Photos from Prison Riot in Roraima, Brazil – Potato Quality

Photos from Prison Riot in Roraima, Brazil - Potato Quality

Brazil’s Justice Department revises the Roraima prison riot death toll to 31 inmates dead. The Roraima riot occurred less than a week after 60 prisoners were murdered in the state of Amazonas, and one day after the federal government launched the National Public Security Plan to try to reduce the number of malicious killings in prisons.

In an interview with a local radio station, the secretary of Justice and Citizenship of Roraima, Uziel de Castro Júnior, said he believed that the killings at the Monte Cristo Agricultural Penitentiary were committed by members of the First Command of the Capital (Primeiro Comando da Capital).

The killers, he said, broke the padlocks and invaded Ward 5, kitchen and locker room where the least dangerous prisoners were.

With 31 dead, the Roraima became the third largest massacre in prisons by the number of deaths in Brazilian history, only behind the massacre in Carandiru, in São Paulo, in 1992, when 111 prisoners were killed, and Manaus, where 60 prisoners were killed this week.

Apparently, while Brazilian prisoners tend to have cell phones and weapons in their cells, some of those cell phones produce potato quality pictures:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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        1. Not that I give a fuck about them, it’s the other way around actually, I want to see more of them dead. But I’d prefer to see our politicians dead instead 😀

          1. Me neither I was trying to be sarcastic.

            But your politicians are not the worst I guess. Assuming you are from the US. 😉
            Try living with Angela Merkel for maybe 16 years if she wins this years election.
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  1. Nobody gives guaranty to new inmate if he will survive in Brazil prison. Just imagine horror of one who entering into corridor to enter one of the rooms where demonic paranoia and violent atmosphere rule.

    This people are very responsible and should be caught and thrown into jail:
    -Directors of the prison’s;
    -Minister of police;
    -Minister of justice;
    -Commander of the guards.

    President of the Brazil looks like scum itself.
    -You have woman for president-you’re fucked.
    When they are pissed off being in power-you can say goodbye to descent life. Woman in power is most dangerous thing. Especially if she’s FemiNazi.

    1. Those killers in prisons have knifes, phones and who knows what else and that is corruption, loud and clear.
      Now, do you guys have any info about employers being arrested or/and persecuted?

      Correction with presidency..
      Now is some guy president of Brazil and he looks like Mr Smith from The Simpsons 🙂

      1. Yep, he’s a Lebanese, or at least that’s what they say. Now, I was no big fan of the woman, but this guy is just another bad one. He’s also been accused, as many others in his and other parties (including the one of the ex-president) of receiving kickbacks to facilitate the signing of contracts between big engineering companies (Odebretch being one) and Petrobras. The companies would basically bribe politicians so they could get big construction deals, very lucrative ones, from the state run companies.
        Basically, the last president was more of a lefty and wanted to introduce social welfare and social projects of inclusion (a mayor from her party had a project where they’d school and teach trannies, to include them in society), on the backs of the taxes paid by the middle class whose only fault was competent hard work. She spent all the money that came from Petrobras during the high oil prices period so that when it went down the country went along with it (there were no savings). The difference is that the new president is more of a oligarchic character, so you have the corruption and nepotism that have always existed in Brazil. Plus, he wants to make loans from the IMF so that the future taxpayers will have to pay it. He also wants lower interest rates, so speculators will be happy. He’s got American connections, if you get me, and is a freemason. In the end, the working class is the loser.

    1. It’s between the PCC (based in Sao Paulo) and CV (based in Rio), the largest criminal syndicates in Brazil. It seems both gangs had an agreement for years in relation to the drug trafficking, many of it from Colombia and other neighbouring countries, but it seems that this agreement was broken by PCC which wants to take over all of the drug trade for itself, at least that’s what the media said.

  2. I bet the prison governor watched all of this shit unfold from his office swivel chair, while smoking a huge cigar. Best few days of his life this has been, a proper Brucie bonus.
    What a mongrel of a country.

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