Postmortem Fetal Extrusion aka Coffin Birth Photos

Postmortem Fetal Extrusion aka Coffin Birth Photos

Postmortem Fetal Extrusion, sometimes referred to as Coffin Birth is the delivery of a dead fetus from the vagina of a decomposing woman who was pregnant when death found her. As the mother’s body decomposes, it produces gases which cause bloating and increased pressure inside her abdomen, expelling the fetus from the uterus through the vaginal opening. In many cases, post-mortem fetal extrusion also results in a prolapsed of the uterus.

The coffin birth images in the gallery below are from 2008 and were taken in Panama. The woman was 7 month pregnant when murdered. Her body was not found until several days after the murder and by that time it’s been in a state of advanced putrefaction. Her expelled fetus was found in her underwear during undressing for autopsy. She has also been gagged and had a plastic bag over her head.

Props to Mao for the pics:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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      1. @Ken- Well, thanks for noticing my link. I was using it as an experiment though because I think if you put youtube links in your website box your comments don’t go through. I took it off a few minutes ago and my comment went through.

        I was trying to help @mouse with his youtube a few days ago.

      2. You are right Ken.

        Like the Flu… It is bound to get worst before it gets any better.

        Let’s just hope we are all prepared.

        Ireland will be one of the luckier nations I shall imagine… Mostly rural and ethnically homogenous. But is perilously close to the Multicultural hellhole of England.

        Not to mention the Continent.

        1. Agreed. This is why I came to Ireland. No strategic global advantage to dominant nations.

          I bought a run-down house with 14 acres of land. Self-sufficiency is the key, my man.

          1. Beautiful I can imagine…

            I used to live with my grandad in a rural Manx cottage.

            The silence of the country. No street lamps. No noise.

            We have some stunning isles here Ken… I trust you are a handy gardener too!

            Politics/ Religion means I won’t be best suited to co-habit with either the Catholics or the Protestants.

            I would be dead within the month.

  1. You can make out the Woman’s mouth on the first picture…

    Her ‘death face’ haunts me… She obviously died screaming as her mouth is just locked in a position of eternal screeching…

    Ergh… Pity I couldn’t have been there and took in a whiff of the decomposition.

    1. I don’t think they can really be referred to as ‘tits’ any longer… They’re in a pretty bad state.

      Personally putrefaction and maggots really put me off..

      Seems like Tom might still be keen though?

          1. OK Nicole, you and I have way to much in common when it comes to our brains and feeling and what we do and think, I’d never admit to why I think that, well maybe?
            When I first saw that pic that was exactly what I thought, I was going to post that was what I’d do.

          1. Impossible too tell just by the looks Nicky doll…

            The gases would have had them swell up to the size they are now.

            If they looked like that whilst she wasn’t being munched on by maggots (and Baked)… I would say fake.

  2. I wonder what the guy doing the autopsy though when he looked at the bulge in this woman’s underwear, maybe he thought she had taken a dump right before she died?

    Indeed a necrophiliac’s worst nightmare, hard to believe only a few days have passed after her death. Poor baby won’t get the pleasure of nursing on those large breasts anymore…

      1. When all the juices have begun to seep out and the odor becomes unbearable then I say this body is well past its expiration date or as they say in the kitchen well done.

        Reminds me of one those Matryoshka dolls, the outer layer of a woman and the inner figure of a child, so yes I agree you get two for one.

    1. Hence why I’m going to be cremated, I’m going to be dead anyway no need to dig up earth and put a corpse in it to take up space no need to have a plot, il be dead anyway so burn me up after I’m dead and spread the ashes in my favorite park, the one I love to go to when I need to clear my mind…ashes to ashes …..

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      Speaking of submerged boners, The olympics ceremony was lame.
      They should have hired the FSA to direct it.

      1. You are right Baked…

        The situation is the same here in Britain… Taking a shit… Think of some lovely boobies. Next thing ya know… Ya cock is covered in bleach.

        The Olympics ceremony would have been alright if it weren’t for the sheer amount of COLOUREDS in it.

        This isn’t South Africa. No matter how much our elite want it to be.

    2. I think it’s just you Tulio. Most guys here in the US have no problem taking a shit in a ‘ American standard toilet ‘. Your dick is just too big *no homo*.

      I take it that you are finding America is a bit different that you thought it would be. Like, for example, you can’t really get around much without a car.

      But then again, if I were to travel to Tulio’s BR I probably would encounter many situations that are different than what I’m used to here in the US.

    3. hahaha, yes, the car thing pisses me off, but I’ll give it a try at walking at taking buses (even when there are recent grads offering their used cars at ridiculously low prices by BR stantards), there’s lots of trees, and nice shit to see around.
      If you came to BR, one of the weird things will be finding out that the truck drivers labor union is currently the most hardcore badass union, with complete control of the “confederation” of labor unions ( BR has a fascist labor union system where all labor actions must be channeled through a centralized “confederation”, usually under heavy patronage of the government) with many of its ex trucker fat-ass goons counting among the meanest bouncers in the country. Perhaps you could enroll, climb up in the mafia-like organization of the CGT and become one of the “Gordos” (Fatmen; thats the jargon name the union bosses recieve in BR)
      Regarding the shitter, well, next time i’ll try with the dick in my hand or something, hahaha, I knew Baked was going to have some insight about this.

      1. Well Tulio, I’ll pass on the union thing. I hate unions. They make people lazy yet unions want a shit load of money just TO be lazy. At least that’s the way it is in the states anyway. The Teamsters Union has been trying for decades to unionize the trucking industry here in the US. Yet only a small part of trucking is unionized.
        I’m an owner/operator so I can’t be unionized anyway.

        Don’t know much about bus service in Charlottesville but why don’t you just buy a car? Cars here in the states are a dime a dozen.

        1. im a little scared about driving here with so many lights, highways and shit. Well, to be honest, having learned to drive in Buenos Aires and never having a crash there is like graduating from the Top fucking Gun of driving, but the “new” thing about driving in a different place where people actually respects traffic signals and all that makes me nervous.

  4. Ok I was wondering why the fetus was left inside her but her body wasn’t found for a while.

    Woulda been funny if she had a tighter snatch and the kid became a projectile and was found feet away instead of in her rancid skivvies!

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