Cops Kill Alleged Third Degree Murder Suspect in Holly Hill, Florida

Cops Kill Alleged Third Degree Murder Suspect in Holly Hill, Florida

Cops Kill Alleged Third Degree Murder Suspect in Holly Hill, Florida

I don’t have a whole lot of backinfo on this, but it happened in Holly Hill, Florida. The bodycam footage shows a mob of cops extrajudicially executing a man suspected of third degree murder.

At around the 0:45 minute mark, the bodycam captures the alleged murder suspect taking a shot at the cop. But then again, who wouldn’t take the shot? The cops are out to score their kill of the day. Either way you’re dead, so might as well take a domestic terrorist out and make the neighborhood that little bit safer. But aim for the head.

The cops then go full hardon guns blazing, and at around the 4:28 minute mark, a glimpse of the bloodstained floor is caught on the bodycam, as the pigs apparently kick the victim’s corpse about.

Props to Best Gore member @ohnoohfuck for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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217 thoughts on “Cops Kill Alleged Third Degree Murder Suspect in Holly Hill, Florida”

          1. @pigsonthewing yeh lol uk police don’t even have guns, unless it’s armed response, but I don’t think USA has the ability to collect all the guns from civilians so I get why their cops have no choice but to carry

          2. @babay_sid are you fuckin dumb? How am I a bootlicker for saying I understand why US cops have to carry? They’d be pretty fuckin useless without guns since most of the US population have guns, fuckin dummy

          3. Imagine passing off your shitty social narration as a “joke” because you can’t handle the fact that all of your ideas are stupid.

        1. The citizens felt safe again lol you’re right safe to Burn Loot and Murder. Shit Mark I know we will never agree on some issues but I have a better chance getting killed by a minority then a cop when I go into the city. And why do you care? You don’t even live in the United States, last I heard you were flown off of an island down in the Caribbean.

          1. I can understand not liking police. But there’s not liking police and then there’s not liking logic and not even making sense about it. Which is where Mark seems to fall in this. So seriously, what is your suggestion Mark? It’s clear that you hate cops so what should we do? Should we send them to arrest murdering scum like this unarmed? Or should we just let murderers like this murder at will? Or maybe we should just ban police altogether? If you were in control what would you do Mark?

        2. I dunno Mark. But let’s place ourselves in shoes of let’s say, Both relatives of the murder victim & cops in this scenario. We need justice to be served for the victim. And for that, police has to go take the suspect into custody. He had committed a crime or else police would have no reason to show up at his door. Even then if he surrendered the police would not have had a reason to shoot the guy buy instead, he opens fire @ the cops. If we’re the cops in this case, what are we supposed to do ? Just leave the scene cuz he opened fire ? That would serve no justice right ? And how else can they establish law and order without doing what they have to do given each situation ? If cops were powerless then the society would be lawless. & clearly the suspect put the cops’ lives in danger and they had to defend ‘emselves let alone bring him to justice. So the cops were left with no options but to blast the mofo. The suspect brought this on himself. In this case, we gotta agree that the cause for this tragedy was entirely the suspect’s actions & none else. I know some cops are just absolute trash but that doesn’t mean all of ‘em are trigger happy. It’s just my humble opinion in this case. If I were that cop I would do just the same to ensure that I won’t end up with my brains splattered all over the place. Peace !

        3. royal flush is the new village idiot..his understanding of geo social political matters is limited due to his uneducated working class upbringing..he puts flat earthers to shame..responding is akin to kicking a fresh turd..hard on the exterior but soft and rancid wish you never kicked in the first place..well once bitten twice shy..

          1. @sayntbernard you actually have a point ngl, if ur black and you have a job and you provide for ur fam or just urself then fair enough good luck, but if ur a dirty lazy nigger who collects a welfare check and only does crime then just kill urself imo, same with whites and every other race, if you are unemployed and live off the charity of others then just kill urself lol

      1. You are some type of retard.
        You think cops stop niggers from robbing houses?
        Lets forget the fact that this is obviously and blatently untrue. Vincent already explained why, and lets focus on me, since you think ill be fucked without the police.
        NEWS FLASH: Ill be fine without them.

        Why? I have two LARGE dogs to ALERT me and my 9mm works just as well, even though im not wearing a uniform.

        Dont even @ me dude.
        Im not here to have a conversation with you, just point out your cognitive shortcomings.

          1. Oh look at the bootlicking twat switching to the good old “I was kidding, bruh” when confronted. Bet you wear a feathered fedora to hide that gibbous moon on your head when you play dungeon master in your mum’s basement.

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          3. @drstrangeglove yawn.. are you still crying?phaha you must hate urself if you need to take ur anger out on a stranger on the internet lol, calm down smoke some weed, get laid or something I dunno, You reply to literally every comment I make lol I’m pretty sure you’re a fag tbh, ur on this website 24/7 lol do you even have a life?phaha kill urself faggot phahahaha

        1. @AgentUkraine The cops sure as shit stopped that nigger from robbing anyone else’s house! I get it, cops can be total assholes. I’ve experienced it myself. But if they magically disappeared there would be a massive crime explosion like you’ve never seen. I wish we lived in a world where cops weren’t needed. Unfortunately that utopia doesn’t exist. There is a certain segment of the population that prey’s on others. No matter what we do criminals will always exist. I have no problem with people taking matters into their own hands but then we become no better than the assholes with badges. I’m genuinely interested in what would be your solution to combat a crime ridden society that doesn’t have police.

          1. Every society is going to form some kind of threat response law enforcement group. Otherwise you have chaos and Anarchy and you will not have a society.

          1. Agent, don’t be ignorant. You don’t know me or have any idea what I know. Please don’t make uninformed statements. Crime has gone up in areas where police have pulled back. Look at Minneapolis as an example. Crime exploded and now the city council has reversed their decision to eliminate the police. As I said before, I’m not defending the police. They can be total pricks. Change is needed within departments but eliminating them all together is insane.

          1. Good to know someones not a retard on this website. @joe

            I was starting to think the only non morons here were vincent, articles, and myself.

            For a group of individuals that prides themselves on being so “aware.” They sure are very unaware of the TRUE meaning of the words nigger and jew. Two of the most used words, misused words, on this site.

        2. Ya they stop it cause they put a lot of them in prison or split their wig wide open. If there was no cops it would be like africa. Go there they point guns at you and demand money just to travel along their roads. And even after you pay they still might split your wig wide open. They make their own police and its just a bunch of broke people that demand your money. Go to somolia they will take you hostage for years until they are paid milions in a ransom and while not being paid they torture you.

    1. Anyone who thinks that the cops are in the wrong for shooting this piece of shit after he shot the cop in the chest is a fuck tard faggot to the highest degree. What are they supposed to do when someone shoots at them? Hand them a ticket? Some of you here are just straight up fools. You live in a fantasy land. In the real world when you shoot at a cop you are dead. We have more guns then you

          1. This was actually a clear situation of the man realizing the cartel is there to kill, not to take prisoners. He could let them kill him straight out, or try to fight back. Unfortunately, outnumbered and outgunned, he messed up and didn’t take any gangster out.

      1. they let off lead like the thought for where the rounds may end up…im gona get this fucker,got any gloves,no fuck him..firing full clip ..they intended to kill this man regardless of him surrendering…cowards..back off and call S.W.A.T..the woman was lucky with all the blind shooting thru the door..let alone any kids ..

      1. Kid, since you don’t probably live in the United States and deal with its police, I just suggest you keep your mouth shut, we’re not in Sweden, faggot.
        I’m not against the police at all, I’m against those savage practices against who ever might be whom they’re facing, armed, unarmed, peaceful or a total crip, just like you.

        1. ? if you live in a place where people don’t do mean things people don’t respect the police wich equals a revolution and you become rich like that african country with no goverment that has a 1 trillion air particle bill, right now if you don’t like cops you are blm.

    2. Yeah cops suck, but I watched his video five times and the cocksucker they took the first shot deserved what he got, they didn’t go in their guns blazing, if he come out he wouldn’t even of gotten beaten up, they were too many witnesses and too many cops to play that game today, they took a scum bag off the street that deserves what he got

    3. I’m a proud bootlicking faggot. I love our blue. Those who don’t are criminals or are sore over having been humbled and forced to submit to anyone and now go on irrational tirades in which ALL cops are bad and evil, something that even a retard knows isn’t true, but some people actually believe because it’s the only way to deal with their delusions of grandeur.

      I respect most opinions but those who think generalization of vast groups of people into categories that neatly satisfy their bigot ideologies or tear down organizations that dared put them in their place are as ignorant as it gets. I’m sorry I just don’t think one’s butt hurt feelings over having been ordered what to do and forced to submit without recourse like a little bitch justifies demonizing all cops. No matter how you look at it, it’s unjustified, I don’t care if a cop intentionally decapitated your mother. The great majority of them wouldn’t even have your mother on their radar and would dutifully risk their lives to save your ungrateful ass.

      Anyone who thinks what I said is unreasonable is unreasonable at best and very stupid at worst. I’ve had it with the abuse and demonizing of our brave cops by criminals and defiant assholes who just can’t get over themselves so they wish DEATH upon EVER fucking cop just because they dared show them who’s boss.

      I’d like to believe such vitriol is said out of anger and isn’t meant seriously but even if that’s the case, there’s too much unjustified hatred toward cops these days and way too much sympathy for thugs it’s disgusting and anything that adds to that is infuriating due to the willful ignorance that is required to advocate for violence toward ANY group of people, especially those who are overwhelmingly good and needed to maintain the little peace that is left in America.

      1. have you seen the fucking daniel shaver killing in the hotel…get on the floor hands apart face down,then get on your knees hands up ,crawl towards me ..then unloads a fucking AR 15 from 5 ft away…the poor bastard kid was crying dont shoot ,got shot killed for pulling his pants up ,while the cop pissed his…your comments fall upon deaf ears ,from all the gunfire..we cant hear you….the kid was white…young unarmed crying..least he new whats up..peace in america ,tell it to the will receive the right response..libtard..clinton supporter..fuck you and yours..

    4. Amen to that! I hope it hurt too! My favourite part of the video is the one pig calling the terrified distraught woman “sweetie” – after they just blindly fired like 30 shots downrange at her trying to murder her! Fucking hilarious!

    5. Well, ooked to me like a dumb ass “gangsta” wanted to play stupid games with police and he won the grand prize. Cop should get a free burger,lol.
      If ot for these cops we would have all the wonderful crap you see in Brazil, Mexico and ssub Saharan Shitfrica.
      Western soceity is far frrrfom perfect and theres too many shitty cops with tiny dicks but we still have a vastly better society , low levels of poverty,crime better life spans, higher education and highest standards of living in large part ddue to behaving civilized in a society with law and order. Not erfect but better than the way these fucking animals woould have it.Good ridance!

  1. You anti cop assholes can go fuck yourselves. Anyone robs your house or endangers you or your family have no business calling them for help. You’re on your own. Go call asshole Barack , asshole Sleepy Joe or asshole Colon Cancerdick to help you in your oppression. They started this fucking crap.

      1. There aren’t enough cops in the U.S. to take us to Gulags. There are 400M guns in the U.S. and about 10 – 15M AR-15’s. Let’s say that is conservatively 10M armed citizens out of a country of 300M. Do you think any combo of LEO/military could take down a 10M man army?

    1. Robbing your house while you’re away is one thing…

      However, you have a much better chance of defending yourself and family, by properly owning and using a gun. Many responsible gun owners are far less fearful of their weapons, as opposed to a much younger murder marine.

      …Granted, there are exceptions!

      However many homeowners are older, and in a position of more responsibility, as opposed to a younger, less experienced civil right’s terrorist.

      I can also understand, why many citizens react to the carcass collectors the way they do. Unfortunately on occasions, it gets them killed. On many occasions, you can hear the fear and anger in their voices, before receiving their ticket to the abyss. I’m also curious, as to how many of these bullet bandits attempt to make a phone call, in an attempt to drive down the tensions between both parties?

      Personally, things can be replaced, if my house was robbed. However, I’d be more concerned about the evidence being planted against you, in the event the killer kids don’t want you around anymore.

      This I find troublesome…

    2. Who’s going to protect you and your family? The cops? (Yeah fucking right) The federal government? (In your dreams). Have the means to protect yourself! The tyrant pigs and government don’t give a shit about you one bit. Cops kill you and make things worse when you call them for “help”. Use the resource you have left, yourself. ACAB!!!

      1. I may add, that many officers of oppression don’t live in the areas they work in either. There’s no sense of connection for the community anymore.

        That is, unless you and I can become friends, when I have military grade weapons at my disposal.

        …you know, just in case we have a difference of opinion 🙁

          1. Kinda the way I look at it my friend…

            It’s unfortunate for me anyway, that I never use to feel this way towards the police. But over the last 8 to 10 years, I’ve had them sticking their nose where it doesn’t belong. In my life and others.

            There was a time, where I knew several in my community. I either went to school with some, or played baseball with others. Even a member of my own family, worked in the office for several years at our city’s police department.

            As the town grew into a rather large city, I noticed in the newspaper and our local news, the hiring of additional police officers. Most lived in other states, or several hundred miles from our city.

            When you add in the increased population from other areas, along with the migration of police officers from other areas, conflict is almost certain to happen. However and this is my opinion…

            I still believe in hiring local, when it comes to the police. It brings in a sense of social stability, when it comes to people moving into a city. It sets a positive standard for the city, in a sense that it creates a “oneness.” It’s kinda hard to achieve this, when a city is growing, and dealing with a massive amount of people moving in, and facing so many kinds of cultures and lifestyles all at once. People can be quite apprehensive, when moving into a new area. And justifiably so. However, keeping a city at a grass roots level locally, is not such a bad idea in my opinion.

            And as you have stated, the locals can give a positive attribute to a city in which they live.

        1. Yes, that’s spot on. When you don’t LIVE in the communities you patrol you have NO ACCOUNTABILITY. That’s why we always here that the Globalists will send UN troops to the US, ETC…

    3. When someone robs your house the cops do absolutely nothing. They don’t collect fingerprints or anything. They don’t look on craigslist or visit pawn shops to find your stolen items. They give zero fucks because there is no money to be made. Sure if they kill my wife then yes they will do something but not because they want to. They gotta keep the scam going somehow.

    4. Biggerboat,
      Whatever happened to defending yourself?
      Learning how to use a gun, throw a punch, keep yourself in shape, have a couple dogs to alert you.
      Any of this ring a bell?
      Or are you just some retarded fuck that thinks the police are some type of guardian angels, sent here to protect us.
      I cannot wait until a nigger or a spic or a turbansandmonkey busts into your house, and you call 911.
      Those 5-25 minutes it takes them to show up, will be the longest of your life you soft ass bootlicking faggot.

      1. While you make some good points regarding defending yourself, name calling, racist or negative multicultural remarks, are the negative attributes coming from the police as well.

        If you want to solve any social problems, stop becoming a victim of the problem itself.

        1. I never said i wanted to solve a fucking thing. That can be your plight.
          Im OK, with thriving, in my own right, and being able to defend what is near and dear to me. Good luck with all that social justice nonsense. Let me know how that goes.

          1. It’s quite obvious AU, in regards to not wanting to solve a thing…

            Your fear and anger towards another member, is a position of weakness and not strength.

            When you’re in a position of strength, you identify a problem, and find out how to solve it. Yes, that is my plight.

            …and I’m down right proud of it.

            It prevents me from becoming a victim of oppression and ignorance!

          2. Im strong enough to not place my efforts where they are not fruitful.
            You sit behind your computer and comment about how strong or how weak i am. Ill continue to make money, buy guns, and will shoot you if you come into my home unannounced. There wont be any discussions about moral strength, and the police will only serve as a method for removing your corpse.

      2. The problem is having your one gun is not going to work unless one person who is unarmed tries to come rob you. Its usually a group of guys with guns that watched your house for months timing everything down to a science. Then they break in when you least expect it and kill your dogs and come kill you. The problem with no police is then thug groups form their own police. And then someone like antifa comes knocking at your door demanding you worship black people. And then they burn your house down cause your not black. You can’t take on a big group of people. Maybe rambo can. All you people do who don’t like law enforcement is live in 3rd world country where they don’ t have much police or police to scared to go to area. And you will come back to usa with your tail between your legs.

        1. Your globalist, NWO agenda is laughable at best. Cop ARE the thugs. Cops ARE the crime. Cops ARE slave herders and the key oppression TPTB have planned for us. This is why as far back as 2008, when BG started, I have been proclaiming that the only thing worse than a nigger state, is a police state. The statement still holds true. In a nigger state, you are able to defend yourself. In a police state, the state thugs have monopoly on violence and use your money to oppress you. There’s level of safety one could achieve with the massive millions saved by defunding the police that no thugs with badges could provide. Nevermind the additional millions saved by not having to constantly pay for settlements in court.

          You should try life outside of a police state. Like in Iceland. Or basically any other country outside of the US and Canada, where policing for profit is the norm, though I have not been to every country in the world, so I can only vouch for the few dozens that I did live in.

          But even in a former police state, it just may surprise you the level of safety you experience when you don’t have to worry about having your livelihood destroyed to a trigger happy cop and everything you worked for lost to civil forfeiture because thugs with badges are on every corner, looking to either meet quotas, or just get their rocks off on abusing citizens. Though I understand that you’re too invested in the globalist agendas to actually open your eyes to the possibility of living a life on your feet. There’s a whole worked out there, but you’d need to raise your eyes above the boot you lick. You globalist fanboys try really to help TPTB bring about the NWO, but there’s enough sane people out there to see through you.

          1. @happy “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

            Slaves suffering from Stockholm syndrome will defend their slavery no matter what. You quoted the Morpheus line from the Matrix several times. It is a waste of time trying to free the mind of someone who loves to be a slave. Those who live with an open mind already understand. The rest, let them be who they are. Slaves.

          2. WAIT BUT VINCENT.

            Lmao, you actually believe this shit too do you? @urinedanger
            You just are so fucking dumb its amazing. Let me explain something to you, dumbfuck. I have sold drugs with dangerous folk for a long time in my life…

            People who are PROFESSIONAL JACK BOYS, do stalk homes for weeks on end like you said before they go invade that place. However, what they also do is choose the EASIEST/MOST VALUABLE TARGET. because dispite what you may think, these individuals arent super well trained killing machines. Plus they do this for a LIVING, so keeping themselves out of danger is actually a serious priority. Since they invade homes and rob people ALL THE TIME. Theres billions of people on this earth. So choosing a target properly is important.

            Let me put it to you this way, i have neighbors who have just as much shit to lose as me, but they DONT HAVE LARGE DOGS AND GUNS. So anybody who is ROBBING PEOPLE PROFESSIONALLY, will choose the person who DOESNT have guns and dogs to rob over the person who does.

            Stupid ass mother fucking idiots will continue to be stupid as fuck and think that they NEED the police.

    5. @smileusb75 The Snowflakes/Soys still call the cops for help hahahaha BLM and Antifa are a bunch of leftist faggots anyways.

      On another note, I don’t always agree with Mark but the fact that he let’s us speak our shit and whatnot I give respect for that. Not many platforms will allow this, and that’s why I lurk and occasionally add my 2 cents here and there.

      1. In reality, it is the boot licks who come whining when it is their turn for the police to take them out. Some of them, that is. Others, like the two we saw in recent weeks, die. You will not get your one world government. Deal with it!

  2. Let the bodies hit the floor let the bodies hit the floor… I LOVE those jivy ass dance moves as you get double/triple tapped and boogie your ass to the floor with those awesome “gasping” sounds. Once less blip on the radar…. 🙂

  3. This is terrible and after reading the statement made by police where hey said they didnt want to kill the suspect but he never gave the cops a chance to de-escalate the situation so were forced to murder the suspect and knowing the man had family, the cop said they were being prayed for makes this ok.

    1. He literally shot them. What the fuck is wrong with you people? Not liking police, fine, I don’t particularly like police much myself ( I certainly don’t hate them though ). But you “ACAB” guys take it to staggering levels of retardation when a murderer literally shoots them and you guys cry super sad tears that they shot back at the murderer trying to kill them? What?

      No wonder most of the country won’t support you ( anti-cop ) guys. Common sense no longer has a place in your arguments. I mean, outside of the fact that you ( anti-cop ) “ACAB” guys are destroying people’s lives, burning their businesses down, assaulting them and even killing some. < Yeah, a totally winning strategy for sure. )

      1. Well they couldve just slipped a note under the door telling him he needs to come down to the station when he was available instead of threatening those outside with their “lawful threats” of intimidation.
        I remember when we had officer friendly giving out baseball cards to kids but nowadays kids instead get 9 lead slugs just for playing cops and robbers in their yards.
        They really earn the hate now.
        I do understand your point though and agree with most of it.

      1. Half-assed for most his life.
        Piss poor little ham.
        Narc boy a fake fuck limp dick.
        Sucking up to the man.
        And the world.
        We need a fucking cold war.

        Building a blood in water scent
        It’s like a raping
        Without judgement
        Boy in a pocket
        Balls in a bag
        Perverted handle
        His dick his gun, his brain his badge

        Kill that fuck to show him up
        Equal your displeasure now
        Stab his ass a reminded past of what the fuck we’re living for

        Our fucking selves!

        Remember Police were formed to catch escaped slaves….things havent changed.

          1. @BIGgray obviously you’re not gonna find any anti BLM on the internet that shit would get blocked by google or something, pussy ass faggots can’t handle it the fact whites are the master race

        1. I didn’t understand practically anything you said, except for the part of

          ´´Kill that fuck to show him up
          Equal your displeasure now
          Stab his ass a reminded past of what the fuck we’re living for´´

          and just for that part I say, FUCK YEAH!

          1. @royalflush2112 Don’t bother wasting your time with the fag @Lambo1. Everything he has done in his life is a failure, hence why he works as a shitty prison CO. He might as well kill himself. Oxygen is becoming scarce due to global warming and this waste of sperm Lambo is breathing it in.

  4. Fuck these Assholes make me sick Mark. They are becoming so much more aggressive the last few years With Donald Duck, Ooops “Trump” in power. And i cannot see it getting better anytime soon now that all the new recruits are getting a hard-on seeing all of their mostly Jewish superiors teach them how to spill blood with relative ease and with a huge smile on his face.

    So if you are a white Christian Straight “Male” all of the blood being spilled will continue to be encouraged with them having absolutely no chance of being charged with anything. So what we end-up having here is a Truly Sad United-States of affairs, that’s what we got going-on here.

    So please be vigilant, and remain strong my Good American Best-Gore Siblings. And may God-Bless You’s all. 🙁

        1. It’s a fact niggers kill the most niggers soooo why do they get angry when a different race caps one of them? They act like slavery ended 2 weeks ago, makes me fuckin sick, they should be thankful white people made this place so good ahaha they play the race card way too much imo

          1. @thedre don’t get me wrong tho, there are good blacks out there, James brown comes to mind but there are a few others, and the “professional” blacks get a pass I guess, it’s the wannabe “gangstas” that fuck it up for the rest of them

  5. the only thing this dipshit idiot of a suspect did wrong was kill people and also unsuccessfully try to dust these pigs. like he should absolutely be dead too but he couldnt even nail one of these power hungry fiends.

    honestly is should be a game at this point to see how many badged up swine you can take out before you go down lol. doesnt matter what colour you are, they’ll get anyone to sate their bloodlust.

      1. All the cops and politicians are Freemasons. They don’t like the fact that I write about it. They want to shut me up. I’m not the only one. They are targeting lots of people now. Corrupt pieces of shit.

        Look up targeted individuals. They are basically engaged in communist tactics. That’s because they are trained in Israel by the Jews. And Jews created communism.

  6. Looks like the perp hit the cop square in the chest but he was wearing body armor. Let that be a lesson for all, if you engage with law enforcement use a rifle or carbine in .223. The only exception for a handgun is a FN Five-SeveN (using appropriate rounds that can defeat body armor).

  7. These niggers are threat to society we need to stop these savages, this cop is a hero honestly, he finished this savage that only kills people , steal and spread AIDS . Honestly these niggers scare me ,you never know when they’ll attack animals without education , they must be eliminated before it’s too late, phew a nigger less in this world

    1. Completely agree, it’s sad tho everyday it seems like it’s getting more and more popular to stand up for niggers, they are a cancer and poison everything they touch, their “culture” is literally Just crime, collect welfare and spend aids, fuckin disgusting, they talk shit about whites yet are completely comfortable living in a white mans world, if it wasn’t for whites, niggers would still be swinging from trees in Africa ahahaha

      1. On a superficial level, there is absolutely black privilege. Free everything from rent to tuition to food & welfare money, lower expectations/no pressure to work hard, everyone else and especially the media tripping all over themselves to kiss black peoples’ asses 24-7 to name a few supposed benefits.
        Yet on a deeper level, all these things are incredibly harmful and ensure that black ghettos remain awful, dirty & crime-ridden places to live and residents are unable to escape, that the black community is prevented from pulling out of poverty and their bleak existence, and their dependence on the government is continually reinforced. The handouts and free passes and other “privileges” that seem so cool on the surface ultimately lead to apathy, illiteracy, drug addiction, incarceration, broken homes with blacks stuck in this vicious cycle of failure and largely unaware of the real reasons they ended up in such a bad situation.
        Additionally, all the ass-kissing done by nervous white people and the media is, at its root, a huge insult. It sends an almost subliminal message to black people that they are viewed as inferior, as people that need to be propped up and coddled because they can’t do anything on their own. This treatment is the source of the constant undercurrent of anger and hopelessness many black people carry. “White Supremacist” citizens aren’t the cause of all these things, how could a few powerless guys in Alabama possibly control nationwide apathy & crime, literacy and incarceration rates? The government is the obvious culprit and has done this deliberately, and the media is complicit as their propaganda arm.

        1. Interesting post.
          Unfortunately, these affluent and semi-afluent bleeding heart, white assholes who are so eager to engage in symbolic self flagulation for the sins of our forefathers, don’t seem to realize they are setting the stage for the sufferings of whites in the future. Or don’t care. I’m starting to wonder if some of these whites are actually fetishizing white guilt as a means of stimulation. I don’t even know what the fuck I’m talking about I’m high as fuck hahahlol ok take care. It was a good post you made though.

          1. Thanks for commenting! I only recently figured all this out- the fact that blacks are far worse off today than they were before they were given equal rights is just incredible, and clearly it’s no accident.
            In his private anger at having to sign the Civil Rights Act, LBJ was quoted as saying “Fine, then I’ll have those niggers voting Democrat for the next 200 years.” And that right there is the motive to keep 15% of the population perpetually oppressed. A big, dependable voting bloc. It’s sad & disgusting.
            I totally agree about the idiotic whites that have fallen into the cult of “Critical Race Theory”. You’re right that the political and media push for racial division and the constant elevation of the blacks and denigration of the whites will serve to ultimately lead to black supremacy, that’s the fucking indoctrination that we are now receiving. It’s astonishing that any member of any race would willingly submit themselves to a lower social position. The media has fucked people over so badly at the behest of the “powers that be”. Luckily, blacks are still a significant minority so they won’t be able to subjugate us anytime soon- I hope. We need to put a stop to this.
            It’s fucking bizarre how we are constantly told how awful our society is, when we actually sacrificed 600,000 whites to END slavery (a long fucking time ago-150 years??) and we’ve had full equality for 60 years now! Not to mention we had a black President for 8 years recently- oh, but we’re such a bunch of evil white racists! It’s like the damn Twilight Zone,

  8. What disgusting police work..
    What did that fucking cowboy pig expect running in like that. And then to get all cranky and use his weapon strap to block the camera…And fuck this guy he says after he kills him.
    Fuck the police. I’m a criminal and I have enough sense to know that pig should have gotten Intel first then phoned the guy or set up a perimeter and gas the guy out…but no just kill the guy and do it with such self righteous anger. I hope that pig gets a blood clot and dies and hopefully his children get cancer and die slowly.

      1. I wasn’t bragging. It was intended in the context of self depreciation. I was implying that even a lowly recidivist such as myself has the intellectual wherewithal to stop a moment and consider the possibility that the perpetrator perhaps had some shred of redeeming quality. That perhaps this man…who was probably frightened and already convinced the police intended to murder him had some faint spark of humanity. Some small self awareness of the good nature that is inside all humans, no matter how small how faded or calloused over from a life of heard hearted misfortune.
        It was obvious the police officer had little regard for this mans troubles or circumstance…that said, it was simply my intention to superimpose myself…as a model of a disreputable citizen whom would be expected to be lacking in empathy, over top the policeman’s values and social mores, as a means to Guage how far this policeman has strayed from his touch with the gritty realities of dealing with disenfranchised men and women.
        And no. I do not steal tampons. I’m a convicted murderer. But, if I happened to need a tampon I would surely take a box if I was lacking finances to purchase them. Which in reality begs the question…why would I be needing tampons?
        Which brings me to my closing argument. Perhaps you interpreted my candour relating to disclosing my criminal status in a braggadoci context? This caused you to feel the need to emasculate me by implying that I lacked a set of male genitals thereby rendering me unmanly. And the tampons added to this theme by causing an internal vision in the reader of an actual tampon. Adding insult to injury, was the suggestion I needed to resort to thievery to obtain such a pedestrian and surely affordable item.
        Implying that I was an unsuccessful criminal also.
        Perhaps you are right…About the success….Not so much on the lack of male tackle…
        But, when one considers the life of adventure and leisure I’ve led it could at times become somewhat obvious that my chosen vocation has had its perks. It has certainly afforded me enough time to enlighten myself and become a pretentious self righteous pseudo intellectual capable of deconstructing the simplest of comments, and rebuilding them as interesting and insightful views into human behavior.
        I hope you enjoyed my tweet.

          1. You need to Stop apologizing so much for your jokes…..I always see you apologizing to everyone about it being a joke…And I feel bad thinking that you are actually considerate enough of a person to take the time to do that instead of just saying. ….fuck you mother fucker.
            When I responded to you I was just killing time and wrote a huge response jokingly myself. So don’t sweat it and maybe in the future next time some dude here says….some shit talk about your comment just say
            …fuck you you flip flop wearing nignog I’ll light your fucking head on fire. …or something like that.
            Anyways hope you have a good weekend take care.

  9. Sad ending! WHY THE FUCK THE COP DIDN’T DIED!! Hope he get brutally killed some day. Bunch of serial killers, they are no different of a mob of serial killers protected by the state. They have better weapons than normal citizens.The guy defending himself should have used an assault rifle and blow the piece of crap pig head

      1. Nope! they were attacking the guy, if somebody breaks into and won’t identify as police I won’t doubt to shoot them to protect myself or my family (if I had one). Even if he identified himself, he did it too late, any criminal could scream police! you never know. The serial killers should have thrown tear gas or smth, but of course they were out to kill, no doubt about that, they are paid serial killers

          1. Yeah, and I am a racist myself, but in a good way. I consider racism to be a natural human emotion, I believe black people are inferior to white but I respect other beliefs as well, and I am not gonna go around saying “stupid nigger got killed by cops”, because there is a problem with police brutality and we cannot deny that

  10. I’m not mad at police for smoking this dude, he shot at em! However I get irritated at the bullshit of firing well over 30 rounds at him! As a civilian with a concealed carry permit in Pennsylvania if I returned fire at a threat with that many rounds I’d be charged and probably convicted being it’s considered excessive! System is all fucked up !

      1. You are right on that one, I know that cause I lived that once, my shitty city police department stopped working for a night, and then things wreak havoc, fucking criminals going out to steal stores and stuff. Cops are needed, but they should not abuse their powers as they do, they work for the people, they should not be serial killers or bullies, they should be serving citizens, but they don’t do that, they only serve themselves and the state, they don’t care about normal citizens

  11. I fantasize about this shit all day long! This would be a dream come true. Posted-up fire fight with the cops! Go out guns a blazin’ Suicide by cop. Fuck them. Fuck me! In fact…. fuck humanity! Let the world burn !

  12. Refering to the first few comments I saw at looking to this post, one said something about niggers , right away some ‘blindmember’ whines ; “Why do you hate black people” ? To the whining wennie, I’m compelled to point out : You’re the only racist here calling blacks as niggers. I agree with the poster that stated , ” Anybody (any color) can be a bigger. P.S. ‘blindmember’ = dick without a pee hole.

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