. Because of their small size, and weight, their velocity and accuracy, can be very deadly within 100 meters, or so. This is why the Police HATE 22 cal. and fail to mention that at close range, can pierce a bullet proof vest. So don,t throw away, or sell your 22,s Boys and Girls, as one day, if your Country becomes an open air concentration camp, like in the Gaza Strip, and Palestine, in general (Police State), you will be able to protect yourselves from these killing, and Wife & Child, raping thugs! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. There’s no real difference, cops condone violence/murder against blacks via their own silence and therefore consent to it and blacks condone the high levels of criminality within their own communities by doing the same.

      Both groups view each other with suspicion and hatred as a result of the above and therefore both groups see each other as viable targets for retribution.

      The only difference between the groups is that the blacks face court action for their shitty behaviour whereas the cops tend not to. Neither group are saints though that’s for sure.

      Personally I don’t mind in the slightest if black people want to hate and kill us whites, it’s their hypocrisy that irritates me. It’s when despite all of their stated beliefs and hatred of the “wite debil” they still insist on moving to and living in white countries/societies and communities, they still lust after white women, they still want the white man to take care of them and pay them social security and pensions etc.

      If the blacks truly hated the whites they would be the ones demanding to be segregated from us rather than how it usually is with us demanding to be segregated from them.

  6. Racist: A white man killing 8 black people in a black church

    Gun issue: A black man killing 5 policemen and injuring 12 saying he wants to kill all white people especially white policemen

  7. If you have a gun, then get involved in a struggle with police due to your not cooperating, then you deserve to fucking die. Best gore likes to call the police “citizen killers” because of this? Come on. And we only saw the dying guy in the car not what happened when he got shot. Sure the cops cross the line once in a while, but for the most part they kill idiots.
    Modern day natural selection.

      1. I also neglected to mention these other groups as well: The Five Percenters who believe every black man is god and then The Black Hebrew Israelites who also advocate the killing of whites and children. So yeah, combined with TNBPP both are equally dangerous and vile excuses for humanity.

  8. If the fucker had been “blown up” he would have been dynamically de-constructed. As he is apparently still in one piece, he most likely was squashed like a cockroach by the blast. Saves the taxpayers in Texas the cost of keeping him alive and well for his execution when the appeals run out.

  9. BestGore is on the cutting edge with this, as it has before. This marks the first time an American citizen has been blown up by a government operated ROV on American soil that I’m aware of. While Obama is fond of killing US citizens with remotely operated vehicles overseas, as with Anwar Al-Awlaki and his teenaged son, they have always been with aerial vehicles -“drones”. This time the drone was a ground vehicle. A first here.
    A few years ago Rand Paul (son of the sainted Ron) spoke out on the floor of the US senate against the killing of Americans in the US with drones. The ruling class and its obedient media laughed. What a ridiculous idea! What a dumbass.
    And now here we are.
    Was it a bad thing to kill this murderous negro with a remote controlled bomb? I’m hard pressed to feel bad about it. It’s never a bad thing to clean up the shit, it seems to me.

  10. You’ve got more black people shooting their own than anyone in America but they wanna blame white people that died almost a century ago. I’m part black but not American black. Caribbean negroes know how to act.

  11. Semp Fi brother. He faught the good fight, came back to a disgruntled country with a mission. In this day and age, why is race even an issue? For fucks sake, education, global warming, and exploration of science/space should be this countries main concern. Never understood the concept of racism and our human DNA is 98% identical to chimps.. Aliens from space must be laughing their ass off at us puny humans.

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