Photo of Stephen Paddock Dead in Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino Room

Photo of Stephen Paddock Dead in Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino Room

Note that while the sheep websites who posted these pictures titled them “Photo of Las Vegas Shooter Dead“, I will not descend to the same level of a master bleater. A more accurate title would be “Photo of Las Vegas Patsy Dead“, but I prefer to be the only one who uses the actually accurate title: “Photo of Stephen Paddock Dead“.

Have you guys noticed the sheeple coming out of the woodwork to defend their precious government? It is a known and well documented (even by the mainstream) fact that governments hire shills to monitor and infiltrate social media, forums and websites in order to alter the climate of the conversation to that favorable by the said government. There is even a name for it – it’s known as “astroturfing“. Keep an eye out for the shills whom you hardly see commenting or contributing on Best Gore, but when a false flag is carried out, they come out in droves, even coordinating with each other to suck one another’s clits so to a reader it appears as though the narrative desired by their employer is the most popular and thus the correct one. This is not a joke. This is absolutely, positively a verifiable fact. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that Best Gore would not be one of the targets.

Stay vigilant and use your brain. That’s what you got it for. Don’t let anyone else tell you what to think. I have always and repeatedly told my readers to verify, double verify and trust no one but your own gut. That includes me. Unless it resonates with your own gut, don’t take it for anything but possible bullshit. That is something no shill, or a mainstream indoctrination service will ever tell you.

Aware: Watch, question, learn and think.
Sheep: Obey, submit, fall in line, thank you for your service.

Anyway, here are two pics allegedly related to the Las Vegas shooting. One alleges to show the dead body of the patsy, I mean the alleged shooter Stephen Paddock after he was killed with a fatal head shot, and the other one of the room in the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, in which Stephen Paddock allegedly stayed and used the high power rifles shown to shoot at the people attending the Route 91 Harvest festival.

I have received an overwhelming number of emails from Best Gore members who sent these pictures in. It would be too much to name you all, and besides, some asked for privacy, so I’ll just give you all a group props. You guys rock:

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136 thoughts on “Photo of Stephen Paddock Dead in Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino Room”

    1. Mark you are absolutely right. The sheep are out everywhere. They don’t wanna see the truth, they also don’t want to hear it. But the truth is right in front of their faces. The cops cannot get their story straight. The so called brother to me is an obvious crisis actor, and for some reason no matter what video I watch, I do not see one fucking shred of muzzle flash. The sound of the shots is too high in decibels for a suppressor so why no muzzle flash. Also when you watch the videos of the people who describe the nightmare they survived it’s always “Machine Gun’s” plural and use words like “They” to describe the enemy.

      1. You are absolutely correct. Eye witnesses keep reporting multiple shooters. Police reported a minimum of 2 shooters while shooting was in progress. But no matter how obvious it gets, the shills will push their narrative, oftentimes from repeating the lines they were provided by whoever hired them as the “most effective way” to sway the discussion.

        The internet is full of videos showing multiple shooters – so many I could not possibly share them all and more just keep popping up all the time, but none showing that a lone shooter was firing from the 32nd floor of Mandalay Bay. I mean, you’d have to really try hard to believe the official story and remain determined to ignore all evidence to push that bullshit.

          1. It’s sheep control. Can’t explain a situation properly in the media? Come up with a scenario and repeat it until it’s truth. Even that post mortem picture has flaws that should raise some eyebrows.

        1. I don’t think he acted alone it took police 45 mins to get to his room also there should be video fortage in this hotel to the sheriff has said to now he thinks that he was not alone in this shooting

        2. I don’t always agree with the way you say certain things but I generally keep it to my self so this time imagin my surprise to read that and realize you and I are in the same page lol! I’ve been a BG Patron for a couple years now and have to say this site is by far the realist! But my thoughts on the situation is this your gonna get
          Fed the narrative that the liberal media want you to be fed plain and simple. Due to the fact the puppeteers on the left want that narrative crammed down your throats so when they start this “gun control” campaign they have a specific situation to revert to and say see if these guns were not readily available these people wouldn’t have died! I say bull shot were theirs a will their is a way and I will go to my grave knowing and feeling this is fishy everything from them finding 23 guns in his room to the media not saying anything about the dead security guard inside the hotel and also then first airing and subsequently pulling a video feed of an interview of a couple inside the hotel having a drink and then seeing a member of law inforcmebt chasing an individual threw the lobby with guns drawn and what was the guy being chased wearing you ask…. a security jacket could that have been the real shooter or the lead CIA operative leading the op we will never know… thanks for the time and sorry for the rant hahaha

          1. Mainstream sites that support the government narrative, like YouTube and Facebook have also been hard at work removing the video of the woman who was telling the concert goers 30 minutes before the shooting started that they are going to die. They really don’t want the people to have access to such videos. Shit definitely stinks.

          1. I am a GM of a courtyard Marriott and we too have the “strobe alarms” they refer to in this case but I am 100% certain that if one goes off they all go off so if that the case every widow seen from the outside should have shown the atrobe type flash because I’d be willing to bet a years salary that if the alarm was sounded that they all would flash cause it would be a mass evacuation!

        3. I am not here saying that he did or did not do the shooting, I just want to comment on what happens after an event takes placr that is chaotic and deals with MANY “eye witnesses”
          I’ll try to be as brief as I can. During an event like this or ANY event that may or may not deal with massive death that have MANY eyes on it, facts tend to get blurred at first as reports come in that cannot be really verified, not to mention people facts get skewed while talking to each other. I was a victim of this when a guy broke into our Apt through the windows thinking his girlfriend was cheating on him…(she wasn’t) so e and my other roommates jumped him and I smashed skateboard over his head and he ran out. My roommate yelled “He has a knife, Hes stabbing her!” which is why i brained him. I even saw the knife and told this to police…till we saw the surveillance footage and noticed he never had a weapon..of any kind… (he did break in like a fucking wingnut and we did call 911 thinking he was trying to kill people, but we dropped charges because he was facing up to 15 years and there was no weapon…we had our reasons trust me)
          Anyway just like WM3 or Columbine where weird ass disinfo or rumors was spreading by the students right after it happened (like multipl shooters, when in fact it was the same two guys everyone else saw downstairs but after they removed their coats and gear once upstairs other kids did not see a guy in all black but they seen a different shooter not wearing a long coat but with a white shirt etc)

          You will get conflicting reports from many different points of views, who most likely were running in a panic and were not trying to play CSI and are most likely repeating what they heard from others as fact (watch any 9/11 ground zero video “as it happened” and you will hear police and citizens say some off the wall shit that they “saw” on the news that theres more attacks or some place got nuked etc and it will be repeated..)
          Again, not saying 9/11, columbine or Vegas was or was not a false flag, I am just pointing out the fallacy of human nature and eye witness accounts during chaotic events.
          Also muzzle flashes(real ones anyway) are going to look small and hard to see with the back drop with all those lights in the background. If you were going to film a scene there at night you would have to use a Tiffens(or what ever) Soft Contrast filter or your shots would get drowned out from harsh, varying degrees of bright backgrounds. These are not Imax cameras being used. Chances are they are cheap androids…
          Now did he do it? Who knows? What I would like to know is why nobody reporting on the white dude that just tried to blow up an Airport in Ashland NC?

        4. There are numerous witnesses who saw more than one shooter. It amazes me how easily those witnesses are discounted by mainstream media. It happens every time there is a “false flag”. I know we do not always see eye to eye, Mark, but in situations like these, we are on the same page. (Even if I am way behind on commenting on this post!) I have learned most people do not want to know the truth. They stay hidden behind the veil of half-truths and outright lies because it is ‘safe’, comfortable, and familiar. It is sad, really.

        1. You know that’s the one thing I can’t get over as well. Where’s the flash?? No way no how you wouldn’t see it ? Isn’t the story the police located him by the smoke alarm going off in his room !???? Hmmmmmmm

          1. Find the taxi drivers video. Her video shows that the shooter/s were around the 10th floor. Police Dispatch recordings were saying the same thing. This is a false flag through and through. (And before anyone pounces on me. False flags do not mean that innocent lives are not lost.) And yes, I 100% agree that Steven Paddock was a patsy.

          2. That is correct. It is important to understand the difference between a hoax and a false flag.

            Hoax = no casualties, but we are fed reports of casualties. It often involves the use of crises actors
            False Flag = there are casualties, but the crime is blamed on a patsy country, people, religious or political group, in order to benefit the actual perpetrator, or advance their agenda

            I don’t see most people saying it was a fake shooting. What I see are people realizing more than one shooter were involved, and are questioning why we are being fed the lone shooter story.

            The idea that it didn’t happen may be originating from the shills who use it to set up a strawman that can be easily knocked down.

          3. Never seen any flashes coming from the 32nd window at all in any clip. Can someone explain why the shells are over his blood instead of under? Thats what is bothering me. Cleary in this pic, the shells are on top of the blood!

          4. Never seen any flashes coming from the 32nd window at all in any clip. Can someone explain why the shells are over his blood instead of under? Thats what is bothering me. Cleary in this pic, the shells are on top of the blood!

        2. I think he had flash suppressors on some of the rifles.. eithere way I wouldn’t be superseded if he government was in on it. Trying to control the gun laws and the American people more than the pigs already do

      2. “it’s always “Machine Gun’s” plural”
        A reasonable explanation could be due to sound reflections/echo’s making it appear there are more than one. Also, maybe he was able to fire 2 guns simultaneously…

        1. that was my thought too…since having two windows being used and a gap as if he was putting a magazine first halt shooting… might of gone to other window start shooting again different rifle!

    1. Maybe he got more than he deserved…might not have deserved anything…who knows…this whole incident seems like alot of bullshit n probably is loaded with ulterior motives. Even what his own brother says about him makes things seem questionable. Its very exhausting trying to give a fuck about anything. And more importantly no one cares…the only reason people respond kindly and with prayers is to gain internet likes or attention. I say let it all come crashing down weve all seen enough. Also being born into a world just like everyone else. Means that you have to respect the system built by those who think they “own” it….how the fuck does anyone own shit????? We were all born on this motherfucker and it was never decreed is the creation of tge world that those born later should have to be subjected to the laws of men which are only meant as a means of keeping you from taking from the elites what is rightfully yours..but sooo many sheep and lesser thinkers makes trying to awaken people very aggravating.

      1. Off cpurse its bullshit…but you have to understand that your mind isnt the only mind. And then also realize that you have never been right about everything. Then realize that some of the things youve been wrong about have been HUGE!!! N then realize that maybe the reason you were wrong about was simply because everyone else was wrong and u lost by default or unanimous decision. And that just means just dont give a fuck about anyone or anything…become heartless…chase the wind…see what they nasty of!!!

  1. If you don’t feel fully sure about whether heaven and hell exist, or in ghosts, just take a look at this dead guys face. Not only did he take his own life, he performed evil act of shooting 500 people before doing so…In his last moments of life, his destiny is materialized and his soil leaves his body, this soul is not going to be one that expells good energy and spirits, instead its a tormented soul that rears itself as drug use, addiction, theft, temptation, lying and murder. This is why we will always have evil people

    1. I’m sorry, but what a load of bullshit that is. I wish so much it were true that God would ensure everything is just and good people would be taken painlessly but its just not the case. I remember a few years ago there was a post of Christian bus and it said something like “God is great” and men, women, and a lot of kids were killed horrifically in the crash. I don’t know why we are here but I don’t believe its our behavioral merits have any impact on the way we die (except if you’re hated you die faster). What about all other living things… the thousands of flies that get squashed by your bumper as you’re speeding home from work? Sadly I think its the same, nothing stopping a druggie setting his baby on fire and the only illusion that everything will be okay is from ingrained social conditioning and religion punched into us at a young age. The most ubiquitous thing on this planet is suffering, nobody makes it out alive.

      1. Once your dead, what you did before matters only to the people who are associated to you, like his wife. Bet she got a shitstorm en route???

        Doesnt matter to you, cause your dead.

        Your soul is nothing but memories. God is nothing but a big pile of horse shit.

      2. I agree with everything you said….but still i believe there is a God…maybe ive seen things that are sufficient for my faith alone…i cant give you yours…but i think you are 110% right…But still i know there is a God…call me whatever but i cant explain it…n i dont care if im a moron or idiot…I believe!

  2. I may be willing to change my entire narrative of the tragic event for a roll around on the astroturf with the promise of good old-fashioned clit sucking
    #ban guns
    #stephen that lone bastard
    #human lollipop

  3. “Fucking Christian Redneck American Terrorist that all north america should be wiped out for a better world”

    ” Good let them off each other this way ”

    Well, i of course don’t agree what i just said above!! but this is what most you all sound like when you curse and damn others around here. just wanted you to taste your own medicine.

    1. thought same here…he could of if he wanted to..heck he was on it already like movies..could have been a set-up by gov., anti-gun movement..let’s do some damage but not so much?. because he already had weapons of destruction as far as those rifles..I mean c’mon… he was shooting directly at a crowd gathered together with those rounds but 59 deceased? But you said…re: molotov or a better been a quarter back throw that far, he could of used a launcher, but then he planned what he can used the most effective that was available at the gunshops only! He had ingredient to make a bomb from what was said, but he only used the only time he had what knowledge he got, during that moment when he pulled that trigger.. he knew he didn’t have that much time! but then he might been a patsy!

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  5. Could it be Phillip was pissed at his phillipina’/ L.B.F.M. “luv ya long time”/Whore that stole his money & ran away to Japan to go monkey branching or looking for a new Cock Carousel to ride ? ? ? …. I dunno* , but if so quite a shitty way to go mgtow! !

    1. just looks like a bunch of ar-15s and a bunch of 5.56×45 casings. heres one thing i know, a true gunny doesnt take that many guns to any kind of job for any reason. he takes one maybe 2 and a bunch of mags. a bunch. gunny wants mutiple guns gunny takes friends to shoot them.

  6. Almost no blood for a traumatic headwound with a highpowered rifle, it’s already begun to coagulate, and theres 3 shell casings on top of the blood, with no signs of them rolling in the blood itself. Shells look like they were placed there. Makes absolutely 0 sense. WTF is this?

      1. Even if that were true, which is unlikely but let’s pretend it is for arguments sake, it doesn’t explain the lack of blood from a traumatic head wound delivered by a weapon at point blank, the lack of skull deformation, the non-uniformity of the blood pool, the varying levels of blood aging and coloring, and the right pool of “blood” seems to indicate something was next to him. Follow the blood trail from the pistol, and obviously it’s been moved. Possibly by police to secure the scene, however, the pattern of drops seems to indicate that it was not kicked, which most police would do in that situation as their training indicates, but picked up, hovered close to the ground, and laid above his head. However, there’s blood on the facing side of the pistol cylinder, and doesn’t seem to be any on the bottom side, definitely not in the amount needed to make those drops so uniformly across the ground. So are we to believe the gun was gently picked up, moved close to the ground, rotated, and then placed gently back down next to his head? No way in hell. The gun would be kicked, causing streaks of blood, not drops, and likely farther away. This was staged, no doubt.

  7. A country western radio personality named Stormie, never remembered his last name, said he was watching the show from the side of the actual stage of the concert. He was interviewed on CNN right after the shooting…anyways, he said he finally realized it was a shooting when the ammunition casings began hitting the floor of the stage?

  8. Yeah the fourth floor was the only muzzle flashes I’ve seen (in that taxi cab video)- and the echo theory doesn’t hold any value.. we are blatantly lied to by our government and the powers that be, we’re kept in fear with Problem, Reaction, Solution situations- but now what? What can be done? We need to find the puppet masters and cut the strings- stay alert and be safe.

  9. You guys see that note he left on the table?

    Also what’s odd is he has all those mags, from the looks are surefire 60-100 mags. But he has 30rnd pmags, why use smaller capacity mags when you have the big boys right there?!

    Also what’s the stain on his chest

    1. dont you understand they must take our guns to even have a chance at their agenda. how do you think theyll do it. ? by getting the people to ban guns for them! how? by making them believe guns are the problem and prohibition the solution.

  10. The Las Vegas Shooting was a hoax. Nobody died and nobody was injured. This isn’t a picture of the shooter. The shooter was a crisis actor. Look at the color of the supposed blood. Blood doesn’t look that way. This was all staged with crisis actor. The picture here is of a crisis actor. Go to Also, notice that there is no entrance wound in his face. That blood on his face is fake blood. If he was shot from behind there would be an exit wound, but there isn’t. This incident is fake.

  11. I don’t think a hard line on any theory is smart at the beginning of things like this. Would I be shocked if this was a set-up? No. Would I be shocked if this were just this guy? No. At this point, to be 100% sure of anything seems premature.
    At a depths of depression one time, I thought about taking me and as many people as possible with me. That seems unreal now but I was NOT okay at the time. Should I ever get that crazy again and commit a mass shooting, I’ll leave a note: Bestgore, it really was just me.

    1. Itsplaster….i agree…what we think is a set up could be far more fucked up than we actually think…this could in a world of infinite greed selfishness and possibilities all be to raise tge market on coffee beans 0.0085% of a point. Why even care anymore as no one else does….but rest assured that before the blood dries everyone will send their love and good feelings your way….and we all know how useful those are.

    1. Yeah, how would those shells be on the blood? I’m sure he didn’t use a rifle to off himself, would be an awkward position to do it in.. Looks like he used that pistol or something similar so how would those shells that are definitely not for pistols, be ontop of his blood if he was killed after the shooting?

    1. Normally, when a dumbass doesn’t remember where they posted their comment and make a false accusations like this because they look for it in a different post, they get an instant boot so nobody gets bothered by their idiocy ever again. I will make an exception this time around. There will not be a second chance, just so you know. I will make it very easy for you to not feel violated anymore ever.

  12. police should try and see if there are other foot print and finger print in that room.
    There is still no motive as to why he did it so im kinda thinking maybe someone
    killed him before the killing spree and tried to make it look like hes the one who
    did it. Just my imagination haha

  13. “Don’t let anyone else tell you what to think.”

    Erm, except for what I say:

    “This is absolutely, positively a verifiable fact.”
    “Don’t make the mistake of thinking that Best Gore would not be one of the targets.”
    “That is something no shill, or a mainstream indoctrination service will ever tell you.”
    “This is not a joke.”
    “Stay vigilant and use your brain.”
    “don’t take it for anything but possible bullshit”

    etc etc
    “anyone else” must mean anyone besides him.
    too funny, love it. People take this guy seriously? Sounds EXACTLY like a liberal democrat. You will think what we tell you to think.

  14. Well, I am guilty of being pulled into this conversation. And contrary to the OP’s straw man, I am not a government shill. Just because I rarely post, does not make me a government sympathizer. Here are a couple facts… 1. I fucking hate Trump and I wish he was attending a Jason Aldean concert on 10/1. 2. I am a long time fan of bestgore. Not because I like what I see, but I do have a morbid curiosity that occasionally needs fed. With all that said….. The majority of you who post here are complete degenerate paranoid losers. I would HATE to live in your worlds. To think that the festival in Vegas was put on by the government is a product of delusional and paranoid minds. In addition, I have never seen so many people morally bankrupt and filled with hate. I can only imagine what kind of pathetic lives some of you live. I could rant for hours and quote some of the crap you pathetically wretched people say to illustrate how completely subhuman some of you are. You are no different that one of those groups in Africa beating people and burning them alive. I’m sure is just a matter of time before one of you commits a mass murder and be linked to a user on this site. Which im sure the dude that runs this site would LOVE.

    1. I believe it is a mental retardation to not see past the tip of one’s nose and blindly follow what one is served by the perceived authority. It is a form of cognitive incapability, which prevents you from forming your own thoughts and seeing the world through your own eyes. But if your brain is capable of processing information yet you still choose to focus on the tip of your nose, instead of on the whole wide world that’s beyond it, then you are a sheep. One doesn’t need to be a shill to be a sheep. A sheep is beneath a shill. A shill at least gets paid for acting dumb. A sheeple does it because he chooses to be dumb without being tricked or coerced into it. And for this reason, I feel sorry for you more than anything.

      I can’t imagine going through life with voluntary blinders over my eyes. I choose to live by logic, facts, and the universal laws of the universe. You choose to live by obedience, submission and complacency. It is the former that have moved the world forward over the millennia. It is the latter who prevent the progress from being spontaneous and unhindered. Your thinking of “Oh my god, the authority tells us it is like that, and these horrible people are looking at facts, checking evidence, and using logic to arrive at truth, instead of arbitrarily accepting what the authority tells them is correct, like I do, what pathetically wretched people these are…” is why what we have available to us as the most intelligent beings on the planet is not utilized to its full potential.

  15. This man was an idiot. He should’ve hanged himself instead of putting a bullet between his head. That blood stain will be there in the hotel carpet for manyyears maybe even an decade! Or they might restrict the hotel room from the public as a reminder of that terrible day! God has abandon us…

  16. He didn’t have suppressor. And most guns like that don’t come with flash hinders that will actually hide flash. I agree he was a patsy for the simple fact that there are casings on top of the blood. Blood that has already dried on his face and soaked deep into the carpet. This guy was dead before thw shooting started. Not enough casings for how many rounds were reported. 2 different calibers being fired simutaniously and at different times at different distances. A lady who was at the concert called into a news show and said someone was shooting from inside the crowd as well because she and her husband were crouched behiknd something that was between them and the hotel where they thought the shots were coming from. There was a lady crouched behind her that was shot in the stomach. That wouldn’t happen from a bullet coming from a high up floor of a hotel in front of them.

    1. I was also told by a friend who frequently goes to shooting ranges to practice shooting and improve his gun handling and aiming skills. And he told me the employees have to actively scoop up brass from the floor because one can’t even stand after discharging way less than what we hear in the videos. He said if this much fire was discharged from that room, the floor would be littered in casings, but what we see in the pictures, in his opinion as an experienced shooter, is not what the floor would look like after so much fire.

      1. Yes, that’s hardly any brass showing. The blowing curtains indicate that window was opened and used for shooting. The one behind the couch appears intact. Only way the small amount of brass would make sense is if the shooter started with the curtain draped over the chair and aimed almost parellel to the window, then fired with the curtain down. The curtain would then trap most of the brass. There should be a shitload of brass by the window. Seems strange we can’t see it. Also, why are the magazines piled up on the other side of the purple column, near the window he didn’t shoot from. Looks awkward to have to run around the column to reload. Should be on the chair or nearby. Where are all the empty magazines? If he shot himself with the pistol, the recoil would move it away from his head, towards the feet. How did he throw it over his head? @happy

  17. I can imagine the gun (suicide gun) was moved away from his hands by the team that arrived. I mean from our view he isnt making any more trajectory calculations up in that old noggin, but for all they know hes made himself look dead so they kick the gun away from him.

    Or it grew legs and walked off.

  18. He’s either a crazy Liberal (most mass shooters are), or a crazy Liberal hired by Liberals to shoot up a concert he/they thought was full of patriotic Americans, ie Trump supporters, anti-Hillary people.

    Notice how quickly the story disappeared? Exactly. He’s part of Hillary’s “Resistance”.

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