PKK Launches Assault on Turkish Soldiers Killing Five

PKK Launches Assault on Turkish Soldiers Killing Five

PKK Launches Assault on Turkish Soldiers Killing Five

According to PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party), the events in this video took place on May 31, 2018. It shows an apparent ambush of a small group of Turkish soldiers by the Kurdish fighters. Further according to PKK, five Turkish soldiers were killed in the assault.

The video contains mostly helmet cam footage of live combat, a lot of which was close quarters.

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94 thoughts on “PKK Launches Assault on Turkish Soldiers Killing Five”

  1. This video is a fake, a hoax. I am retired military, and there is no way a military unit would walk into something like this. The Turks aren’t that stupid. Besides, look at the way the AK-47 is being fired. It is to random to really do any killing. This is a lie, a fake, a hoax.

    1. It’s a classic ambush by the PKK. The Turks look as if they never knew there were men hiding amongst the rocks on the high ground if they did know they would have sent more than 3 men up possibly would have mortared the position first but the PKK would have needed to take to their heels as the 3 men’s platoon would not be far away.

    2. So the videos of the Houthi killing Saudis are fake too? The Houthis conduct ambush and hit&run attacks the same way as these Kurds are doing.
      These are not professional soldiers trained to the standards of Western soldiers – the vast majority of the Turkish Army’s soldiers are conscripts with training and equipment only slightly better than their Arab neighbors.
      These Turkish soldiers being conscripts is evidenced by their weapons and their inability to react properly to this ambush by popping smoke and spreading out. The Turks regularly send patrols into Kurdish dominated areas as part of their efforts to ethnically cleanse them. This time it didn’t turn out so well for them.

      And the Turks are stupid, with an average IQ of 90, and that is only including the Europeanized Turks in the Western part, the average rural Turks’ IQ is closer to that of the Arabs – in the low 80s.

    3. U.S. Military show’s u guys how to fight like pussy’s…this is real combat!
      Only foot soldiers…none of that air bomb raids for 2 days, or army firing shells for 4 days then sending foot soldiers
      You’re just a hater cuzz u have a big swollen pussy

  2. Those guys where really close, he a lost an opportunity to deliver them some action movie one-liner before gunning them down. Heck, he could at least have shouted some cuss words at them, at the very least.

  3. Was looking forward to some military homosexual activity in this video, as before I put my glasses on I thought it said ‘Genitals TV, up there in the right hand corner. And damn it – had my suede glove coated with mouldy raspberry jelly and giraffe excrement at the ready for the member..

  4. Sorry, but this is just a staged propaganda video. The Turkish army mastered the art of counter-insurgency long ago. The ambush is ludicrous even by Bollywood standards. The PKK are notorious for their black propaganda.

      1. The Kurds betrayed the Iraqi army during the American invasion of Iraq, the Kurds in league with the Israeli Mossad and the Iranian Savak were engaged in a bloody insurgency against Saddam’s Iraq, and the Kurds today happen to be the darlings of Netanyahu and Israel. According to Haaretz (Sep 17, 2017), Netanyahu is the sole leader in the world to openly endorse an independent Kurdistan.

        1. Yep. There are at least five hundred thousand kurdish Jews in Israel as we speak and Israel has a policy of myth making right now trying to convince boneheaded ignorant Jews and Kurds that Kurds are one of the long lost ten tribes of Israel etc.

          Barzani, the leader of the Peshmerga or traitor Kurds(in bed with Turks even though fighting them)-akin to the collaborationist rebels of Europe in WWII,is of the crypto- Jewish Bar -zani family. They were Christian within living memory. They “Turned Turk ‘or became Janissarries only around late 1800s. Historically,probably one of the last lot of Christians to convert to Islam etc.either this current Barzani or his father had Christian uncles living still.

          Help Kurds against Turks but protect Europe from the Kurds!

  5. Not sure how I feel about this. I actually support the PKK. And being Turkey is a NATO ally, I don’t know that I fully support them ambushing and killing allied soldiers. But I also don’t actually believe that with the current leadership that Turkey is truly an ally of the U.S.. They are becoming more “Islamised” and radical. So Turkey may at sometime in the future not even be in NATO anymore. Just a strange problem for NATO and the U.S. to deal with. Since according to the NATO charter, “an attack on one is an attack on all”, we should be at war with the PKK. But they are allied to the U.S..

    1. Been raghead islamists a longtime brother but Uncle Sam has been purposefully obtuse and selling us “a pig in a poke”.Kurds not much better than Turks . Infact ,many are ISIS especially the Peshmerga Kurd traitors who allowed Turks to build bases in Kurdish Iraq just weeks ago.

      Having said that i support the Kurds against the Turks as long as they do not want to carve up Syria as they have tried to do at US behest.

      As for Nato alliance and Turkey! Crock of shit! Turkey helped by the USA went to war with a fellow Nato member -Greece in 1974 where they went on to chop heads off Christians in fuck the Turks.some of us know history and do not let ourselves be snowed by bullshit . Like Us president telling us that Turks are Moderate Moslems. Yeh right!!

      Sorry. Ip it seems we will be disagreeing on this one apart from distrusting those Turks right now.

      1. @hopingfornemesis
        Just saw your reply. I’m not up on the 1974 incident so I have to reserve judgement on that. I think we actually agree on most points here though. I realize that there are different factions of Kurds, and am only partially familiar with the faction that the US has been supporting on the Turkish and Syrian borders. The so called “autonomous” area in Iraq. That the US has been supporting financially and militarily since the Sadam days, just to irritate him. That whole area is a powder keg of bulshit. I never understood religious violence, I say to each his own personally since I am an Agnostic. But I certainly do not trust Turkey with the current leadership. The Muslim Brotherhood is strong with them, and are no good to people like you and I.

        1. I agree with all you have said. Erdogan was very much involved with Mili gurus, an organisation that helped radicalise Chechen youth. Muslim Brotherhood faction of course. It was back when the Islamist muslim brotherhood- lover Fethulla Gulen ?was still pals with Erdogan before finding sanctuary in the USA. You saw the Chechens chop heads off Russians !So Putin has excellent reasons to kill Erdogan.All in good time. I reckon he will take him out when Erdo becomes pals inevitably with the US again. Payback for the Russian plane shot down !

          Who would havev thought that Turkey was a US tool to draw Russia into war and now Russia and Turkey are friends for all the wrong reasons.haha . Strange bedfellows!


          1. /Just saw your reply. And yes, I agree with most of what you said on this subject. Turkey in particular is a strange wildcard in NATO. They have more in common with radical Islam than what the US news media tells us. And with their current president rolling back freedoms because he has thin skin (reminds me of our current US president) and doing his best to turn Turkey into an Islamist Republic, it seems possible that one day the US will come to blows with them at some future date. I could be wrong though. Most of the 9/11 hijackers were Saudi nationals, yet the US did NOTHING to punish Saudi Arabia.

      1. Us yanks like to hope the Ottoman turks will finally admit to the genocide of Christian Armenians, it’s why the NATO deal was made. Of course the butt fucking Turks won’t admit to anything even when it was 100 years ago and a different government. I keep wishing the US would stop being their allies to let the fuckers die like they deserve.

        1. Could not agree with you more! The Turks cried like stuck pigs when their partner in crime -germany- turned state’s evidence last year and admitted it was a genocide because she was in on it as well.

          I didn’t need Germany’s confession anyway. God gave me a brain and the will to dig deep and research on my own. I found out what anyone with half a brain could easily do. The Turks committed horrible genocide way way worse than any committed on the Jews. In any case ,the worst of the Turks were converted Jews! How is that for irony! I can not wait till those Turco-arabians are no longer “Uncle Sam’s sons of bitches” as Lyndon B Johnson once said.Then the culprits can be really punished!

  6. How to play guns of boom tutorial?
    I just noticed Kurdish have some common words with Farsi !
    At the end (3:57) when one of pkk shooting at a dead like body he said (basee *4) which means sis fire. so they are in eco mode using bullets I guess .

  7. These Kurds do not fool me. They have been bum buddies with Turks and others raghead Moslems for centuries! Kurds considered themselves Turks and Ottomans until just recently. The Kurds have plenty of Christian blood on their hands since they converted like the dogs they are. They still do in Syria.

    So i will support them against Turks but they are not our friends of the West or Christians and never will be. Once they gain their strength they will revert to the dog head-choppers they have always been!

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