Policewoman Shot Dead by Gun Thief on New Years Eve in Pinhais, Brazil

Policewoman Shot Dead by Gun Thief on New Years Eve in Pinhais, Brazil

A military policewoman was shot to death on New Year’s Eve in the municipality of Pinhais, in the metropolitan region of Curitiba, Parana, Brazil.

24 year old Bárbara Aline Gonçalves da Rocha was reportedly meeting with relatives in a shop located on the João Leopoldo Jacomel Highway in the Maria Antonieta neighborhood, when an armed assailant asked for her service weapon. Being a female, she handed him the gun without hesitation. The assailant took her gun also without hesitation, and popped two rounds into her, striking her once in the face and once in the chest. The policewoman died on the spot.

The thief reportedly arrived at the scene with an accomplice in a Fiat Uno. The accomplice stayed in the getaway vehicle, while the gunman stepped out to deal with the female.

I’m surprised her double chin didn’t deflect the shot in the face.

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          1. That’s the whole point of a site like this. No one should give a shit about other people’s feelings of they don’t like something and want to complain then they can stop watching the site, free to leave so it’s nice to read some of the things you guys say.

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        1. Yes, excellent point about hesitation. It’s clear that the victim notices the attacker approaching, she starts to stand up but then sits back down. After that, it looks to me that there was a brief struggle. She should have made up her mind – either totally comply or fight back.
          Then again, maybe she intended to appear to cooperate to buy time or catch her attacker off guard. Lots of unknowns.

  1. this is why i tell you people in certain situations trust no-one. and i mean no one, even your own parents grandparents hell even your children im not saying be paranoid around them 24/7 just understand that anybody can malfunction. if some fucker asks for a loaded gun they are likely a crazy fuck anyway put a few blasts in their legs if you feel you cant blow their heads off.

  2. These bitches think if they have a badge it turns them into one of these tough chicks like you see in Hollywood. Problem is Hollywood isn’t anywhere near the real deal, Sweet Tits.

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  3. Did he shoot her with her own gun? Or the one he appears to have had when he walked up, reached for her holster and took the gun off her hip?She also stood and back down – another reason it seems he has a gun already. I didn’t see an exchange where she simply handed a gun to him. To decide the whole situation by this footage is irresponsible. She is blocked by a wall. It appears he has a weapon and pulls her gun off of her himself. He jerked that gun away. It was not handed to him. He reached for her waist and then executed her. Perhaps it was personal. I think several possibilities are here besides the biased, straight to “she’s an idiot” view being presented. The other possibilities I mentioned are worth a thought. Watch the video like 10 times like I did.

    1. @dethbyplaster She handed him the gun because he had already got her in his aim, even the guy talking on the video said that she tried to draw it off the holster but then it seems she gave up and complied, perhaps with the hopes that perhaps it was a common robbery (and from what I see she wasn’t shot with her own gun), so I don’t know if she had a lot of hope anyway as he got her by surprise and she was clearly distracted. There are lots of cop executions here in Brazil, for instance, sometimes just for revenge for the death of a criminal the gang goes and kills a cop in retaliation, and the cops kill a criminal in retaliation and so on, in other cases just because the robbers find his victim is a cop during a robbery he’s shot. I think, if my memory doesn’t fail me, there were cop executions from Brazil already shown on BG.

      1. @undergroundweller What happens at :20 when he is clearly leaning towards her waist and struggles a bit with something (I’d say holster) and then yanks as if getting the gun and ot wasn’t “handed” to him? He either yanks from the holster (my belief) or her hand – either way, that is not her handing it to him. That’s at least some fight. I don’t think she ever got her weapon out. She stood, reached for it, he had a weapon and she sat back down. But do watch at :20.What is your take on why he fumbles at her waist and then gives the gun a yank.

        1. @dethbyplaster I does seem as if he took it from the holster, but the fact that she handed him or he actively took it makes not much difference as for what it seems to me she had already surrendered. I don’t know that if she played Clint Eastwood and tried to draw it she would have had great chances, she opted for the strategy of compliance, and I presume she didn’t know it was an execution, had she expected an execution I’d say she should have tried something, at least to jump on him by the time he got close to her. Hindsight though makes it always easier.

          1. @undergroundweller Saying “being a female, she handed the gun to him without hesitation” is quite a stretch from she surrendered because a gun was trained on her. And her gun was taken away. From what we can see because she is hidden, it looks way more likely he took it. Did you see her hand give it to him? no. She leans to the side as he is most likely taking it from the holster. Why would she lean over like that? Yes, she surrendered. A gun was pointed at her. Cops get shot a lot like that. But the motions of both parties does not fit the narrative that she just handed him a gun.

  4. New Years??? XMAS maybe. Brazil celebrates New Years on xmas??? Endless stacking of bodies in that country. I didn’t see what went down. why was the person on the left so calm and watched the shots gets up after. Man I’m fucking looking for hand movements at ALLLLL TIMES!!!! gotta be aware of what’s around you at all times. U slack look what happens. Rip officer

  5. Sorry for sounding like a moron, but what did you/(he… if anyone else wants to answer) mean by “being a female, she handed it over without hesitation”?
    I know WHAT she handed over… but I’m asking why her being female had anything to do with WHY she handed it over…???
    Anyone??? If ya dont mind, a real answer would be appreciated… I enjoy smartass humor just as much as the next man… but I’m really wanting a serious answer….

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