Prisoner from Brazil Gets Choked to Death by His Peers

Prisoner from Brazil Gets Choked to Death by His Peers

Prisoner from Brazil Gets Choked to Death by His Peers

In Brazilian prison, notorious for brutal murders of inmates by inmates, a prisoner was choked to death by his peers.

That looks like really agonizing and dragging death. They even tried to pinch his nose shut so he can’t breathe through there, even though blood flow to the brain has been severely restricted.

Props to Best Gore member @seraphim-serenata for the video:

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125 thoughts on “Prisoner from Brazil Gets Choked to Death by His Peers”

    1. They’re not trying to kill him brokeback this is what is called “the choking game” they’re just getting high from asphyxiation. At least they’re not getting high from fermented scat and urine like the niggers around here do.

  1. This is where we in the west get it wrong. Notice how he didn’t put up a fight knowing the alternative would be far worse he simply submitted to being killed. In the west people put up a fight for something as trivial as a parking ticket. We need to get back to strangulation. I’ll tweet Trump. He usually listens to me.

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          1. Hi Nem, yes perfect spelling, however it doeth prove that youre not as excited about death as me nad carnige. You are a cool one. @hopingfornemesis One day the headchoppers will get me as thye did Robespierre. I do admire his death mask Nem

      1. @mentalimage Nothing better than going out on a decent hallucination….I suppose. Many a hanged person has been found in a wardrobe like that. I remember when i was a stupid kid we used to breathe heavily for one minute then one of us would give them a bear hug. It would cause us to pass out. I remember convulsing on the pavement banging my head violently as i came back to consciousness.

          1. I never thought of it like that creepster, maybe i didn’t, if so i wish i chose a better dream than this one

    1. Its quite commonly known that these civilised, humourous, articulate, hardworking, generous, caring and totally loveable people are really white, but have blue blood, causing their blue appearance…….

  2. Brasilian Portuguese is the equivalent of Dominican Spanish if you call it a language…. Pathetic. As if their tongues where flip flops rather than tissue at the molecular level.

  3. After the victim’s last gasp was gasped, the Gay Brazilian Prisoners had a cock-fight to see who got to fuck the dead guy’s eye sockets first. The winner (“Lucky Pedro”) got to rub his sticky bell-end in the eye hole and squirt it full of his creamy apple sauce of love. The last in line loser (“Unlucky Luca”) has to spoon out all the other guys jizz and feed on it. Unlucky Luca then gets to stick his toxic buggery-rod in the ruined eye- socket and keep it there while he is subjected to a wallpaper-paste Bukake storm from the other prisoners.
    The guy who got choked to death got off pretty lightly.
    Such is Life and Death in Brazilian Gay Prisons.

      1. @firstinline

        It’s a weird Brazilian Gay Man/ Prison Thug thing. I gave up asking “why?” years ago. You just have to accept that’s how they are and move on. Its no good complaining, because even if you found someone to listen to your complaint, nothing would get done… so you might as well not bother to begin with.

    1. They claim the guy admitted to be CV, and that is what will happen to all of them. They belong to GDE… but it is not easy to understand them. Sounds like Vietnamese, like some people here have pointed, but I would bet its Fortaleza. Brazil is a very big country… with very different accents.

        1. Sorry I can’t translate all that guys, but GDE is a new faction (less than 3ys) from a single province in the North and recently allied with PCC. The problem is that they are brutal… and plenty of what we see here is their work.

  4. I wonder what this guy did or even how the inmates choose who to kill next? If I ever have to visit that shithole I will definitely look to read a safety manual on how to survive inside a Brazilian prison just in case.

    1. Once you end up in a Brazilian prison, your life is over basically!
      Better to make sure you never, ever end up there …
      There’s no such thing as paying your debt to society; it’s all about what method your fellow inmates will use to make you pay with your life.

          1. @WestLos &
            I Could not agree more with brother my Good B-G Brother.

            You could be right bro, as i may have also previously seen this before. But if so,,, it’s all good, cause either way, as it is a double bang for our B-G Buck, no, lol??

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