Police Kill Two Extortionists in Davao, Philippines

Police Kill Two Extortionists in Davao, Philippines

Maximum props to Philippine police for not playing softies and removing these two disgusting criminals from society for good. Permanent solutions of this kind contribute to betterment of the world in all regards.

31 year old Gerandi Cabardo Delarmente and 33 year old Tanny Zabarte Tan were killed by police in Davao City on Thursday June 13, 2013 during a shootout following a planned sting operation.

According to Davao police chief Ronald de la Rosa, the suspects tried to extort money from an engineer working for MAP Tractors Storage Co. by the name of Allan Medina. The two threatened the victim through various means and demanded a payment of half a million Pesos else his family would be killed. The victim tried to haggle the racket down to P300,000 and planned the sting with police.

After taking the money, police had all the proof they needed that the two were extortionists and engaged the suspects. One was killed as soon as he tried to draw his weapon, the other jumped into a drainage canal and returned fire but was soon also pacified.

That’s the way it ought to be. Surely Allan Medina was not the first person they extorted money from by threatening to kill his family. Nobody needs this rank of shit around in their cities. It’s also a nice way for the Philippine police to redeem themselves after fuck ups like this hostage situation.

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34 thoughts on “Police Kill Two Extortionists in Davao, Philippines”

  1. Legal VS illegal extortionist, the government VS the criminal, both demand money that is not theirs to have, both punish you for non payment, both waste your money, am I the only one failing to see the difference.

  2. Davao City, although located in the Mindanao region, is considered to be a safe city in the Philippines. This is in part due to the iron hand of the mayor Duterte, and the existence of Davao Death Squads, which are vigilante groups hired to murder drug traffickers and criminals.

      1. That is something that I would like to happen. Imagine if Duterte was appointed Chairman of MMDA, PNP, or the AFP, let’s see if these putanginang kurakots will be able to steal another cent 🙂

    1. man there’s an incident in cebu city where a cop was involved. the said cop was beaten by two guys and shot in the head with his own gun, a few days later one of the suspects was arrested and a few days after that the other suspect was killed in a shootout with the police who are about to arrest him.

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