Photos of Cruel Infanticide from Brazil

Infanticide Left the Baby Bruised All Over

These photos show an aftermath of a cruel and twisted infanticide from Brazil. The baby was allegedly aborted, though it looks fully developed. If that’s how much hair you can grow inside a Brazilian womb, then I want to go inside a Brazilian womb cause this allegedly aborted baby has more hair than I do.

The pictures are from a place called Brejo Santo, which Google Translates says means Swamp Ghost. If I lived in a town called Swamp Ghost, I’d never want to leave. That’s the baddest name for town I’ve ever heard. It’s even badder than Corpus Christi 😉

The story started in the morning hours on Monday, April 23, 2012. 35 year old Lucena Evandro de Melo, resident of Sitio Ribeirão where he runs a farm, woke up to find his wife, 32 year old Jane Belo de Moura with severe vaginal bleeding. He took her to the Hospital Geral de Brejo Santo – the Swamp Ghost General Hospital – where she was examined and the doctors concluded that she had an abortion.

So Lucena Evandro de Melo went back to his house with his sister where they found a baby in a cardboard box. The baby the umbilical cord wrapped around its waist and its body was covered with bruises and cuts, especially in the legs and groin areas.

This is where the story gets a bit sketchy – farmer’s wife allegedly kept the fact that she was pregnant hidden from her husband. I don’t know how a woman could possibly hide an advanced stage of pregnancy from her husband, but that’s allegedly what happened.

The police are investigating on the case, treating it as a possible infanticide. The Swamp Ghost General Hospital – can I get admitted?

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    1. Haha! True, I’m watching “what’s new scooby doo” and guess what in this episode they’re in the jungles of BRAZIL!!! If only they knew wtf they’re in for, they’re being chased by jungle demons…wouldn’t doubt it if it ends up being a Da Silva in disguise

  1. somehow alot of girls are able to hide being pregnant all the way till the child its born. ive heard of women who wish so bad to be pregnant that their bodies actually think they are and they begin to look like a pregnant woman milk in breasts and all but are actually not pregnant

        1. Yes such a thing is true, it’s called a phantom pregnancy, in other words a fake pregnancy, the brain tricks the body into thinking that it’s pregnant and then the hormones which produce pregnancy symptoms such as swallon stomach and swallon breasts full of milk occurs in the famles body, it’s very freaky indeed.

        1. They should come out with a new show, “I didnt know I was black.” It could be about people who are cured of blindness and all of a sudden a look of horrible dissapointment appears on their face when they see what it means to be black.

  2. This is why abortions should be LEGAL. To stop them happening at such advanced stages of pregnancy.
    I know making something legal or illegal won’t stop the opposite from happening but it will surely cut down the numbers of abortions like this happening.
    Although, arguably it’s not so much the law we need to look to, it’s the society’s view of abortions which make women feel the pressure to have illegal ones…not so public or official to validate them being ‘bad people’.

    I don’t even feel the sad for the family or the baby lol I’m just chewing away on this chocolate bar like Oh more idiots making idiotic decisions.
    I’m glad I’m white.

      1. I was being sarcastic, I’m glad I’m white and don’t have to deal with poor people/black people problems.
        It was a joke…you know how the majority of girls my age and skin colour tend to think EW BLACK PPL, DEY POOR.

      1. I’m gulity of that.
        Sometimes I’m in a bad mood (it’s when i talk shit to make myself feel better)

        Sometimes my ego presses on my brain too hard, and I talk words like a shit rivet.

        And sometimes I just REALLY REALLY hate the stupid shit that people type.

        At least more often than not I speel check first….I’m getting better

    1. I don’t think this has anything to do with being white. I am Mexican-American (granted I am “educated”) You’re right; it has to with societies view of abortions and idiots who think it’s ok to kill these poor helpless things that didn’t ask to be in this world. But it also has to do with economics. I’ve recently heard of a white women here in the States having an abortion at 35 weeks.

        1. I’m sure Mark would be the first to admit that he, like the rest of us is still an imperfect F.V. who, beleive it or not, isn’t fucking perfect.

          I personally didn’t even think the correction was given in a shit-rivety kinda way.
          It’s just stating a matter -o-fact.

          I just hope you’re right, or YOU become that annoying smashed ill-timed shit in your pants that can’t wait untill you can go to the toilet, smashing said-such doo-dee end into a…..are you ready for it/

          A SHIT-RIVET

  3. saad it is , but i i see this not as sad as wat could be of bestgre leaves mee to think, is bestfgore ovrr ? I love evryne all of you all
    cheers to europe cheers to canada cheers to canada cheers to america of united states cheers to all of south/centrrl america, asia , middleee east.
    it shold not be like thas..
    i will drink this bottle tto the worm

      1. @estep myy worrm is a 80mg ocxycotin haaaaaa
        It is a verry slow sad day for me, a loved one died, nd wats better than booze,opiatess &gore?..
        and @tuli
        its 18:55 now, go get that booze1!!!
        I wan t as much ppl drunk/high/etc as possibble right now

          1. @Tulio Don’t get high on Benadryl.. Go to the store, buy a couple cans of aerosol Potpourri, and take a towel and wrap it over the spray part of the can..then put your mouth over it and inhale the spray. Then prepare to see the walls melt.

          2. Ive only had bad experiences with diphenhydramine, if your looking for a good time id say DXM is the way to go. Just make sure you know how much your doing, too much of it is a really bad experience. is a good site to find out the proper dosage in relation to your weight.

        1. When my grandaddy died back in dec. 2003, I was coming back home from a party in an utterly drunk state, it was nearly 6:00 AM, summer, beautiful sunrise, and when I finally managed to open my house door there was my grandmommy and mommy crying and they communicate Tulio the sad news and Tulio was like ‘wtf’….its always cooler when you get these kind of news in a totally wasted state of mind, my only recall of the funeral is when they got that casket to the fuckin oven crematorium, oh man, Tulio became a pussy for about 10 seconds, then he remembered that his grandaddy was a badass atheist surgeon who didnt gave a fuck about death, gore and anything, besides, he was like 90 years old, what’s the fuckin deal with reachin a century-long existance as a Fleshy Virus?….

          1. i want to kno wat it is likke to live up to my elder years.
            oh ye, Nevermid no i dont
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          2. Tulio’s gonna be the first of his family in about a century or two to die before his seventies……I need to make a master in US drugs, you guys get high on s***t that Tulio’s never heard before, even if he’s a veteran of his country criminal justice…, I have these benadryl pinkies here, what dosage do you recommend for a 177 pound 6’1,5 healty male that probably has a tolerance due to normal recommended-dose use for countering rhynitis?

          3. **safety purposes only, no one is responsible for anothers actions*if you wish to benatrip, make sure its pure diphenhydramine, asssumin g it is benadryl pink, then you are ok, 300mg to 450mg is enough to get some creepy- spider/ floor morph effect, so if each pill is 25mg or 50mg, just do the math to equal around 400mg. But i warn you, it is a fairly ssafe substance, but it is very horrifying, . do not drink alcohol with it, be well hydrated, and you might get a limp wee-wee for 3 hours. it takes about 2 hours to feel the full effect, once agaain, harm-reduction only comment

          4. @tuli
            my very informative comment is in moderation, so in short = 400mg of diphenhydramine ONLY, any questions? *harm reduction post*

          5. thanks, you baked piece of ….baked……I settled for 350mg, as i have to wake up early tomorrow. Anyway, Tulio had a previous accidental experience with 300mg about 10 years ago (when he was about 20 pounds lighter) and got very heavy with a quite weird brain activity, for example, suddenly remembering a chick he was in love in school, sudenly remembering Michigan J. Frog singing “hello ma honey, hello ma baby” and other things buried deep into tulio’s brain. But no hallucinations.

          6. yeah you wont hallucinate much, its more of a deliriant, Its not fun at all. Its just very interesting, ( i am 125 pounds, light weight) you can also buy pure dextromethorphan gel caps and take about 400mg worth. Dxm is funner. obviously its better if you can get some X or LSD. but OTC ain’t bad for short term use.
            Sorry for the substance talk folks, it’s harm reduction :3

          7. DXM is not so easy to come by aound here, it has been replaced by other substances, and the cough syrups that still contain it, they do it in small amounts. Nothing like USA, where people get busted and jailed for smoking a joint, but you can still get pure DXM and Codeine over the counter at any drugstore….

        2. @baked, YOU are a man after my own heart! I fucken LOVE 80mg Oxy’s! (or 2! I’ll have 40mg if I can’t find 80’s) BUT they cost $100 ea, on the ‘black market’ (the old guy with a script down the road) Old cunt, playing god with his tabs, how dare he charge that much, any way I’ve been really good, I haven’t had 1 for 9 days! I gotta stop wasting my money and get my car fixed!

          1. @tulio, yeah, do the benadryl. dxm and some cannabis = happiness for 10 hours, but i got tired of OTC stuff.
            @tiger whooaaa i love you! i get mines for $20, i buy them from some old lady that has a “thing” for me since i was like 14 haha
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          2. isn’t paco like brazilian crack? I’v done the white horse a few times, But $40 for a 30 minute rush. fudge that, i have 2 kittens and a dog to feed.

          3. paco is the cocaine paste’s refuse. If crack is the cocaine refuse, well, paco is like the refuse of the refuse of the crack. Tulio is not very knowledged in drug things as he has almost no personal experiences with them, but in his years working at the judiciary he has seen people get totally destroyed to the point of being unrecognizable, in 3 months of paco heavy use. So Tulio’s advice is: whatever you do, NEVER get into that s**t

          4. its quite worse than meth, its even worse than smoking glue. Police here goes very light on paco trading, as they consider it a most efective way of auto-liquidation of a whole sector of the population they consider “undesirable” (and they are right) of very poor youngsters that tend to end up in involved in crime. Most paco that manage to stay alive for more than 1 year of addiction would end up in such a state that will become simply useless for anything, be it commiting felonies or working

          5. @Tulio, I’m not really a ‘crack-head’! I don’t smoke (anything!), I don’t drink (alcohol) so every now and then I treat myself to lil’ painkiller! I like a valium sometimes too (mothers little helpers!) but I don’t over do it (otherwise they don’t ‘work’)

          6. @baked potato, it’s NOT fair! I wish I had a script! I met one woman who has a prescription for 80 x 80mg a month! She sells the lot, makes heaps $$, the biatch!

        3. You have to try some mushrooms (I’m sure you already have). If not you should find some tonight. They’re good for turning solid into liquid and making time meaningless… I did have a bad trip once and it was horrifying. Something like being claustrophobic and stuck upside down in a well

          1. I liked mushrooms, I LOVED pot, never tried OC due to the fact that when I stopped getting fucked up all the time, they wern’t even around yet.

            Most i do these days isn’t much anymore.

            Spent the first 3/4’s of my life in a daze….and no, I don’t like it much NOT fucked up either.

          2. @RS I never did like anything that causes hallucinations, like I said I don’t even drink alcohol, but an oxycontin tablet is just that, a little pill! NOT worth a $100, but they make you feel good but quite normal, you can still DO everything you wanted to do that day, but as all opiates can be rather addictive! 🙁 lucky I am strong willed (I gave up the stinking fags!)

      1. if you’re referring to the case last year she didn’t eat the brat she drowned it in the tub and wrapped it in a trash bag. I live about 40 miles away from Orlando where the bitch lost it. Unless of course you are talking about Casey Anthony. (i look forward to seeing her here as a story not a member)

        1. oh, i don’t remember but it was something about protestants challenging the catholic predestination dogma: that’s that God knows who is going to hell and who is going to heaven from the start (as one of the attributes of God is having perfect knowledge of everything past and future, as he is beyond time, the time being a creation itself of god where his creatures frolick about) , some protestant guys argued that man (that’s the Fleshy Virus) can actually change its destiny if he has the will to do so, but go figure……probably wikipedia has it more clear, i’m not a big fan of theological cr*p…

    1. That’s what happens when you run through the rain forest with the little bastard dragging behind you from the umbilical cord.
      They do that to leave a scent trail for their next mate to follow, straight into her Brazilian fun flap.

    1. Yes he would take her to hospital hence he wanted to save the chicken, no prob about the broken egg and dont think that all criminals are intelligent, he most probably thought doctors would not figure out she gave birth.

          1. ha ha, my ‘taijutsu’ training kid (11) has a pair of nunchucks, he’s got an ‘original’ type set with hemp rope tying the sticks together, instead of chain.

  4. This seems to be the right occasion for some dead baby jokes..

    Whats the best part of nailing a dead baby to a tree?
    Ripping it off.

    How do you make a dead baby float?
    Take your foot off its head.

    Comon i know someone else has some good ones..

      1. How do you unload a truck full of dead babys?
        With a pitch fork

        What’s the diffrence between a severed baby head and a bowling ball?

        You don’t have to push the eyes out of a bowling ball to get your fingers to fit

  5. I’m not the guy to step up to defend brazil in any way, but c’mon guys, I’m pretty sure that this kind of s**t happens in USA too, especially considering the exponential grow of the beaner and gook populations there…..

    1. Last month my ol lady’s niece was beat by her mothers meth head boyfriend. She was 6 mos and the doctors think she was repeatedly punched in the head, strangled, thrown at the wall or floor and kicked and/or stomped… We found out last week she is blind, most of the right side of her brain is dead, she will always need a feeding tube, and she cant breath on her own. She is conscious but she’s all fucked up. Dude was mad because her mom wouldn’t spend rent money on crank…

      1. That’s fucking disgusting. If there is one I hate more than hippies, it’s tweakers. I grew up with that shit my whole life. My mom did that shit for years that’s why we moved here from california. So she could stop. That is the only drug I have not and will not touch. You want to see evil people. Keep them up on that shit for days. I have no respect for tweakers. Fucked up my childhood.

        1. Their all over the place in my area. Mother fuckers are like zombies. Diggin in ashtrays outside of gas stations. Fuckin 20 year olds with no teeth… I grew up around heroin addicts and crack heads most of my childhood and got tossed into the system so I know exactly what you mean. I was living in the DC slums when Marion Berry was mayor… Worthless

  6. well thats propper sad man, even from a “(self confesed bad ass like I)” dead infants get me every time, they do! poor little mite. i would of gladly raised the baby,it realy did’nt need to die like this…..i hate this world i do !!!!!!!!

  7. What ai think happened was that she commited an infidelity and got pregnant as a result and she just wanted to keep her husband from finding out but just didn’t go as she planed as most backalley abortions go.

  8. A LOT of people manage to go full term without even knowing about it. I know one girl who was almost as thin as me, and she appeared to put on very little weight. Maybe an extra 5kgs max. Or if this woman was very large, then you could conceal it so easily..

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