Pizzeria Armed Robbery Gone Bad, Policeman Shoots Robbers

Pizzeria Armed Robbery Gone Bad, Policeman Shoots Robbers

Two armed robbers attempted to rob a small pizza joint but it went sour for them quickly. The pair walked in wearing motorcycle helmets, one of them pointing a handgun at the employees, demanding money. But before they could finalize their heist, a slew of gunfire from the outside took them down.

Apparently, a policeman noticed that there was an armed robbery in progress in the pizzeria and decided to put an end to it quickly. Both robbers reportedly sustained fatal gunshot wounds.

Good riddance, if you asked me. Those pizza bakers and the delivery guy are working class people who probably don’t earn a hell of a lot of money, but they try nevertheless to earn an honest living. The owner of the business serves the community by providing food choices for customers willing to buy. Anyone looking to rob them at gun point need not poison the air they breathe.

Many thanks to whomever send the video in. Unfortunately you did not sign your email so I do not know who you are to name your nick.

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      1. talk about sheep. think you’re all hard now that you’ve seen some vid’s, as if all this “education” has amounted to life experience, – and it would keep you from bustin’ out and whining into your cellphone for your mommy if you were ever in an elevator that got stuck between floors.

    1. It’s actually pretty crazy looking: You can see his shirt get blown toward his shoulders as it appears the bullet enters on his lower right side (slightly upward direction to blow his shirt up) and comes out, along with that spurt of blood, on his left side. Instant death!

          1. well I guess from a medical point of view – circumcision helps prevent nasty things like genital warts – thus – TheProtocolsOfZion’s statement is self-explanatory.

  1. The dude in the yellow hair played it pretty fucking cool the whole time, even when the bullets started flying; though he moved and ducked, it wasn’t in a panicked state of mind. Most people would not of been that cool.

  2. Actually I heard they weren’t robbing the place, they just wanted to shit the staff up for a crappy pizza the night before. No seriously guys, that was awesome. Didn’t even bother to open the door first. Nice.

    1. @IWM- nice one… Lol, I soooo missed all you witty people, no Internet sucks. Total ass fuck with no lube. Glad to be back, serious withdrawals were taking place, thought I’d have to take up crack to ease the craving (never) or just start mowing down pedestrians. But WHAM! Just in time, internees back, no crack needed, and no harm to any pedestrians or otherwise. 🙂

  3. The yellow helmet guy gets his leg proper fucked up, looks like he took one in the knee. That was fucking awesome, some good variety of posts lately. Delighted for the two cunts in the video, I’ve been stuck up in my work more times than I care to remember, nice to see the dicks waving guns around getting shot here. The staff should go over and piss on them, hopefully while they are still alive

  4. robber in black sure looked bullet dizzy for a second there!! I think he river danced a little before going down. Good choice on wearing helmet cause he held that gun like a fairy and if he shot…kick back to the face.

      1. Yeah, I forget the name of the law the texans use, but basically it was determined he had a right to intervene on his neighbour’s behalf and to be armed. I recall a civil proceeding was initiated by the families but as best I know he was in the clear.

    1. that 9/11 call was a big favourite of mine as well. none of that “western bacon cheeseburger” hysteria we heard too much of, rather a good law abiding citizen literally putting himself on the line for what’s right

  5. Yet the worst criminals on the planet (the main reason poverty is getting worse which is driving more people to do stupid things) aren’t being held accountable whatsoever. In the US the federal reserve can ‘lose’ trillions of dollars and no one bats an eye. As long as the super rich can steal with impunity I can hardly celebrate the death of two bit thieves.

  6. As a former pizza shop employee who has been robbed, I’m glad these faggot ass punks got theirs. It’s true that they don’t really earn much, but they’re like a family just trying to provide an honest days work and to help bring a smile to people’s faces and good food in their stomach’s. Gotta admit though, am I the only one morbidly fascinated by the guy’s death throes? It’s creepy to see him struggle as the life fades from his body…

    1. I’ve worked delivery before too. I was once robbed by two guys (on a delivery I could tell was a set up… change for $100 in a gas station parking lot, late at night… I told my boss they’d try and rob me, and sure enough) and a co-wor

  7. This happened at Botucatu, a city in S?o Paulo state. They robbed another pizzeria just before this one…

    Both thugs have been arrested before for robbery and drug traffic.

    One guy took 2 shots and died right there. The other took 4 and was in critical condition at the hospital by the time this case got the media attention… Not sure about his health right now, but i didnt’t find a single update on his death…

    … unfortunately.

  8. if you are a robber, brazilian police does not speak to you they just shoot you, I saw another video where a police just shot a robber without saying a word, I don?t think its that bad, for me is reasonable, they got what they deserve, all police must be like that here in Argentina.

    1. i saw that video too,he shot the guy five times then said get your hands up bitch,anyway thats one more robbery solved the guy got his wheel trims back and everyone was well chuffed especially the copper who got a 20 mil grouping

  9. They both threw some mean shapes on the way down though.

    10/10 for the guy in black and his artistic swan dive!

    9/10 for his yellow helmeted friend who seemed more interested in keeping his guts in rather than giving us at least a triple pike with double ankle grab on the way out.

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