Police Officer Accidentally Shoots Another Officer in Johannesburg, South Africa

Police Officer Accidentally Shoots Another Officer in Johannesburg, South Africa

In Johannesburg, South Africa, a policeman responding to an armed robbery at a gas station accidentally shot a fellow officer. The incident took place on January 12, 2017.

At first they thought the gang of robbers shot the officer, but found out after reviewing the CCTV video, that he was shot by the other cop. He was allegedly shot in the upper chest and later died in hospital.

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215 thoughts on “Police Officer Accidentally Shoots Another Officer in Johannesburg, South Africa”

    1. Looks like the cop was a White dude who got shot by that stupid nigger. And if they didn’t know until they reviewed the video then that means the nigger didn’t say anything even though he obviously must have known he shot his co-worker in the back of the head. Fucker needs a nice long prison sentence for trying to cover that up. For all we know it could have been intentional.

  1. I MUST know what this music is.

    Yeap, I’ve seen enough headshots to know what it means when the limbs tense up like that, then begin to slowly relax. Way to go, bro. I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes, because not only did he shoot his partner, he was filmed doing so, so he can’t even tell the guy’s family that he died doing something heroic. Unless he was a hero cop, no one’s EVER going to trust him with a gun again.


    1. What makes Constable Tshepo Tladi’s death particularly shocking is that he was killed in what appears to be a friendly-fire incident, in which one of his colleagues accidentally shot him in the head
      “The incident occurred during an exchange of gunfire between the police and suspects at a petrol station.”

      In the video it appears that the victim was shot when he moved to one side while firing on the suspects. His colleague then also fired on the suspects, but struck Const Tladi-extract from the news report

      1. That actually does sound believable… Can’t imagine it was intentional unless he was waiting for a perfect opportunity, which also could have been the case. Police have been known to kill each other just like everyone else here.

    1. @goldcoast4. YEP. IT also makes me Wonder If this IS an inside job. Cop kills cop w friendly fire. Here’s my chance to make captain . These are trained officers? Friendly fire happens from a distance most of the time. . Not two feet away. I assume he was wearing his vest. Then again who knows w these places. That was a head shot. I didn’t see any tactical movement from the slain PO. Straight up assasination after complete dissection of this video. Idk just observing diff possibilities

      1. @kevin I don’t know, it could have been done on purpose?, but I have friends that fought in the middle east and others that fought in vietnam and many said blacks would scare easily in combat situations, it looks to me that he couldn’t handle that gunfight

    1. LoL, cops don’t go to basic training, soldiers do. Cops go to academies where they build up their egos (and their bellies) and don’t teach them shit except how to use a spoon and fork. I’ve been to both. I’ve been in on the academy classes where they tell these fuckwits “you are the highest level of government”. The hardest thing they do is get tazed, pepper sprayed and shoot paintball rounds at each other..

          1. It’s not as common as “Singh” or “Kumar”. There are a lot of Patels in US because most of the Indians there I believe are of Gujarati origin. Patel is a Gujarati name of the baniya (merchant) caste, I think.

  2. And instead of rushing him to safety, applying a lot of pressure on the wound.. They continue the battle between the robbers.. Because you know, killing the bad guys is far more important than saving your friends life.

  3. we’ll they can’t help it, it must be hard finding enough people willing to risk their lives, I mean it’s like a death sentence so they probably just hand out guns to everyone. They should just give up on the justice system there (because it seems doomed anyway) and let natural selection take care of their population.

  4. Like I have always said, black people are their own worst enemies.

    Black people kill each other at a far greater rate than the white cops supposedly do, despite white people getting the blame for everything and anything negative that happens to blacks.

    Black people are also the only race on the planet that dates and procreates predominantly outside of their own racial background. They are also the only race that tries to disguise their own genetic features via skin bleaching, weave/wig wearing etc.

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    I will give them this though, they perpetually try to punch well above their own weight bless their cotton socks.

    1. Because your conscious brain has been blown away and you only have the amygdala/medulla left sending signals down the spine. Its the top of the spinal cord where it starts turning into the brain. If you take a gunshot through that, all movement ceases instantly. Snipers train to shoot for that area for an instant kill. (when someone has a hostage for example)

  5. Both of them were experiencing tunnel vision from the adrenaline rush resulting from the shootout. This type of thing can very easily happen to anyone in a similar situation. When training with a partner you must both be aware of where the other guy is and use proper communication/gun handling techniques. There is a reason that SEALS train for THOUSANDS of hours, doing the same room clearing type drills again and again. So they can safely move the team into a 10×10 room and have 5 or 6 guys firing machine guns and only hitting bad guys. It takes lots of training and lots of control.

    Niggers are stupid, but trust me, practically anyone could fuck up like that in the heat of the moment.

  6. LOL… these are the incompetent Neanderthals that are supposed to protect us in this country of ours… at least this cop was able to shoot the gun, we’ve seen far worse here in good old South Africa. Law enforcement that can’t even reload a shotgun, can’t reassemble their pistols after cleaning, etc.

  7. Cop divers make good coin… cutthroat biz/profession… they’ll kill each under water and make it look like accident.

    As for this true blue cop-killa vid, it was an accident, tunnel vision, as one commentor said, as why hundreds of hours of training are needed for close combat encounters of the unknown variety… I don’t think it was a conspiracy on the part of his partner… like I doubt he was saying yeah, now is my chance…

    1. It looks like they were under attack. He must’ve known dude was deadski, there was no point in dragging him away to try to save him in the heat of the moment. No time to shed a tear. Fumble-fingers will be thinking about his partner the next time he cuffs the clown… it might become one of those OCD thaaaanggss… he should go get some therapy….

  8. He was probably aiming for the faggot in the pukey coloured shirt, maybe an undercover, because any man in any country wearing a shirt that colour NEEDS to be blown away instantly… not the colour you wanna wear to an old-fashioned country & western bar room brawl… but suddenly his piggy partner’s noggin’ got in the way…

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