Prisoner Stabbed to Death in Courtyard, Brazil

Prisoner Stabbed to Death in Courtyard, Brazil

Prisoner Stabbed to Death in Courtyard, Brazil

This type of animalistic stabbing can only come from South America.

At a prison in Brazil, a man is stabbed to death on the playground. There is no audio for the video but plenty of violence.

A guy is laying on the concrete floor in a prison, surrounded by a group of four of five men, being stabbed by every single one of them. He rolls around in his blood, smearing it on the pavement as he bleeds out. I would be shocked if the guy survives. The absolute last place I would ever want to be is prison in Brazil, how did those guys even get a cell phone or knives for that matter..

Props to Best Gore member @ccccccjjj2 for the video:

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    1. That is very true unfortunately, it’s the same with foster homes, residential treatment centers, group homes. Definitely fucked me up more than I already was. Imagine getting an emotionally unstable, angry, damaged person and throwing them into a locked building…. with a bunch of other people just as fucked up, or more, as them. Recipe for disaster.

    2. well, the main reason the prisons are shitholes is because they are full of savage beasts who dont give a shit about being rehabilitated. And they give money to corrupt prison guards so that they can have knives to kill gang rivals, and cell phones to order gang rivals to be killed outside prison.

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  2. here in America you get free health care and free college education in jail and ass fucked if you steal somebody’s honey buns, just imagine how much we would save in tax payers money if we just let the pos kill themselves, lock them into a large arena and we would watch, place bets, family filled entertainment

    1. Here in South America, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, you can have knives, cell phones, the guards will probably never do anything, you enter the jail and they kill you without reason or they repeatedly rape you to kill you later, the deadliest prisons are those of Brazil , spears everywhere, knives everywhere, if you do not do what they say they kill you and if not also, if you are unarmed you are history and you cannot sleep because they kill you too. Things are like that in South America, nobody is free to be in these prisons.

  3. Prisoner is not “laying” on the floor, must regretfully so inform.

    As for cell phones, EVERYBODY has them, and most are the most expensive thousand dollar models. Don’t know how these savages do it, but they as well as year-old babies all carry a phone. Of course none of them know how to use them, taking fuzzing vertical videos always.

  4. Quite a “stabby” kinda place. I’m surprised the prison guards allow the prisoners to have weapons like swords and knives when that is how they carry on.

    There is always a few who ruin it for everybody.

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