Photos of French Soldier Killed in Somalia

Photos of French Soldier Killed in Somalia

Two secret service, elite French soldiers were sent on a rescue mission to Somalia to recover captured spy Denis Allex. This is one of the soldiers after he was killed by the Somalis in Mogadishu.

Mad props to the brave Somali warriors for dealing with spies and foreign mercenaries like they deserve. I’m sure this type of fate would await Somali spies and Somali commandos sent to France to wreak havoc on the land, so it’s only fair to see justice working both ways.

The photos were posted on Twitter. As far as I know, the second commando was also killed. The fate of Denis Allex is unknown.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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57 thoughts on “Photos of French Soldier Killed in Somalia”

    1. I think French Foreign Legion is considered more capable than the French GIGN which is says a lot considering the Legion is made up of foreigners who are either criminals or rejects from other militarys…personally I belive the Foreign Legion to be one of the most hardcore military units ever…dare I say even tougher than American Marines.

      1. they are not aloud to see family until they’ve served two years, they get a new identity, they are not aloud to drive to make sure they don’t desert and if they give up after signing contract they go to military prison they are mad people in there

  1. sacrebleu, pourquoi est mort d’une question, français, englsih, américain, nous mourrons tous la même chose, une élite ne veut pas dire merde quand touché par une balle, nous mourrons tous la même chose.

  2. They do reek havoc on our land, culture and people. Somali immigrants are an ever increasing problem in the West. Here in Canada, they are responsible for tons of gang shootings almost daily (Mostly focused in our ‘multicultural’ hotbed of Toronto and it’s surrounding shitholes)

    I think we are on different sides in this – You seem to have a (Justified) dislike of Jews, a dislike I share, and seem to support any that doesn’t support them, but I absolutely loath Muslims and Islam (Primarily Sunni Muslims, regardless of Race/Ethnicity)

    Jews (Zionists) are a non-visible threat (Probably the biggest threat of all) to White Countries everywhere – they are responsible for multiculturalism, multiracism, race-mixing, political correctness, reverse discrimination, anti-white sentiment , white-guilt (Both of which is heavily concentrated in our female populace)
    etc. But Islam and Africans are the visible problem. Those are the guys going to rape, murder, rob or assault you and/or yours.

    Jews are responsible for them being within our Countries, so I dislike them myself. But I cannot sympathize with Islam as long as it keeps invading our Countries en masse.

      1. Thanks. I’m glad there’s at least one around here who shares my views and/or respects my opinions and fears. It gets awfully lonely and unwelcoming around this place. Not that it bothers me all that much – I most likely wouldn’t associate with them, either. Oil and water etc.

        Anyone who supports White Genocide/Anti-White Sentiment/White Guilt/White Self-Hate is no peer of mine.

        Regarding length – Meh. That’s how I type. I try to be as clear as possible, while also leaving room for debate or counter-points.

    1. Great post, I agree with everything you said. People hate muslims and rightfully don’t want them in their countries but they never look at who’s importing them….zionist globalists scumbag politicians. Multiculturalism is a plan to destroy national idenitity in western European nations while the zionists scum implement a plan to create an appartheid jewish state in Palestine…fucking hypocrites.

  3. Wow I would think that France would equip their elite with a bit more fire power than just a couple silenced HK MP7s and Glocks but then again they know what they’re doing and if they feel a couple PDWs and Glocks will get the job done then god bless em but from these pictures its obvious that it wasn’t enough…I mean you gotta put this thing in prespective your sending two soldiers i don’t care how elite they are they’re still just human and your sending only two of them against a country full of battle harden militias that are doped up crazy and armed to the teeth I mean what did you expect would happen France? Your sending two mosquitos into a giant hive of pissed of wasps to retrieve a fly on the wall that got squatted. From the looks of things I belive these two elite soldiers were part of the GIGN which is considerd part of Frances Spec Op “second circle” which is said not to excist and which is probably the reason why France has not identified the two commandos military unit. The GIGN specializes in counter insurgency and hostage rescue so this type of mission is right up their alley, although the GIGN is highly capable of pulling of a mission like this I still don’t understand why they would only send in two men with such little fire power against such overwhelming odds.

    1. If you look at the first photo, there’s a SIG SG 553 magazine flanked by black and tan Magpul PMAGs, implying GIGN operators running a SIG 553 obviously, and probably H&K 416s, as they already have MP7s.

      -Fellow gun snackbarist.

      1. @wraith good eye fellow snackbarist I just noticed those magiznes right now that you brought em up I didn’t even see them there before lol but your right the smaller one definitely looks to be from a Sig 550 variant and the others from an AR type most likely the HK416 since it does seem to be a favorite of the Spec Ops community, I bet you anything that the reason the two guns are missing is because the skinnies who smoked the two French operators either kept them as trophies or were rewarded with them for taking them out, although the lack of extra Sig magazines leads me to belive that one of the French operators may have played a sniper role in the mission and used a Sig 550 sniper rifle, the Sig 550 sniper rifle would make a great gun to have on a mission like that and part of the reason I now think that one of them was sniping is due to the fact that both were carrying identical PDWs and side arms yet their main weapons both appear be diffrent due to the diffrence in magazines, now if one was carrying a 416 and the other say a Sig 553 or 552 why would they carry other identical firearms yet carry diffrent assault rifles especially since they’re entering a situation where they might get pinned down and have to exchange magazine with eachother, and for some reason I don’t think that it would be a personal preference thing either although Spec Op operators are allowed to carry any weapon they feel comfortable with so long as it fits the mission that they’re going to do and its obvious to me by looking at their equipment that they intended not to be detected and think them incorporating a sniper rifle would only make sense especially a Sig 550 sniper rifle, but then again may be one of the operators did perfer the feel of a 553 to a 416 even though I think they would’ve probably trained more with a 416 than a 553 but then again like I said before these guys are trained professional and they know what they’re doing even tho it doesn’t make sense to me and their mission did go to shit they obviously had some kinda plan they detail of which I’m sure will come out eventually.

        1. this is not the GIGN, but the Secret Service DGSE …. And they are not two, they were 50 against terrorists …. The fight lasted about 45 minutes. 20 Death: 2 French soldier, one hostage, 17 dead terrorists … mission was to be discreet, French soldiers arrived with five helicopters, they were spotted by civilians, civilians are warned terrorist …. (sorry for my translation I’m French ^ ^)

          1. Your translation is spot on and thanks for the info spooky, I’ve been keeping up with the story as more and more details of the mission come out, it definitely seemed strange that they would only send in two operators but clearly thats not the case.

    2. Don’t let the size of MP7s fool you, they were specifically designed to combine the portability of a submachine gun (4 pounds when loaded), with the stopping power of an assault rife. They use a special 4.6mm round that minimizes recoil, while increasing penetration through body armor, and overall range.

  4. The story reminds me of a song I just found about recently.

    “And let this reach the walls of any nation with the gall
    Who thinks that they can fuck with us without us breaking laws ”

    Somalis had every right to do what they did.

  5. for once I might disagree a little bit. the fucking somaili niggers RUN RAMPANT in France, raping white women with impunity & tons of niggers even starring in porno having sex with white women. the French soldier may be working for the man and maybe he got what he signed up for. But at least he is a human being, quite in contrast to these somaili niggers. BTW, because of jew controlled policy, these niggers are paid to infest the once proud country of France & walk the streets wreaking havoc with impunity. so no, I would never call any nigger somali “brave” or a warrior. hell no. they are fucking savages who happened to kill a white man. thats how I see it my friend.

    I hope you can see things my way, Mark.

    Thanks again sir.

    1. Don’t feel bad for seeing things differently. I agree and emphasize what you say. not only in France but nearly the whole of Europe is now infested with the sub human filth from rat-holes like Somalia.
      in my opinion, Mark is incorrect here.

  6. RIP to the deceased. Wouldn’t it be real if with every death on Call of Duty, you were shown this and other photos of the reality of war? Bet they wouldn’t gear the game to getting killed so much then.

  7. The overall tone of comments here are either black or white. Wrong! Silenced gets very close to the real issues more than most. Uncle Sam and his vassal France should stop fucking around in other countries ! Moslems and other types should stay in their own fucking countries . Zioyanquis stopping wars abroad would stop the invasion of Europe by rapefugees.

    There was no flood of rapefugees into europe until the Zioyanquis caused trouble in Syria and had killed Gaddafi. At best the zioyanquis fucked up and caused a mess they are only too happy for Europe to pay for. At worst,the zioyanquis did it on purpose to bust up Europe and its native populations for their own ends. You decide which.

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