Photos of a Woman Who Was Raped and Brutally Murdered

Photos of a Woman Who Was Raped and Brutally Murdered

What the hack happened here? Did the rapist poke her eyes out so he could skull fuck the woman in the eye socket and ejaculate on her brain? Did he bite her lips off before skull fucking or after? Damn, some pretty sick shit right there.

This woman was allegedly brutally raped and subsequently murdered but no further info was provided. The missing eyes and ripped off lips are however allegedly the result of the attack, not wildlife munchies.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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61 thoughts on “Photos of a Woman Who Was Raped and Brutally Murdered”

  1. DAMN! O.O


    when did the whole lips thing happen?
    thats what i wana know.

    But if it was during the attack, wouldnt there be brusing? and more extensive tissue damage?

    I think the lips may have been after a couple days, witht he wild animals.

    but thats just me. haha


  2. Bird love eyes, ever see the birds on the beach? The Gulls, Turns and other birds, look for the dead fish or human in this case, and go right to peck’en at the soft eye tissue. After the rest starts to decompose, they will keep pecking. Think about it, even fishermen will pop the eyes out of their catch and use it as bait.

    Mice, rats and other rodents or bugs may have eaten the soft lip(s), eye-lids and ear tissue, then there is also rot.

  3. Looks pretty brutal, but dig a little and odds-on I bet you’d find the bitch deserved it. She has that certain look – and they generally do have it coming, in such events I think.

  4. i’m no expert but i think the bra cut was done while she was alive as a way to terrize the poor woman. a bunch of comments suggest animals ate her eye and lips. i disagree. the eye extraction is too perfectly round for a dog or any other carnivore to make.i also believe it was done after death because there’s no scratches or knife cuts around her face to suggest she struggled and let’s face it( no pun intended ) we’d all damn sure struggle.
    even though lips are one of the first body parts eaten by animals, more of the lips and face would be gone. i believe this was done while still alive and caused by the rapist’s total rage and probably bitten off.
    what a way too go, damn. and no, i don’t watch csi, hell, i don’t watch tv.

  5. @cruiser
    I definatly agree with the bra cut theory, but a raven could extract the eye without much mutilation.
    A couple questions though. When was she found? She doesn’t have any ants or flies around her, and it doesn’t look like much decomposition. Also, it seems her shirt was torn off, but what’s around her neck? Was she choked to death with her own shirt? Finally, is that a tattoo on her side? It looks like a bug.

  6. Do you think he kept the eyes? And if he was a knifer, then why did he bit off the lips, eyes and ears? Also, the pictures don’t show any knife-based lacerations to the skin. So if he was a knifer why didn’t he cut her with it?

  7. bloodhazard,your above questions and theories are valid. yes, birds, especially crows and ravens could have pecked the eyes out but so geometrically round? i believe birds or any other animal would’ve left more jagged edges around the eye orbit.
    i don’t know if the ear was even touched since the hair seems to be covering the upper half.
    i hold firm on my idea that her lip(s) was bitten off. if a knife were used the cuts would’ve been cleaner. they appear the only parts that were bitten off. the madman easily could’ve bitten it( them) off in a state of shear frenzy. i’ve read of woman having their cheeks, nipples and even tongues bitten off by these sadistic bastards. oh yeah, even to children.
    your strangulation theory is very valid but to use such a wide piece of clothing just doesn’t seem right to me. it would’ve taken a lot longer to cause death then a thinner piece would’ve but that could be what the guy wanted, nice and slow.
    as far as keeping the eyes, hell yes! nice trophies for sure.
    i sure would like to see the autopsy report.
    one more thing, i believe it was cool or cold weather or she was found very quickly because had she’d’ve been there, even for a few days, the pinkness to her eye socket and lips would’nt be so pink but much darker, almost brown in color.

  8. Good input cyrus, the autopsy report would be an interesting read! Also, the idea that it might be somewhere colder is possible. Unfortunatly, we’re not told where it is although the grass seems to be mostly dead, indicating late fall to winter. I agree with your idea of him just being a frenzied madman with a knife. A true knifer takes pride in their instruments, and would either kill her slowly with methodical cuts, one quick jab, or a series of stabs. So no, he’s not a knifer. Also, one last theory. The article says it’s a rape, but we don’t know if it is a man or a woman. If any ejaculatory fluids were found then definitely a man, but a dominatrix woman might also be the culprit. Actually, if I was that kind of woman (I’m male though), then I would purposefully plant ejaculatory fluids inside of her to evade capture. Just a thought.

  9. Shit man. I remember seeing this pic a long time ago and it freaked me out bad. Now that I’m older it doesn’t scare me but, fuckin poor girl. Her entire eye socket is just empty. Can’t even have the dignity to have her bra on properly.

    1. lori, if you look more closely you’ll notice it’s not decompisition. if it were every bit of red flesh, including in her eye(s) socket would be very dark, almost black from rotting. what you say about it being cold out, I think you’re right. what has always puzzled me was the left armpit. that’s a nasty bruise but I try to figure it out but can’t. bindings maybe?

    1. papa justice, thanks for the email with your comment. I understand your frustration but the sad fact is, guy’s who commit these types of murders have absloutely no feelings of guilt or remorse. they are the true description of a psychopath. they are a psychiatrist’s and criminologist’s dream subject.
      with a world population of over 6 billion, thing of how many millions of these guys (and women) there are out there.
      I suggest we all stay on our toes. 🙂

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