Police Serving Eviction Notice Shot Man Defending Family Dead with Shotgun

Police Serving Eviction Notice Shot Man Defending Family Dead with Shotgun

Remember when I told you that if you went back through history, you’d learn that the original purpose of police was to catch slaves? Their purpose has not changed much – they still serve their rich slave masters, by hunting poor slaves who transgress against unconditional servitude, only now they do it the Tyrannism v2.0 way – by camouflaging the oppression with the rule of law.

But since the law still protects the interests of the rich, at the expense of the poor, the slaves must pay taxes to fuel the power machine that controls their lives. Owners of the machine employ police to ensure the tax paying slaves do not mess with their control, and once every few years treat them to the illusion of selecting their rulers. It works that way in many countries.

Video below was filmed in Cajamarca, Peru and shows police, armed with shotguns and riot shields, trying to evict a family from a house. In an attempt to defend the poor family, who had nowhere to go, several people attempted to hold the police back with rocks, bricks and Molotov cocktails. Poor or not, with kids or not – the cops did not care and since they were met with resistance, eventually opened fire and shot the man in the front line of defense.

The man took a shotgun blast to the chest and was left to die. The others were manhandled by police like they were some bottom-feeding criminals. Yet all they did was try to protect the poor family from being kicked out of the house. Who really is the bottom-feeder here?

Props to Best Gore member ColombianBastard for the video:

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  1. Motherfucking po-pos…….. GOD damn you, GOD damn you…….!
    The price he paid to defend his home and family = DEATH…………. Shame on you motherfuckers!!!
    “No matter how powerful you are…
    I will make sure to give you a war…”

    1. I’m not crazy about cops either. But one really big problem they have in Latin America is SQUATTERS. For some reason, those people love moving in and taking over any place they get a chance. Very often it’s someone away on vacation or a business trip. When they come home, they find someone has broken into their house and has taken over. At the risk of sounding heartless, I still think of the very serious rights of those who work hard for their property and have the rights to peaceful habitation in their own home. Squatters are thieves and crooks in my opinion. Same people who would rape your daughter and slit her throat.

      1. Yes, but we can’t see for sure what’s the situation in there… the cop who opened fire is an asshole thats for sure..no doubt…there was no need to shot that man dead, even if he was facing the authorities….. my wife is the most honest and humble person I have ever met, and she is now a cop, when I met her 9 years ago she was a teacher at a public school, a poor school in the state of Alagoas, the most dangerous place in Brazil and probably in the world.. about 2 years ago she decided to help even more by being a cop… she even was called to get into the elite squad but declined… what im trying to say is that not every cop is a cocksucker…there a good and bad people in every sector… but that police officer was an idiot because he was not even being threatened nor trapped in a corner, the poor man was throwing stones for gods sake… there was no need to do that.. my wife saw the video and she didnt agree with that actitude but said that when you are in the middle of a mess like that its better not have firearms, because you cant even remember why you pulled the trigger as things goes as fast as lightspeed…

        1. And even a Rock can Kill a Person if you notice he was hit by less lethal rounds several times and the Threat level went up. The Cops don’t only have to worry about themselves but the People of the neighborhood not trying to justify what they did they could have used more less than lethal options in all fairness the cops were getting Hammered on several fronts and it was getting way out of hand they should have used tear gas and wheres the Pepper spray or borrow a hydrant and hose him down and everyone else throwing shit How hard is that that’s what is disturbing is they should have backed down and formed a different plan of action instead of giving into Waco syndrome that whole don’t back down BS that the Gov is so fond of contrary to common sense or ability to see it’s not working!

  2. And I will be there to give it back to you! I am no fan of the police, but I have worked with them for over 30 years. How lucky you are to feel some righteous indignation, but guess what…..respect for rule of law goes a long way. If a bunch of transients occupied your house, and would not leave, and fucked up your property, and you could not handle it yourself, what the hell do you think is going to happen? Every day people make poor choices, and the police do too, but disrespect for law does not give the poor or the stupid the right to do as they please. Without some authority, we get a bunch of idiots doing whatever they want. Oh wait……we already have that. Thank the gods there are some like police and military, of whom the majority are ok people, and despite some stupid stuff some of them do, that are willing to do what you will not. Grow up.

    1. I swear if there was a contest for the most perfect sheeple, you’d be crowned the king of kings. Molded by the television to be exactly the way they want you to be, you bleat so loud, you couldn’t hear your own words.

      No, the police do not do what I will not do. They do what pays their bills. It’s no different from any other occupation that earns one money, although one cannot possibly compare being a policeman to being, say… a taxi driver. The latter is incomparably more dangerous. The number of policemen who die in the line of duty is way below average on the job deaths. But as is the case with any other occupation, if you don’t like the trade you’re in, just quit and try it out elsewhere.

      1. FORMER Taxi driver here! almost got killed on the job 3x due to attempted muggings and robberies. I got a fractured/dislocated left hip also which has also left me disabled from an on the job accident back in August 2003, Also have a nice 8 inch scar on the right side of my neck from scumbag passengers who slit my throat in October 1993. Tell me again how dangerous a PIG’S job is???!!!

          1. Holy fuck where are you from mouse? I have a friend who is a taxi driver… he deals with dick heads all the time but nothing like what you have experienced.

          2. Thats an expensive call mate. I’m in England lol.

            Did you work in Jersey or nyc? I google mapped and saw you are close to the city. I also see that you’re close to Newark. I remember seeing Newark on America’s most dangerous city list… I think it was ranked number one a couple times?

            How long were you a taxi driver?

            I know envision you as a cross between Travis Bickle and Tony Soprano lol

      2. Your skank just got raped who you gunna call.. A coon just stole your watch who you gunna call.. Your whore for a mom just got beat by your step dad who you gunna call.. Your little sister got fingered by a bus driver who you gunna call??????? Da Fukin pigs so stfu with all this.. Be happy I’m not a pig cause I’d rip nigs jaws off all day and not think twice.. There are bad apples in every bunch and as humans we always look at the bad

    2. Hay soullamp? What the fuck do you think the pigs are doing? Thrir the idiots who are doing what the fuck they want with blatant disregard to the law.its in the news every day.dummy up and look whats realy going on.there needs to be change in law enforcement and government.so yeah FUCK THE FUCKING POLICE.

      1. Indeed, that is what it boils down to – those cops, prosecutors, judges, federal and local employees, politicians, presidents, etc, etc – many “in charge” of enforcing the laws are corrupt and/or just plain evil and don’t think the laws they helped create apply to them. The US citizens are going to get tired of it someday, but by then it may be too late. Any revolt/mass protests will be quelled by violent police/military methods.

    3. Every creature on Earth deserves a home and a piece of land regardless.
      If you think this over, you’ll find that humanity is ruled by the profiteers of chaos and perdition.
      Amongst other minor incidents of the like.
      It’s a start.
      Why are we, or our families, not entitled to a piece of property we could make off a living by ourselves?
      It’s not for the sake of order; in the end it’s for the deliberate lack of order that we are not.

  3. I swear, this site exposes some of the most twisted political thinking. Makes no sense. Rabid anti-authoritarian thinking suddenly feeling sorry for some of the stupid in the world. Oh the poor homeless man defending his family, who is squatting in someone else’s house and decides he doesn’t don’t care about that and they are owed the place. Seems the police showed a lot or restraint, especially when it got to this point. When you mess with the bull you get the horns, so pick the hill you want to die on I guess.

    1. Mess with the bull? Right – obey, never question authority, take what they give you, and keep your yap shut or else.

      Some people ask “how high?” when the government tells them to jump. You’re not one of them. You have not stopped throwing yourself in the air like you’re on a trampoline just so you can make an impression by already being in mid air.

      1. So let me get this straight… By your logic, this squatter who was t paying rent, for God knows how long, should have been allowed to stay? That the police should have asked him to leave and he should tell them to screw of because they are pigs and they have no right to defend the law and OTHERS rights? You make no sense! This was NOT a peace man trying to protect his family! This guy and the family and freinds were throwing boulders and fireballs!! Jesus people! So the police finally shot a man who was legitimatelt threatening them and putting others in the community in danger. I agree police have a mentality that is getting worse, but they had every right here, from the video, to defend themselves and stop this before it became bigger and more people were involved. I’m just surprised they waited as long as they did to bring him down.

    1. Rhetoric pure blasphemy here! I seek the truth behind the veil (you know the one you hide behind) through insight of others. Your assessment that this site if full of “rabid anti-authoritarian” types concludes you’re subservient. Which of the two is better a boot-licker or a libertine?

      1. “Which of the two is better a boot-licker or a libertine?”

        Both will eventually perish back into the stuff of stardust, so I would answer neither is better because the results are the same. They are equally doomed to the same fate. I would say the one that is better off until then is the one that doesn’t fear that at all. However I fear that might be too “sciencey” for many and clearly beyond the scope of mentality within most.

        How’s that for truth? “smile”

        1. To say both will “perish back into the stuff of stardust” means everything else will too. This is not truth but truth. Through human endeavors we will leave our mark upon history. That carbon footprint or legacy is defined by; acts through heroism, selflessness, leadership, creation, cowardice, selfishness, tyrannism, or destruction. Without one the other cannot exist for they are all variants of the same degree.
          The impact of legacy can be far more reaching than one’s own neighborhood or city and becomes what’s left behind for future generations through ideas and accomplishments. *Our legacy is up to future inference.
          What impact on society will you have??
          Will you fade into obscurity?
          Will your projection throughout the constraints of this dimension be a blink, or omnipotent?

    2. You don’t know the whole story.
      You don’t know if the owner of the home is a crook and took their money and kicked them out.
      You don’t know what the laws of evicting someone in another country are and lied to the authorities about these tenants.
      I don’t think someone will go through all this just to stay in a home when you can rent or stay at a family or friends house till you find another place.
      This isn’t a regular occurrence.
      This is unnecessary violence.
      Since when do you need the swat team to evict someone.
      A criminal usually knows when he gets caught for doing something illegal and don’t fight getting arrested.

      You saying the everyone on this site hates cops is preposterous.
      I don’t hate the law.
      I don’t hate discipline and guidance.
      I do hate corruption in this system, that is supposed to implement these laws with fair trials. The phrase “innocent till proven guilty” doesn’t apply to everyday people, because everyday people like us is what keeps these clowns in power.
      We pay taxes (the rich don’t pay taxes)
      We vote (the rich get voted into power)
      So you must be from a well off family, a small town or a sheep that has never questioned their life you just follow what you’re told to be and do.

      1. No. He has a job. Do you? It seems to me that those who want a piece of land would rather shout about it than better themselves. Shouting from a bedroom won’t save any of the poor souls we see on here.
        Get out of the bedroom, get off the computer, and then you will not feel so angry. Change things by changing yourself.
        Just my opinion….

  4. If this were the USA, they would’ve had a sniper take out that guy and then anyone with a brick would get shot. Then they’d put the kids and women in handcuffs pat themselves on the back and get cleared by their own police department. Maybe even get a medal.

    1. Speaking of good old US police vs. citizens (whether people agree with the police killing an unarmed teenager [in Ferguson, Missouri USA] or not) it just came out that the federal aviation administration colluded with the police department to block all journalists/news media from filming the protests via helicopter. They enacted a no fly zone for the media only which is a violation of journalists rights – and LIED about it. Corruption at its finest. There are tapes proving this fact. And for the people who still believe the police are there to “serve and protect” – what say you?

        1. The police claimed there were shots fired at a police helicopter as their excuse, yet there was not report filed about any such incident. They were caught on tape saying why they really wanted the no fly zone – to keep media out. Funny how they lie up to the minute they are actually caught in their lies!

  5. Having a belief or conviction doesn’t make you sheep. Our experiences shape our thoughts. Yes, I’ve seen some of the most fucked up shit the police do on this site. But, this site only shows the fucked up shit police do… And, I despise them (the police) for it. However, not all of them are murderers or black hearted. Neither are all of us who served in the military. I served 21 years. I followed orders and gave orders. In all that time, the units I was with never went looking for victims to harrass. Instead, we created projects to improve houses for the impoverished, donated to charities of every kind imaginable and contributed to the community cohesion. It seems the actions of a few dictate the overall thought processes to include the whole… No, “merrica” is not perfect but it is made up of every known ethnicity on the planet. By being so, there comes with it a lot of misundetstandings… So be it. But when I read some of these comments I wonder who is really the close-minded. Law enforcement… It is what it is and should be held to the higher standard… ALWAYS. But I have to shake my head when someone makes threats against them. Really?? From the safety of a computer you can claim violence against what bothers you. But when anyone disputes it they are “sheeple”? Here’s an idea… Get some balls and do something or use you brain and open your mind. Americans, cops and military are not all bad…

    1. Being blind to knowledge makes a defenseless lamb as well as having conviction in ignorance or fallacies. I live in a small community where people actually live in fear of the gestapo presence. There is high drug use rate within (several) local p.d.s, good ol’ boys get slaped on their wrists or ignored while minorities MUST maintain their p’s and q’s, one county over is completely run by white-supremacists. One of the most fucked up things is people are murdered (mostly minorities) and if the perpetrater is a country bumpkin the death is ruled a suicide or the murderer is freed by the DA upon ‘technicalities’. Not too long ago an African-American was found murdered with an ear missing and his genitallia…ruled a suicide and this shit happens All the Time!!! My point is yes, there are bad apples in every class of profession in this case police, but what about their comrades who stand idly by, lips sealed, across every pd in this country? What about them.

      1. Agree 1000%. There is no excuse for standing by and watching it happen without doing something. And, I agree, it does happen all the time. But so does the good… I’m sorry it is like that around your home. I wish you well. Seriously. Watch your six. I’ve mentioned this before in past posts. I do see much more about the abuse of law enforcement now that I’ve joined this site. I hate that the incidents shown are true. But people who hold on to the idea that there are good cops out there are not “sheeple”… They are hopeful.

  6. I am torn.

    We all need to make a buck, right?

    If it was my home and I wanted squatters moved I’d be up there with a bat.

    If I was making good coin working for the government kicking homeless people out of residences I’d probably be doing it (but feeling bad of course, and definitely not beating the shit out of defenseless people.)

    However, No doubt… if that was my family was living there I’d be taking a shotgun blast to the chest as well.

    But then, I don’t have a family and have no intention of having a family because I can’t afford one.

    What a conundrum for a Sunday night.


    Although good people exist ( and always will ) they will forever be outnumbered by the greedy masses.

    Eat the rich I suppose.

  7. Fuck Thats really harsh!! I used to squat here in the U.K for 15 years, sometimes when we werent able to find somewhere to move 2 we would try and fight eviction. End up masked up on the roof with a big police incident, police wouldnt back down, would get police climbers to come if needed & arrest everyone. It aint easy fighting the beast & you rarely if ever win!!!

  8. Poverty is a pathology!
    But why are people poor?
    Because they are stupid!
    Smarter people use their stupidity!
    Well they do!
    I would not want governments came the stupid and poor.
    Eviction is wrong and the last resort.
    But if you would give pathology dwell in your homes?
    You want to keep them at the expense of your family?
    And they have every penny so far have given to alkochol, drugs, whores …
    Poverty is evil!
    Poverty does with humans animals aggressively defending its territory, even if
    when the territory to them should not be legally!
    Stupid people think that all they deserve!
    At the expense of others!
    They do not respect the sacred rights of property!
    And a vicious circle …
    The rich are the property after which poverty would reach!
    Revolutions gave evidence that poverty can bring “good”!
    Millions of suffering!
    Not for poverty!
    The rule of law, even at the cost of such violent activities should be a priority.
    Just to stupid and the poor did not want to go after someone else’s property, and once the power!

      1. poverty does go hand in hand with evil. humans just revert to means of survival. drugs eqauls money violence can be a score settler much the way a meeting between 2 businessmen sorts an issue. money is humans downfall. why can every other species live in harmony on earth except humans and their fucking money. money is a drug to human natire rules everybody

  9. So why are police all over the world acting like this?

    Well, one of the primary factors is that they are just following the example that is being set on the federal level.
    The entire world is rapidly being transformed?into a ?Big Brother? police state, and most sheeple seem to like it that way.

    And with each passing year, it just gets even worse.

    So where’s the outrage?

  10. How about establishing. A just society where people can earn enough for the basics of life without having to resort to squatting? I don’t believe in social Darwinism – fuck or be fuck. We all have the right to life, be we rich or poor.

  11. meant post this here not on a comment.
    poverty does go hand in hand with evil. humans just revert to means of survival. drugs eqauls money violence can be a score settler much the way a meeting between 2 businessmen sorts an issue. money is humans downfall. why can every other species live in harmony on earth except humans and their fucking money. money is a drug to human natire rules everybody.

  12. Great post Acneska, the first 2 paragraphs in particular; you articulated the current state of affairs perfectly. Some people may be happy with the police service, but they aren’t the ones getting shot. What you said is backed up with documented evidence and examples, old and recent.

    I would compare it to someone getting mugged on the street, others will do nothing to help and continue on their way, and it won’t be their problem. But if it happens them, they will be crying out that no-one helped them. So it is that people who haven’t been victims of the law sit and say they are great. Until it is them who become the victims. But until then, their head is buried in the sand. Which only perpetuates the situation.

  13. Not sure about the back story on this one but, I saw other comments suggesting that the occupants of that building were not the owners / tenants, and were, therefore, illegally squatting in someone else’ home.
    So, what were the legal occupants to do !?, sit on their arse and say ” yes, come on in, make yourself at home ! ”
    I don’t think so.
    Yes there are plenty of shit bag cops, as we’ve seen many a time on here, but other than using maybe water cannon, what the fuck were they supposed to do with a guy who was clearly not going to stop chucking huge bricks and what not !?, give him a fucking tickle with a feather !
    As I stated, I’m not certain about the full story, but these cops are not wanton murdering scum like we’ve seen in other posts imo. Whether
    other means of negotiation had been previously attempted, who knows !?!.

    1. Ya I find it hard in this sense to fight these cops cause the family is in the wrong. The laws aren’t the problem it’s the breaking of the laws that is. Regardless if you’re a cop or a civilian everyone needs to be held responsible for their actions. In this case there’s no way the man would of won & knowing this he still put his family in danger (poor wife coming out swinging a 2×4 & getting man handled by the cops) when they could have just surrendered & went peacfully…nothing in life is free. Except in America…luckily you can be broke as fuck over here & live off the government. Might as well fuck the government over where it really hurts em…their wallets!

      1. That’s the thing. In the UK if you’re on benefits you aren’t living off the government. You are living off the millions of hard working people who pay taxes. There wouldn’t be a government if not for the contribution of graters.

    2. Your right there’s no backed up version of events but I feel like for them to go on like that they had been abused and trampled over and had their rights violated. Who knows maybe the landlord took a years rent up front and robbed them by renting it to another family. These things happen a lot in South American country’s and they don’t have the protection levels we have here . If I was there and it happened to me and my family where put at risk I’d be refusing to leave as what other option has he got ? And if I threw a few rocks i honestly wouldn’t expect to be shot with a 12 gauge shotgun. It’s like Israel sending ballistic missiles to deal with fireworks. The iron dome is mightier than the Roman candle.

  14. LEGAL NOTICE: I have just just declared all govt. laws null & void. there will also be no police, national guard or any other agency to serve & protect anyone. all banks are hereby ordered to forgive all mortage payments & loans. landlords may not collect any rent. grocery stores are to tell their employees to go home & let the looters clean out the stockrooms & food warehouses etc. … have fun, love your neighbor, peace on earth at last. it is a god damned *FREE FOR ALL* enjoy it! while supplies last* NO restrictions apply* … P. S. Smile & Have A Nice Day~

    1. @BOASP, just because somebody dislikes the behaviour of a percentage of police officers doesn’t mean that they want to live in a Mad Max type world.

      Just because somebody dislikes the way their government behaves doesn’t mean they want to live as an autonomous collective.

      I personally dislike extreme capitalism because it causes industries to be sent abroad and manufacturing to be done by third world slave labour in sweat shops but that doesn’t mean I want to return to a stone age barter system.

      The author of this post uses strong language to emphasise her grievance but her point, from my perspective anyway, is not to do away with all police officers but instead to make the police force transparent so that they are ultimately answerable to the public rather than to private enterprise.

      In the above she does have a good point, if politicians and police officers, bankers ect were to be answerable rather than untouchable we would see a better standard of behaviour across the board from them and this would increase the publics trust once more.

  15. Was this cop trigger happy? Absolutely
    However, I’ve said it before and will continue to, theres just no balance to the anti-police posts on BG.
    This guy got shot dead, yes agreed extremely harsh but at a certain level the action taken (under provocation) is not exactly a surprise.
    If any bloke never mind a cop with a big gun, tells me to vacate the dump I’ve been squattting in, I’d opt to pack up the used loo roll drying on the window sill and scarper.

    1. While I agree with some of what you’ve said, you live in a place where for the most part guns are only carried by certain cops. Every cop on the street has at least one gun and too many are trigger happy. Of course this site shows the rotten cops – why would we be here watching videos of how wonderful they all are? As enforcers of law they are held to a higher standard when they break the law, as it should be. In this instance we don’t know the full story of the family, but is this what you’ve pictured happening in your country if the police are trying to evict a family who is fighting back? I genuinely curious what they do in your country? I know I wouldn’t fight back in the US in this situation because the police are too trigger happy and violent against ANY resistance.

      1. @gramps it’s a fair point you make. The thought of every cop carrying a gun in England would frankly appall and scare me. Though maybe only because guns in general really scare me anyway!!

        Thankfully repossession of a squatted property in the UK is usually very easy because our laws are tight and court system relatively swift and incorruptible.
        Cops would simply handcuff troublemakers and remove them one by one in a van.
        Not common though, the fact is free housing is available to virtually all the population who don’t own or rent a home. (hence the reason illegal hordes of immigrants and asylum seekers are desperate to end up in the UK).

  16. Despite the fact that he was truely shot at close range, he wasn’t left to die as you say in the post. You can clearly hear and see a policeman close to the edge, shouting and asking for an ambulance. They even loaded him in the back of the patrol.
    Not saying that it was correct to shoot him that way, just don’t write things that didn’t happpen.

  17. Being A cop is probably the worst profession you can do. Being a government (mostly corromus piece of shit) puppet and treat people like shit.

    Being a no-morale cheap whore who thinks that he is better than others just because he has a fuckin gun and radio so he can call for back up. What a fuckin piece of shit.

    I understand eviction notice bla bla but these are probably poor people who now must live on the fuckin street with their children (and probably as half-orphan now ).

    Damn piece of shit. I know that not all cops are like this and some BG users are cops but this just makes me hate them all fuckers.

  18. Nowhere does it say it was their house, or a taken over squat. Also, from what i saw he wasn’t left to die, he was loaded into a police truck. If they did take it illegally then they should have heeded the warnings and left.
    Throwing bricks at cops who have a monthly salary and a family to support, who must follow orders, will always end badly. I hope the guy survived, right or wrong.

  19. Wow man that guy threw everything he could at them. I would surmise that the cop getting his arm on fire from a Molotov cocktail was the last straw that caused the deadly force response. The persons in the building were all for injuring or even killing a cop, but as soon as that happened they fucken folded; didn’t they?
    And all they had to do was obey a court ordered eviction notice.. Tsk tsk.

  20. wenn die typen mit steinen von d?chern schmeisen dann ist doch klar das die polizei schiesen muss!
    the guys throw stones and molotov to the police, so police have to shoot! wy not?? its dangerous

  21. So let me get this straight? By your logic, this squatter who was t paying rent, for God knows how long, should have been allowed to stay? What about the family that might own that building? That is dependent on that rent to live? They knew they did not pay rent! They knew that a eviction was eminent, so my question is why wait till zero hour and subject your children to that kind of violence? That should be the question! That father and mother should have been working and doing anything they could to get those kids into a shelter if they had no money. But they choose to violently attack the police in front of there kids?? What kind of example is that? I’m happy those kids saw what happens when you blatantly, without the safety or well being of others, attack the police! Some of you think that the police should have asked him to leave and he should have told them to screw off because they’re pigs and they have no right to defend the law and OTHERS (the home owner) rights? You make no sense! This was NOT a peaceful man trying to protect his family! This guy, the family and freinds were throwing boulders and fireballs!! Jesus people! So the police finally shot a man who was legitimately threatening them and putting others in the community in danger. They gave him plenty of time and ample oppurtunuty to stop, he made his decision. I agree police have a mentality that is getting worse, but they had every right here, from the video, to defend themselves and to stop this before it became bigger and more people got involved. I?m just surprised they waited as long as they did to bring him down.
    If it went the other way and they did nothing, and let’s say one of those fireballs hit a home and started a fire that burned out other families and maybe killed a child, then you guys would say ” look at these coward cops”!! Like I said I completely agree that the police are getting out of control. But in this instance they should have opened fire sooner!

  22. Correction: Evicted man attacks police; gets shot.

    When you go into a frenzy after being evicted, and start attacking the police with rocks, of course you’re going to get shot – especially where they are.

    He was not “defending” anybody.

    1. At the time the post was made, it was unknown what the circumstances were that the family found themselves in – for all any of us knew, he could very well have been defending his family against unjust eviction. Thanks to @Asura for the link.

    1. Not armed?? Your kidding me right? Have you seen on here what a rock like that can do to someoned face or better yet what about the homemade lit exploding Fire bombs that the “savages in uniform” were getting thrown at them?? But that’s ok?? I’d rather get shot and day of the week then burned alive!!

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