Police Brutality in Canada – Clay Willey Hogtied and Tasered to Death

Police Brutality in Canada - Clay Willey Hogtied and Tasered to Death

You’ll find cases of police brutality in every country, including Canada. In 2003, RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) arrested , hogtied and repeatedly tasered 33 year old Clayton Alvin Willey of Prince George, BC (British Columbia). Clay Willey suffered several consecutive heart attacks and died en route to the hospital. The case was quietly brushed under a rug and kept from public view for 9 years.

A CCTV video capturing the ordeal RCMP put Clay Willey through shows hogtied man being dragged from a police car and through the RCMP detachment face down by the officers. He was then zapped with two taser stun guns at the same time as he lay with his ankles and hands tied behind his back by an elevator shaft.

An autopsy found Clay Willey’s body had bruises, cuts and broken ribs. The cause of death was cardiac arrest. He was arrested because he was causing a disturbance on the streets of Prince George after taking cocaine.

According to the enquiry to the death of Clay Willey: “Constables Graham, Fowler and Rutten utilized an appropriate level of force when effecting the arrest of Clay Willey.” The report also states that: “Constables Caston and O’Donnell failed to treat Mr. Willey with the level of decency to be expected from police officers when they removed him from the police vehicle and transported him to the elevator.” That was in regards to Clay Willey being dragged out of the police car by his feet and then dragged across the hallway face down with his hands and feet tied.

Since despite restraints, and high on cocaine, Clay Willey continued to struggle, constables Caston and O’Donnell simultaneously zapped him with their tasers, rendering him unconscious. RCMP officers didn’t think Clay Willey was in immediate danger, so they didn’t call for medical assistance quickly enough. By the time the ambulance arrived, Clay Willey had suffered several cardiac arrests and died en route to the hospital.

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52 thoughts on “Police Brutality in Canada – Clay Willey Hogtied and Tasered to Death”

    1. Personally, I don’t feel we should be picking on a particular country for the way their police officers behave because these cases are found all over the world. From the horror stories I have read and others I have watched videos of involving police brutality, I have come to the conclusion that although not every police officer is bad, for the most part it is known to be the kids who were harassed and picked on in high school who were typically found to be the mentally disturbed humans who decided to become officers in order to take out their own pain and humility on people who may not deserve it. Yes, there are many cases in which criminals are brought to justice for the good of the people but on the other hand I have found way to many cases involving police brutality on citizens whose punishment just does not fit the crime that was committed by them. Again, not every police officer is a bad person but I feel as though there are way more bad officers than good officers these days and it is a damn shame. No one should fear any officer that is supposed to have taken their job in order to keep us safe, not abuse their power.

      1. He was relatively young, so unless something was wrong with his heart before he started using, the cocaine wouldn’t cause much damage. Then again, if he’d been using for a number of years his heart and other vital organs would have been damaged. I have no doubt, though, that the tazers are what caused his death. Seriously, how much of a danger could he have been while hog tied? Brutality is never justified.

    1. I would agree that the guy might have been just as much of a shithead as the guy busting windows at Carl’s Jr a week ago and was shot to death and then some.
      This is not (in my opinion) a good example of cops only enforcing their own will, and Murphy’s Law. Nothing for the greater good, because the dude was at this point, no threat.
      Kick him in the face, get a few laughs. Taze him in the nuts, hope he never procreates.
      Point is they feel superior when they are not threatened. They feel entitled to kill when a threat is preceived (or fabracated)
      Majority of all police are made up of the mother fuckers that NO BODY would want being police.
      Just one more VERY broken thing about the way things are.

      1. (shit edit from the 2nd line)……(in my opinion) just cops taking out the trash or doing something that is a benifit to anything but their own egos. It’s just a good example of…….tie into what was writen.
        I NEED(!) to start proofing before I eagerly strike that Post Comment butten!

    2. Fuck you ya ignorant piece of shit! I am a 44 year old guy living in the city where this happened and I grew up with Clay and his brother and sister. He was the same age as me and we went to school together and we partied together. Yes we used hard drugs regularly at the time of this incident but that does not take away from the fact that these cops are abusive assholes in this city. There is another case that happened around the same time and in exactly the same location, (Parkwood Mall in P.G.) and under the exact same conditions. The man was high on cocaine and getting unruly when about 8 or 9 cops tasered him over and over and beat him until he died also. This man’s name was Darryl Paquette and he was my ex-girlfriend’s uncle. Does anyone see a pattern here? Some of you will joke and say that yeah there is a pattern of people using cocaine. ha ha ha. Both Clay and Darryl were good people who had addiction problems but they did not deserve to be murdered by the P.G. R.C.M.P. Clay’s case was brushed aside and covered up and only recently has anything been done about it.

  1. i live in vancouver B.C. and believe me it’s fucked in many ways. What pisses me off, is how we act like our shit don’t stink.When you go in the city bucket here, there are signs everywhere politely telling you if you act out in any way, you WILL be politely tasered untill you’re a puddle of piss.

    1. The only thing that I like about that, now in theroy, not in how the cops apply it, is how the people are held to a standard. If you want to be a shit, do it somewhere else.
      Now the theroy of consiquence is understandable, but, the APPLICATION of this, is undoubtably heavy handed because COPS SUCK EVERYWHERE. They all like to pull the same “I can do whatever I want and there’s nothing you can do about it” routine, and, for the most part, that’s exactly right.
      Killing a few would feel great and, MORE than justified, but, it’s MILLIONS OF THEM world wide, that would need to be exicuted to make an impact by asying BULLSHIT! NO YOU FUCKING CAN’T! JUST WATCH WHAT HAPPENS IF YOU TRY IT.
      Don’t know if that will ever happen. I, personally doubt it because, for the most part, people are cowardes sheep bitches. So, they got a job that tells them that they no longer need to be, and they get a great big badge to hide behind as well.

  2. I cannot BELIEVE that nobody’s picked up on the name… Clay Willey… Come on… not even a giggle?

    I love Canada very much (holiday there every summer) , and every country has its moments… Britain with the being ‘weak as shit’ as the moment, the USA with… well, pretty much everything it does, France with its people stinking like sweat and onions all the time, and Germany with its disgusting food.

    In the grand old scheme of things, this isn’t that bad.

    I love Canada… Wish I came from there.

        1. Oh, phew! I was so glad to see someone else gets it too… I was worried I was being too immature in finding ‘Clay Willey’ a funny name.

          Respect to the dead guy and all, being tasered to death is probably not a pretty way to go, but at least he won’t have to put up with people making fun of his name anymore…

          Oh, wait!

  3. Hard to tell from the tape what they’re doing to him, but it doesn’t look like Willey was struggling, being hog tied and all. Didn’t know Canadian cops were still called Royal Mounted Police. Guess they don’t wear those red coats and ride horses anymore, eh? Heh heh!

  4. My first ride in a Patrol car was in an RCMP car at about 2am in Vancouver while on Vacation. I was 9 and we were looking for a hospital as I was sick and could hardly breathe. We stumbled across an Officer and he ran me to a Hospital Code 3. Turned out I had Laryngitis & Bronchitis at the same time so I spent 3 or 4 days there then we went on with our Motor home trip throughout BC and into Alaska.

    In some ways that steered me toward a career in Law Enforcement. haven’t watched the video yet but I will say that Taser related deaths in custody are more common than you think. Most are/were chronic drug users with a weak heart due to drug abuse. Sometimes its justified but in a Jail setting where there are usually enough able bodies around to subdue a prisoner without having to escalate to the use of a Taser.

    Most of the time videos never tell the whole story so justified or not the Officers get the short end of the stick.

  5. Oooh, Police are so manly, butch and brave. Just so long as they outnumber their opponents who will of course be incapacitated in some way and now they have been given toys to hurt (and kill) people with, so they don’t have to actually use any of their big manly force. I would love to hear a few stories of guys going after a Policeman or 2 and see how they cope when they aren’t in groups and armed.

  6. This brings to mind the Ukrainian fellow who was irate at the airport somewhere out west in Canada, and couldn’t speak english, as his mother was supposed to pick him up and wasn’t there. The cops tazed him several times, killing him too. I think tazers have since been banned in Canada. This was way more recent, like three years ago. Now they just pepper spray you, or hit you with their clubs….. In my day, I had a few run ins with the cops and ate a few of those nite sticks, and a mouthful or two of pepper spray, not a joyous feeling, no matter how drunk you are… 🙂

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