Pics of Robber Shot Dead by Officer on Stairs

Pics of Robber Shot Dead by Officer on Stairs

This is the armed robber who got shot and killed by the plain clothes officer on the stairs in São José dos Campos, Brazil.

According to the local media, the other robber was probably also shot, because he left a trail of blood behind him as he was running away.

Props to Best Gore member @Brazilianflippers for the pics:

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28 thoughts on “Pics of Robber Shot Dead by Officer on Stairs”

  1. how is he head looks like the bullet just went through his jaw, hand and arm. maybe the bullet changed path and entered his brain afater entering from the jack? i’m not sure. I just don’t think he’d be dead if it went through his jaw, arms/ hands, and he hasn’t lost a ton of blood.

    1. His t-shirt has what looks like bullet holes at least one maybe that’s what turned his lights out. Idk …would have been a nice scar on the face had he lived to tell his story,oh well its no great loss to the world just another scumbag that won’t be holding places up no more.

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