Police Raiding the Bataclan, Survivor Speaks Out

Police Raiding the Bataclan, Survivor Speaks Out

Last set of videos shows news coverage of Police storming the Bataclan and a man talking about surviving the suicide bombing at the entrance. I hear a suicide bomber was actually denied access to the building and that’s when he detonated. The survivor is obviously speaking in French, so any French members who could offer translation would be much appreciated.

Mad props to Zackary for the videos.

Two news reports covering the scene as French Police enter the Bataclan:

Survivor describes his brush with death:

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    1. The 1st video wasnt even worth a piss, you see 2 pretty lights heat some firecrackers and a siren., then 2 assholes playing on ladders.
      The 2nd was way better, you get to see a bunch of people in cop costumes carying weaponry, yay..!
      The 3rd ones the best., a black guy shows off the color of his blood and says.., Rrr i b b i ttt.

    2. Hi, I can understand French… this is what the dude says in the 3rd video:

      This is the cell phone that saved me after the explosion.

      Without this I don’t know where I’d be.

      (pointing to his foot) I have a wound there, at that level, where the sock is covering…

      (pointing to his stomach where there is a hole in his shirt) and I also took an impact here too (lifting his outer shirt to show a big blood stain on his T shirt below) you can see here also, at this level…

      and it’s thanks to this heavy jacket which reduced the force of the projectile…

      (photographer asks him something unintelligible) … frankly I don’t remember anyone…

      1. Thanx!….Now France just convinces everyone that bombing and killing innocent people because your the same race or religion as the evil perpetrators. Those poor children have no idea why France woke them up with bombs. We are going to destroy ourselves…

  1. My French is not very good however I believe he says that the terrorist blew himself up(or threw a grenade that blew up) across the other side of the street which sent shrapnel towards him causing injury to his foot and toe and hitting his jacket ect.

    The main point seems to be that his mobile phone(probably stolen) ?saved him from certain death? by blocking the shrapnel heading towards his considerable midsection.

    1. You are mostly correct, except for your last paragraph he was describing about how he was on a phone call and the shrapnel from the bomb hit his phone resulting in the mobile being destroyed instead of going through his head thus saving his life.

      1. He’s not French lol @ladybug_lady2000 🙂 but I agree: he’s ugly af…
        Plus he’s got that nasty accent…That only a French person would hear, eww.
        I confirm: French guys are sexy…They’re not the only ones, far from that, but we do have sexy boys, I know it 🙂
        He’s saying that his phone “saved his head from an impact. That (his) head would have exploded, without it..” And then, proceeds to describe his wounds: “Here, one bullet destroyed my shoe, where you can see, I’m wearing a sock…
        And here, (was he pulls his shirt), if I hadn’t been wearing this jacket, I’d be dead by now…Wow, I wish that to nobody…END.”

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    2. He didn’t mention a terrorist or a grenade blowing up.
      He said:
      -if it wasn’t for that phone my head would’ve exploded.
      -He spoke about his toe injury
      -He told us how his jacket took most of the impact of the shrapnel that hit his abdominal region.

      Sorry, not bothered to translate it fully. And a short summary will be easier for you guys to read.

  2. That survivor said:

    “Waz havin’ some crack while eatin’ mah KFC trying to find mah next white french bitch victum’, when some muzlim crackuh’ came in and blew mah phone dat i had stolen yesterday… lost mah sneekah’ tryin’ to get away fro’ da cops… was afraid ‘dey knew ’bout the phone, but i din’du nuffin’…”

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  3. nigga – “that the phone that save me, without it ,my head probably blow off too”
    reporter – “what about some others injury”
    nigga – “i also have the other XXXX (understand fucking nigga word) that litteraly destroy my shoe, and some shrapnel i took here (show body). my jacket have save me by absorbing most of the thing”.
    nigga – “i wish nobody else going to live something like that”

    sorry my poor english :p

        1. I remember way back when I first had a conversation with my first nigger when I fist got to the USA, I did not understand a word he was saying, so I had to ask some one to translate what he was saying to me, come to find out the dumb ass nigger was just trying to get my phone number.

    Survivor: My phone saved my life, it took the bullet for me or my head would have blown up. [he was apparently on the phone]
    Journalist: and about your wounds..?
    Survivor: yes, a shrapnel I think tore my shoe up. I have a bandage around my toe. And also here [when he shows his shirt], you can see the hole. I have a bandage here too. My jacket cushioned the impact. That’s it… so… I…
    Journalist: you’re a survivor.
    Survivor: I am. But no one should go through this.

    May I precise that this man was at the Stade de France, not the Bataclan.

  5. Man, even the regular cops were unarmed there, but even if France would allow access to guns for real, responsible French, it?d be also necessary to prepare folks for such situations. The training would cost almost nothing, compared to all the wasted tax money.

    Hey ISIS, Justin Bieber has a gig in the Toyota Center, Houston, TX on the 19. November. Lets see how well that goes for you. 😀

    1. useless.. nobody go hear this shitbag bi-bear , specially snackbar, they dont kill themself and kill bieber are going to make him more popular….so .. no please XD

      france will never get any law for allowed peoples to have guns. for 1 simple reason :

      if something similar happen and french peoples have allowed to have weapons. no doubt some are going to use their weapons for try to kill the terrorist.
      problem is, after that, it gonna be a big mess up at the law about self-defense, protection and use of the gun in place full of peoples.
      its already a big mess if an french civilian kill an armed thief in his house for protect himself or his familly . most of time, if the thief die, the guy who have shoot him is condamned for murder (even with self-defense and shit). french law is not ready at all about any law relative to allow peoples to have guns.
      i wear gun almost everytime on job and i have gun at home, i know i m not allowed to use the home gun but if one bastard come do shit in my home, i use it without mercy, fuck the law at this point

      1. Shit, I?d love to see him drowned in a cage or his head blown off with a fuse cord.

        Yeah, one can only dream about equitable legislation. Its a fucking fact, that armed civilians can minimize the damage during an armed attack or even prevent it. Its not that hard to set rules for concealed carry, I mean one could do scans, psychological tests, check the records, set limits for certain areas and kind of weapons, train and educate the people. Its not the law that?d be problematic to create, it?s more about really understanding the human psyche and how it has been neglected and distorted towards irresponsibility and egoism. There is no will to establish and test a system of mutual protection and control, quite the contrary, governments tend very often to disarm their people, and many times before a big round up in the recent history.

  6. By the tone of some of the comments that have been posted, no just on this post, but on other posts as well, I can surmise that some of you agree with the reasons Islam, that peaceful religion, has given for the violence that they have commited on innocent individuals.

    To those that are gleeful over the senseless death of innocent victims, killed simply because someone’s moronic holy book tells them to do it, your days of living are near its end.

    Your religion, ideologies and way of life are being slowly, but surely, having its oxygen taken away to the point of asphyxiation by the hands of justice.

    Laugh all you want now, but the reaper has your number.

    Long live:
    DEMOCRACY and freedom from fucking religion!

    1. @Vulva eater, your post is silly on so many levels.

      Nobody is making fun of the French victims, they were making fun of the black man; who most definitely is not French.

      Pretty much everyone here hates Islam but it is na?ve to think that only Islam hurts innocent people. Take away religion and you still have systems that hurt and kill innocent people everyday, politics, capitalism, communism, social class systems, wage-slavery etc.

      Islam is not the only one to blame for this attack on the French, the French government are also to blame for allowing France to become a third world shit hole by filling up their country with the dregs of the Earth.

      The indigenous French have also been pushed to the back of the queue in their own society and many of them are now unemployed as a result of cheap imported labour.

      The French therefore have a number of problems to deal with, their own sell-out government being one of them.

      Also, democracy doesn?t exist and it arguably never did, certainly not for the masses.

      1. The free movement policy has bitten back hard. Not surprisingly.
        The main culprit, as usual, is the Brussels gravy train.
        The sooner that corrupt cabal is brought to an end, the better for all European nations. The so called ideals by which they stand, could never end in a positive way for anyone, continent wide. This latest calamitous event only serves to emphasise the sheer folly of the Eurocratic ideal even more.

    2. Listen bitch ! Muslims in different countries also mourned and showed their support for France. Their holy book doesn’t tell them to commit this kind of act. You’re a fucking idiot blinded by the media which told you what you should believe in without questioning! True Muslims are disgusted with ISIS and Jihadists. Fuck those bastards who are financed by the west and Israel (who do you think provide them with all kinds of automatic weapons, military outfits and brand new cars?!) to commit crimes against humanity and to vilify the religion!

    3. My thoughts exactly. I admit that I would not only have a gun, I would use it if necessary with a concealed weapon permit. It’s part of the reason I won’t move out of CA, because of the gun laws. For the most part these laws work well. I also know I can shoot someone, I would shoot to kill but if I could drop them to minimize injury. I wouldn’t like it but I doubt I would hesitate to shoot. For concealed carry it’s a class to take and regular practice at a range. Of course a person with a felony record wouldn’t be eligible.

  7. This whole things funny as fuck though!
    You all act like isis is real, please tell me that we’re not all that naive! We’re all supposed to be wolves here people, not sheeple!
    Isis is America’s way to genocide us all! Look at the history everyone! Sigh!
    We’re ALL fucked!

    1. I think most people are fully aware of the origin of IS, a US proxy. Things alter rapidly though, as IS obviously did.
      So although the msm are keen to affiliate these pricks with IS, I’d personally opt to affiliate them with IS much more loosely these days. IS as a Proxy force disappeared some time ago.
      Fact is, there are many disgruntled young Islamists spread far and wide throughout Europe, and the digital age being as it is, the ease with which these fragmented, tormented souls can communicate is not surprising.
      The corrupt powers that be underestimated the sheer barbarity of these fucks. And now the consequences of pandering to them have bitten the west right on its arse.
      A lot of Americans seem to have a skewed view of this situation due to them being far away from the actual events.
      And frankly, those that constantly parrot that Islam is / has no problem, are kidding themselves. Islam has always had a problem.

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    The world is becoming a prison and America is the warden.

  9. This man isn’t a survivor of the Bataclan, he was at the Stade de France where two suicide bombers exploded, killing only one people.

    Survivor: [showing his cellphone] this is the phone that has taken the blow, that’s what saved me. Without it my head would have blown up.

    Reporter: where were you injured ?

    Survivor: a shrapnel exploded my shoe, they had to bandage my toes. Another shrapnel went through here too [showing his shirt], my jacket luckily cushionned il.

  10. I was right, there is very little hope for humanity left with everything that’s been going on around the world. I think I’ll just… head for the hills, countryside, away from large populous cities.

    I thought Paris was the city of love now it’s the city of shit neighbors from the middle east destroying the native french people and they’re the ones paying the price by being blown up for nothing other than for the gov’t to create a police state just like America 🙁

  11. Meanwhile, IS have released videos in which they praise the Paris attackers and announce more attacks on Europe as well as a soon attack on Washington. https://www.opposingviews.com/i/world/islamic-state-releases-new-video-says-us-target-next-attack

    More news: Belgium and France are hunting for the escaped attackers. The search has now led to Anvorville, a French village where Salal A. and his cronies ( 6 in total ) had rented a hotel room ( through ‘Bookings dot com’ ) 2 days prior to the Paris attack. In the room, needles and syringes were found, next to pizza and chocolate leftovers . It’s not yet clear whether these needles were used to concoct explosives , or whether the extremists had used them to drug themselves. Video is here:

  12. TRANSLATION : I hope this will inspire those who speak Spanish or Portuguese to translate in the comment whenever required instead of talking shit !

    Victim: Well, this is the cellphone that took the shot which saved me! otherwise my head would have been blown into pieces ! that’s it !

    Reporter: so euh… concerning your injuries… You have …

    Victim: well, there was also, the shrapnel which had busted my other shoe. Therefore, they have bandaged my toe. I have also received the impact here(shows his t shirt) as you can see here, that has pierced me here. I have a bandage here too and thanks to the jacket, the impact was cushioned … that’s it, so, frankly, I don’t wish (interrupted)

    Reporter: So, it’s a miracle you still alive !

    Victim: Yes, it is a miracle. I don’t wish this to anybody.

      1. Really? Our language isn’t that bad @Der Koppfsammler…
        I prefer English, so, I don’t feel offended, and I understand you, in a way, but it’s more the mentality, rather than the French language itself, that makes me mad…
        French people usually think that French is better than any other language, because it’s rich, has a big history, etc…That’s a fact…
        But it doesn’t justify the fact that you’re allowed to reject other languages (which most French people do…). Because they think everyone should speak French, and it’s not us who should make an effort to learn, as our language is soooo beautiful, and rich, and cultural…
        Well, I don’t agree with this, that’s why I studied English, Spanish, Italian, German (my mum is half-German too, so…), and Portuguese…
        Now I never heard anyone say that French is ugly…But it’s ok to think so. There are as many opinions as people, after all…
        But in my opinion, languages open your mind, and your culture. Because, as you learn a foreign language, there’s a whole culture and history, that goes with, as well as literature. And it can only make one more intelligent…
        Only my opinion.
        Now, I respect anyone’s opinion as well…

        1. The English language is vast. There are literally thousands of words and phrases to describe all manner of things.
          Why bother to even contemplate learning a language if you deem it to be a load of crap ?. Makes no sense whatsoever.
          French is a beautiful language no doubt, especially when compared to a language like Portuguese, which is pretty limited. There really is no comparison to be fair.

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