Policeman Dies in Grenade Blast at Initao College in Philippines

Policeman Dies in Grenade Blast at Initao College in Philippines

Policeman Dies in Grenade Blast at Initao College in Philippines

A policeman died and 16 others were wounded when a man threatening students at Initao College in Misamis Oriental, the Philippines set off a grenade he was armed with.

The attacker, identified as 56 year old Ibrahim Ampaso Bashir of Madalum town, Lanao del Sur, also died in the incident. The killed policeman was identified as Master Sgt. Jason Magno.

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    1. I believe they use a quota system: their police are required to fire a certain number of rounds each day. It was near the end of his shift, he was short of his quota, and he thought he might not get another chance to shoot anyone that day.

  3. The other story to this is the man with grenade was a logger and the department of natural and environment resources (DENR) stopped what he’s doing and when he goes to their office to get permission they just laugh at him so many times so he decided to do this to get attention.

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