Pizzeria Armed Robbery Gone Bad, Policeman Shoots Robbers

Pizzeria Armed Robbery Gone Bad, Policeman Shoots Robbers

Two armed robbers attempted to rob a small pizza joint but it went sour for them quickly. The pair walked in wearing motorcycle helmets, one of them pointing a handgun at the employees, demanding money. But before they could finalize their heist, a slew of gunfire from the outside took them down.

Apparently, a policeman noticed that there was an armed robbery in progress in the pizzeria and decided to put an end to it quickly. Both robbers reportedly sustained fatal gunshot wounds.

Good riddance, if you asked me. Those pizza bakers and the delivery guy are working class people who probably don’t earn a hell of a lot of money, but they try nevertheless to earn an honest living. The owner of the business serves the community by providing food choices for customers willing to buy. Anyone looking to rob them at gun point need not poison the air they breathe.

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