18 thoughts on “Severe Trauma to Lower Legs of Unborn Child”

  1. You people are sick to joke around about a little baby!
    This little fellow was born into a hateful world with hateful people to only live for one hour of complete pain & fear.
    I am having my first born son in one month, I cannot imagine him ever looking like this! This is sad! I’m not blaming Best Gore! I’m blaming you commentors! Or however the Hell you spell that! Shame on you! He never had a chance & was found stashed away under a freaking bed!!!!!!!!!!

    1. This made me laugh out loud, not that the child had no chance, but that that those commenting, are sick. Because by commenting, you put yourself in the very category you are denouncing.

      And the comment you chose to reply to is also well funny, considering what comments there are for this particular gallery.

      Or it could be the liquor making me laugh. Either way, cheers.

  2. i agree with darkness. i have four children of my own and i would love to spend an hour in a locked room with whoever did that to that poor child and if it was the mother, she should be forced to have a hysterectomy!!

      1. Yes. They already have nerve endings. I have terminated a pregnancy against my will-still believe in the freedom of choice. But yes, if their nerve endings have developed. The vacuum literally rips their limbs off then flattens their head…it’s horrible. Late term abortions are even worse-they burn them with seaweed or partially deliver, only to suck the brain out the back of the skull before delivery.

        1. You murdered a person who would have loved you unconditionally more than anyone in your pathetic existence. Your flesh your blood you slaughtered like a pig no wait the pig we ate the infant garbage, trash can. Its you its definitely you

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