Pick Axe Used on Guards to Escape Correctional Facility in India

Pick Axe Used on Guards to Escape Correctional Facility in India

Vishnu Rajwat, 25, under-trial prisoner escaped from custody after attacking two policemen with a pick-axe in Umri police station of Bhind district, Madhya Pradesh. CCTV footage shows both cops falling unconscious after brutal attack from behind. The head of the axe breaks and falls to floor.

One of the constables was admitted at Gwalior while other later died at Delhi, ANI reports. The incident took place on Sunday evening. He was arrested and sent to jail on Monday and has booked for attempt to murder added to original charges, creating ruckus in the local market.

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      1. That’s correct on both counts. He’s performing a 3-part security study.
        – Part 1: Desk sergeants facing away from jail cells
        – Part 2: Desk angled at 45 degrees
        – Part 3: Desk sergeants on both sides of table

        After 10 tests, all the sergeants have been killed, so the guy can’t proceed to the subsequent parts.

    1. Here In India , Criminals Are Treated With Less Brutality , Crimes Regarding Guns Are Low Therefore Police Are Armed With Only Wooden Sticks , And Prisoners Are Mostly Free In Jail Unlike In Other Countries With Separate Prison Cells

  1. Why he gotta pick on the fuckin guards, like that? I think he wanted to pick their brains…up off the floor after bashing them out. It didn’t go as planned, m’kay? Their brains kinda, y’know, stayed in their skulls. He scrambled the fuck out of em tho. Their brains, that is.

  2. I gotta hand mad respect to these escapees if you look at it from another angle. It’s obvious he made sure to hit the officers with the blunt part of the pick axe as to not kill him. I just respect that. He thought about the guard as a human and not a piece of shit. Man probably had family. That said he did an awesome job escaping!!!

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