Protestants in Hama, Syria Take Sniper Fire

Protestants in Hama, Syria Take Sniper Fire

Unrest in Syria continues, protesters continue protesting and snipers continue firing at them. A rather unfair fight as protesters don’t have any weapons so all they are left with is shouting and carrying away those who caught a bullet.

This video is from Hama, it is very shaky but it does slow down for a second here and there to offer a reasonable glimpse at what is happening. Some of the victims took some pretty bad shots and may not be able to walk it off. The guy in white shirt who was shot in the head – he got it bad. He’s done.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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11 thoughts on “Protestants in Hama, Syria Take Sniper Fire”

  1. all this bullshit has been going on long before us and it will continue well passed any of our measly lives. you can see why jews, arabs, and christians developed the concept of a messiah because you look at this fucked up situation and you know instinctively that no man and no amount of men will ever bring about any peace to that region of the Earth; it would take nothing short of a miracle… a g-d man- the messiah!

  2. I’ve never been shot at, nor do I ever want to. All it takes is one lucky bullet traveling through space and time contacting you at an unlucky time and unlucky place. Then you turn out like these guys. It’s sucks being a human amongst humans.

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