Pregnant Woman Choked to Death in Thailand

Pregnant Woman Choked to Death in Thailand

According to the info I got, this woman was choked to death by her husband who suspected that the child was not his. The crime allegedly happened in Thailand. I’m not sure to what extent the story is true.

Sad thing is, should the child have been born in Thailand, there’s a good chance it would be thrown out with trash and its corpse found floating in some pond.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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40 thoughts on “Pregnant Woman Choked to Death in Thailand”

          1. Actually Red, your not great at catching things like sarcasm. Do your homework, Ms. Substituting “Pissed Off with Equality Getting in the Way of Her Privilege” with “Argumentative”

  1. Mebbe she’s not a pregster. Bellies often swell up when a person’s dead.

    Or maybe she was one of those “stuffers.” That’s a popular online fetish — girls overeat and get fat bellies, and Thailand is just the place to hire models for shit like that. So she wasn’t getting fat fast enough and the webmaster pushed the choke button.

  2. I definitely agree with a lot of the comments on here already. I think that he was the one cheating. The sad thing is, I think that he knew that she wasn’t cheating. He just wanted her to be dead probably. He probably just realized that he wasn’t ready to be a father. A real punk move. So disgusted!!!!!

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