Pool of Blood from Man Shot in the Neck

Pool of Blood from Man Shot in the Neck

Dare I say it? Dead-POOL. I know, terrible joke.

An unidentified man in an unidentified location was shot by an unidentified assailant (or maybe assailants) with an unidentified cause. Nothing but a good mystery play today for the good folks of the Best Gore community.

We see evidence of an obvious murder in here. Other than the bullet through his neck, I think the flip flops, motorcycle and apparent third world country setting is a clear give away that this story doesn’t have a good start or finish.

So many questions yet the answers are so few. Your guesses are as good as mine.

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    1. Well, it’s time to check the gas gauge. If there’s enough gas, let’s just tilt the bike over just enough to unseat the driver and then we can all take turns climbing aboard and check out the sights! Whee!

        1. Actually @Der Kopfsammler shortly after death, our bodies will all pass gas for a couple hours, while we watch, in our afterlife πŸ™ What a way to meet God for the first time. So much for first impressions eh? my good man!

          1. Haha haha! Brilliant@thedre amusing wisecrack there bro. So we all go gassed up .only to impress the big lord. So much for the smelly afterlife. .Reminds me of my grandpa,’s big and noisy fart hours right after his lunch &. Dinner.

  1. Scene is reminiscent of a place every one knows in here .
    And there is no telling who were the killers …………that duo and the bike are forever are a mystery . The catch wasn’t a big one in here either it was just that animosity perhaps that trails like a ghost .And no prizes for the guesstimates ……..

    I like the way he is frozen in time nearly was up with his pointer ; but what the heck ! the watch is still strapped on and his flip-flops undeparted and seemingly intact .
    I bet the killers eyes weren’t the roving type .

    1. No it wasn’t the helmet cause its paint is all peeled off .I guess they were wanting his bike which is HONDA . …. and that’s a big name that can fetch lot many dollars .
      Enough dollars to sustain the killer duo and their families alongside for about half year or so.

        1. How are the others???? What is she supposed to answer? Well, so & so is still mad cause they were banned, and so & so is still moderated? Like WTF? If your intentions is to come on here and start shit, with bringing up the past again, then you have something coming to you pal. This site, and its members, are sick and fucking tired of this old song, and Facebook garbage, so don,t even try bringing that shit up again. First fucking post, and you try to suck info, or garbage out of her? Fucking Disgraceful!!!

  2. Let’s not jump to conclusions friends. I see a possible suicide. After receiving a text from his cheating girlfriend, he tied his pistol to the balloons he was bringing her as an apology, and pulled the tigger. Gun will never be found, ex girlfriend never receives balloons.

    1. Nah… you got it all wrong, boy; I say you got it all wrong….

      I see it the assailant is dyslezic, disleptic, fucked up with his words, and his boss said “go get me a jaguar” and the muppet got him a jugular.

      Fairly understandable and all that, you know. Easy mishsteak to make.

  3. looks like he is trying to reach somethin with his left hand on the ground, or pointing his finger to his beautiful and popular brazilian flip flops, amazing how he was able to keep his balance on the scooter even as a dead man, he must have been a very skilled rider when he was alive i assume..

    1. Skilled enough to drink Red Bull no doubt. To maintain that position in death is the best a Red Bull moped rider can do.

      Red Bull – The drink that gives you wings – Angel’s Wings.

      Red Bull don’t never disappoint, no siree.

  4. Ok bear with me, so, WHAT IF that was the motorcycle that was stolen from the dead indian who got cut in half by that train a few days ago? (family guy: “aannootthheerr ttraaaiinnnn!!”)
    Another case of what goes around comes around?

    Also his flip flops make it look like hes got 6 toes…. or is it just me?

  5. – honda moped
    – “click” sticker on the moped
    – cigarette near the rear wheel
    – multicolored military pants (desert and forest)
    – flip flop
    -double medical bed for 1 guy (wtf?)

    case closed

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  6. I think that MOXXIE was on the back of that bike, and died too! So,,, she came back as herself, lol.
    Can You spot Waldo ? Hint,,, (He & She), want to wake-up sleeping Dogs. Good luck with that, as it will NOT be tolerated anymore! Let sleeping Dogs lie, as Past Drama, and Bullshittery, belongs on Facebook, not here.

      1. Oh fuck,,, you are right Dox or Mox or whatever you call yourself, as it all sounds the same to me. Some new TROLL who tells other members what to say to others, and tries to wake-up sleeping dogs, by having a friend post shit, so they feel that they can post again, and bring-up old Facebook garbage.

  7. damn well i wonder if he put his kick stand down thinking he would throw down or he hopped on to get away but no doubt he was killed instantly probly bullet hit his spine and artery. its a shame he had his helmit on i bet his bike was running ready to go in these 3rd world countries you need bullet proof under pants but if death knocks few beat its call.

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