Prematurely Born Baby Girl Found Dead Dumped with Garbage in Thailand

Prematurely Born Baby Girl Found Dead Dumped with Garbage in Thailand

Fucking Thai bitches – whoring themselves out and then throwing their unwanted kids away like garbage. Honor and dignity are not traits commonly found among the Thais and with each photo that leaks from the country, this notion grows ever stronger.

There is only one photo of this baby girl available. She was born prematurely and as soon as she was out of her mother’s vagina, the whore dumped her on a garbage pile behind a motel near Bang Na-Trat Highway where she died. Bang Na-Trat links Bangkok with Isan, an area in North East of Thailand where most of the Thai hookers come from.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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59 thoughts on “Prematurely Born Baby Girl Found Dead Dumped with Garbage in Thailand”

  1. Sadly this is probably better for the kid anyway. Not trying to justify the whore’s actions but just trying to be more positive. Don’t think being born to a thai whore can turn out to be a good life.

    1. @Juicy
      Hey there,I was trying to think why a mother,who could have been a young scared girl could do something like this. But you are right they could have left her outside a hospital or orphanage. the thing is this person could have been raped by a low life male who thinks he has got the right to do what he wants. Not that I am making excuses.
      Also they are only allowed one child. So many mothers have been forced to abort there babies. The thing is it’s a diffrent culture. Don’t get me wrong any normal human who has empathy,couldn’t do this to a baby. But we don’t all react the same to situations.
      I really do feel for that beautifull baby girl. Most people would pick that baby up & give her so much love & a good home. I couldn’t imagine walking past a baby just thrown out like rubbish. It would scar me for life.

      1. @CityGirl

        If I may suggest, the Bacuit Archipelago in Palawan, Philippines, specifically the town of El Nido, is a great alternative to Koh Phi Phi. The chances of getting scammed as a tourist are more or less the same, but the chances of getting killed are significantly lower in comparison with Thailand.

    1. @Emmers
      They might not of willingly opened there legs. She could of been raped by a male that doesn’t understand NO. You know the ones who take it wether the other person agree’s or not.
      I don’t agree with how this beautifull baby girl was treated,bless her. But there are always more sides to a story than “look wore dumped baby”. There are many mothers forced to abort there babies,it’s so sad. We don’t know if the mother was mentally right in the head. This should not of happened. I am glad mark shows the truth of how other countries are.
      But when we loose empathy we become just like them.
      Anyway have a great day & stay positive & takecare,xoxo

  2. Whomever committed this inhumane deed did this baby a favor. This infant will never have to know what hell is like, unlike the culprit in this crime. There are special places in hell for them.

  3. Funny. That’s how I imagine it looking INSIDE of a Thai bitch’s womb! Maybe because it was premature the would-be mother could only think to put the baby in a place that simulates her own natural body. This theory also applies to black women in America.

  4. why the mother did that? If she truly cant raise her baby, just send the baby to the orphanage!!Anyway It is not fair for the baby. hope this baby dumper can think twice before she takes off her pants next time.

  5. The more I zoom into this picture and look at the surroundings, the sicker it becomes! A metal hanger on top of the baby, some sort of pants and that extremely long umbilical cord. Obviously the baby was freezing cold by the time this picture was taken but I just imagine how cold that baby must’ve been after being dumped there! 🙁 I wonder if the bitch even shed a tear while she walked away..

    1. That’s because your a PIG,with no sense of dignity or respect for yourself let alone another human being (that’s making a huge leap assumption that your any kind of human) you appear to be more of a “knuckle-dragger” to me.

  6. I’v seen enough newborns to know that this baby looks full term. Sadly the baby is better off not growing up in a country that whores it’s children more then they whore there mother’s.

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