Protesters in Istanbul Taking Fire from Helicopter During Live Broadcast

Protesters in Istanbul Taking Fire from Helicopter During Live Broadcast

According to Israeli news, the leader of the coup served as Turkish military attache to Israel.

The whole commotion in Turkey is highly suspicious and hard to make sense, so it’s probably best to take a step back for a bit and wait until combined rhetoric in Jewish media becomes clear about what agenda they’re supposed to push. The truth will then be the exact opposite of what they’re feeding the public with.

Video from Istanbul in Turkey shows protesters running for cover after allegedly taking fire from a helicopter. The incident was broadcast live by a Turkish TV. But first, here’s a short video of the aftermath of a helicopter attack on protesters (the other two videos don’t contain graphic material):

Protesters running for cover after taking fire from a helicopter:

Also a video which captures the actual shots fired at protesters from a helicopter:

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      1. Tank would’ve done much more damage, take into consideration how large the rounds were on that gun. I’m familiar with the sound and it’s definitely a 30mm. Basically almost 2.25 larger than a .50BMG. So these rounds are about 1.125 inches in diameter. Add that projectile with high velocity could turn a soft target into mush.

  1. i’m kind of confused about this turkey situation. the media says some soldiers tried to take over the government and failed. The gov’t of turkey says that these soldiers are islamists? that support some islamic turk that lives in europe. Is this true? and I thought everyone hates erdogan and protesters were out in the streets supporting erdogan? also how did all the soldiers just surrender?

    1. who knows what really is going on. thousands marched in europe in support of erdogan which shows that they really like islamism. the fact that the coup failed so quickly and miserably could mean it was orchestrated by erdogan himself so he can come out of this victorious and claim more power. its just a guess.

      1. I kinda know what’s going on. It’s pretty hard to understand without being Turkish. I am Turkish and even I struggle to understand but here is what I got.

        Brief information about pre-coup:
        Erdogan is the prime minister of Turkey as you know. He was in charge for a very long time. (People think he is rigging the elections, although there is no evidence of this unless he is hiding it somehow.) He is islamist and is trying to insert islamic laws into Turkish constitution. Last month Erdogan proposed Arabic as secondary formal language, and citizenship to more than 3 million Syrians. There were small protests about how he did not deal with the countrys problems and didn’t intend to do so.

        There was also another politician that he worked with around 10 years ago called Fetullah. They parted ways and became enemies in mid 2000s because of disagreements. The disagreements between them caused the TBMM(Grand National Assembly) decisions to take months. Fetullah soon forcibly resigned as the folk voted for him to go. As soon as he left Erdogan seised his valuables. Since then Fetullah mocked Erdogan whenever he can at public speechs.

        Here is what might have happened:
        Erdogan sent people on his command to command the army to attack and fake a coup. This way people would support him because when regime changes in a country it usually takes a few years to get to the stage it is acceptable as soldiers might use force later on to keep the control. Another reason I think of that is because Erdogan would not just gain trust of the folk, he would also get the ones that are against him erased. (Usually a coup takes at least a few days to solve not a few hours. And months of cleanup to do with all the arrests and such).
        As you know Erdogan was calm about the situation and easily called the folk to get out of their homes to fight the army without thinking a second time. This is one of the things I got confused about. People got out and army surrendered. The reason army surrendered was because *they did not intend to hurt the civilians, *they were mostly rookie soldiers that were fooled to believe there was going to be a practice, they were just used as props to make the coup seem bigger. Their commanders told them to stay and hold the roads. The actual coup group was a small group of 200 soldiers.

        Another option is believing what Erdogan said about Fetullah. Fetullah is known to have connections in the 3rd ground and air army.

  2. hi i m from Trukey. i can explain little bit what’s going on. this coup d’état was orchestrated by a faction within the Turkish Armed Force but this is nothing to with radical islamists or İSİS. this is the most likely orchestrated by Fethullah Gülen and his supporters within the Turkish Armed Force and another government agencies. there are also some conspiracy theories. coup attempt allegedly was staged by Erdoğan to improve his public image and popularity or to crack down on political opponents and expand his power.

  3. One of those took a direct hit right in the neck… That thing causes some serious damage. 😀 Theres another video i’ve seen of protesters getting shot by the rebelious army, one of them can be seen shot in the highway, most likelly killed judging by the way he fell. I wonder if that video is gonna fall in here too.

  4. The Coup was a CIA/Mossad OP. Erdogan is an Anti-Zionist and secret supporter of Islamists but he has always had to hide it because Turkey has strict laws against Islamist as the government has to be secular. Erdogan found out that his military which is run by secret societies such as Freemasons lied to him and set him up when they shot down the Russian plane over Syria. This Masonic secret societies in the military called “Gulen Movement” have been trying to depose Erdogan for years.

    Several weeks ago Erdogan sent a heartfelt letter to Putin apologizing for shooting down the Russian plane and saying that Turkey wants to be Russia’s ally and partner. The very next day the CIA/Mossad/Gulen movement struck at Istanbul airport killing 40 and wounding 230. The attack was a warning to Erdogan to not switch sides and side with Putin. A few weeks later they stage this coup to depose Erdogan but they failed because Russia’s intelligence agencies gave Erdogan information about the coup before it happened and the coup leaders were not able to arrest him. Then they bombed the hotel where he was staying but Russian intelligence was able to warn Erdogan in time and he escaped. Erdogan has switched sides he is now rounding up all the Gulen Movement/Masons who are agents of the CIA and Mossad and Putin is giving him intel to help him.

    Turkey is now with ‘Russia and Erdogan owes his life to Putin. Turkey will now leave NATO and the EU and Israel has gained a new enemy. Russia, Sunni Turkey,Sunni ISIS,Shia Syria,Shia Iran will now unite and destroy the enemy of all of mankind Israel. Sunni’s, Shia’s and Christian Orthodox Russia are uniting against Zionism. Christians need to stop falling for the Jewish media’s promoting a fake Crusade against Islam and join with Islamist against the true enemy of Christianity,Islam and all of humanity Israel.

    1. To be honest, I’m not buying your theory. The sunni and shia moreover with the orthodox wouldn’t unite even if they share the same enemy. It’s simply a matter of power and money, it always be.

  5. “the truth will be the exact opposite of what they’re feeding the public with.” Never a truer word spoken. And the stupid mindless drones will eat it up as usual. There’s so many possible angles to the turkey situation, it’s fucked up. And that helicopter fire is amazing looking, J.J Abrams would be proud.

  6. Does anyone have an idea of what kind of firepower rained down from that helicopter? That aftermath video was pure savage, heads disintegrated and even a corpse cut in two.
    Is it maybe a .50cal, with some tracer rounds? Shit’s brutal, but it still looked pretty.

  7. I vote these power hungry politicians get their groups together, and settle it with some GTA, beer and wings. They have fun, they bond, they settle their differences. No one innocent or not wanting to be involved has to be forced into picking sides.
    People have forgotten how to think for themselves and communicate directly and honestly with those they have issues with. Things don’t have to be so complicated and dramatic. It’s like much of the world is being run by pubescent teenagers.
    This is really pathetic considering ancient Egyptians were lucky to live to be thirty, and look what they accomplished. Destruction is what is being accomplished now.
    But maybe it’s for the better, the world is getting entirely too crowded by people. It’s like the world is working to save itself from us.

  8. Let’s cut the bullshit and get to the real deal folks. I’m a Turkish guy who is 20 years old and studying engineering of mathematics in one of the most respected university in my country Yıldız Technical Universiy. I have not ever voted for Erdoğan or AKP in my life. There was 3 elections since I could vote. İn the last election I wanted to vote for AKP but could have not because of the situation there was which is that we moved and did not report it immediately. So please respect the fact that I will not talk about the politics I will talk about the facts.

    15th of this month in 22:30 or 10:30pm there was a allegedly coup attempt in Turkey. But as I write this it has been cleared that it was a Terrorist attack on our soil by the agents and traitors of Fetullah Gülen who is living in Pennsylvania and has been announced terrorist by Turkish authorities for a year now.

    Here is what happened, and I am warning you it will be a long read.
    The Gülen group has infiltrated the army, private and government agencies in last 30-40 years at least. This happened because he was a respected man in our country and has political and military connections all over the world. Let me be clear. İt is proven and published to the media that a member of tratior who is a judge (Hakim in Turkish) has uploaded a statement in 4th of july to his account on a formal government web system but has not published it, just set it there to publish it after-immediately following the coup. I quote without deformation just with translation word to word and explanings in the brackets not from the exact document from my knowledge and you can check it out if you want but it is solid information and is not really important except who is the figure ‘mehdi’: ”From here we declare, Fetullah Gülen hoca efendi (hoca efendi means like a priest in christianity) is the mehdi (a figure and a person who is believed to come for salvation of Islam and make Jihads in the name of İslam but is not confirmed by the Quran. The information or belief of this figure comes from some respected Islam leaders) of the last prophet Muhammad Mustafa Sallallahu Aleyhi Vesellem (the part after ‘Mustafa’ is a sign of respect in the belief of Islam). And I would be the CEH CAH who would announced him.” after this part is confidential until now for reasons of security of traitors until the trials and this follows I quote without deformation again: ” All the borders will be closed and anyone who is politician, publicist, mayor, judge and a member of police force, mentioned or not mentioned before (we do not know who is mentioned because it was extracted because of security reasons I have explained before), will be detained. The prosecutions for this individuals will be started immediately.”

    On 22.30 or 10.30 pm a group of soldiers with military weapons and camouflages blocked the route to the anatolia on the bridges without an explanation and the public started to think it was a precaution for unknown terrorist attacks. All the tv channels who has been with or against the government covered it immediately except the national tv channel of Turkey ”TRT”. There was some speculations about some groups within the military trying to stage a coup against the law. Prime minister of Turkey who is Binali Yıldırım has announced that there was an attempt (or undertaking I couldn’t translate it directly) for a rebellious coup within the military on every channel except TRT by a phone call to one of the anchors. This is very important, every channel and political parties (opposing government or not before the event) stood against the coup from the first minute with statements and would be executed if the coup was a success and everyone was aware of the consequences. After we realize what is happening TRT covered a statement of coup and every channel covered it with TRT after immediately. The anchors hands were shaking and she was full of fear as she read the statement of coup follows as ”This is a coup for the secular system that is not working currently (this is the sum up with the details I would have to write for an hour to translate it word to word)”. After this the broadcast of TRT was cut and all the other channels was covering that statement was a pirate and did not came from the chief of army Hulusi Akar. At that point clocks hit the marker of 16th of July 00.00 am. There were some uncorfirmed speculations about Hulusi Akar being held hostage by the rebels. after some silence of news because there was no news at all the president of Turkey Erdoğan connected to a reporter of an opposing channel to government and Erdoğan (CNN Turk) and made a statement from her phone to the cameras follows as ”This is a so called coup to our great nation and democracy by some illegal groups infiltrated the army. I know there is no greater power than the public itself in democracies. You chose me with democracy. I invite anyone who is willing to die for his/her country to the streets to resist this shameful attempt of terrorists.” At this point some coup members or so to say traitors have already taken their troops not aware of anything, fooled as that this was a practice to police stations, offices of mayor and other strategic points. There was some tanks in road as well heading to their destination. President called the anchor with skype from the formal airplane of President of Turkey which is nearly identical to Airforce-1 as we learned after the first heat of events. After he left the building in Marmaris which was that he was having vacation on, there was an attack of untargeted open fire by some rebellious choppers on the hotel full of civilians. After sometime they made an extraction from choppers to that point with a kill order for president but the president was already gone because he was heading to İstanbul already to be with his people. This was some critical information about whether Erdoğan was hiding or he was with the people who went on streets because there was some infiltrated rebellious F-16s in air including Ankara and İstanbul. At this point me and my family went to the streets leaving my mom home to protect her. I was expecting tanks and military in the streets but there was nothing of those and even the garbage truck was picking up garbage. We went to the square and there was a crowd of people who is with Turkish flags I could not believed my eyes. At least the 70 percent of the population of İstanbul must have been in streets already because there was not enough space for cars to move. Later we find out there was some people who hit the banks atms and stores the second they heard about some speculation about coup and went straight to the home and locked theirselves inside. The foreign media covered them with a great deal of portraying them as the ‘public’ but the public was in the streets taking to risk of getting shot, killed, being taken hostage, thrown in the prison if the coup was a success and even being executed as a traitor again if the coup was a success. People open the roads for vehicles to pass and everybody get in eachothers car. We did not know each other, we did not know where we were going, we were going with the crowd. İf you did not get it already I am living in İstanbul and telling the story of İstanbul part, yet. After this includes my personal experiences and the information coming all over the country. There was some tanks in İstanbul which run over people and cars full of people to get their destination and there was some tanks which were abandoned by the innocent soldiers who surrendered from the first minute to the public and public applaused them as they surrendered and escorted them so nobody says or does anything to them until safety by misunderstandings. At this point I was in contact with one of my close friends who lives in Ankara just one building away from TBMM (The national congress for Turkey, kind of.) and there was jets (F-16s) bombing TBMM and some choppers opening fire to the police protecting TBMM, the base of chief of the army, and the building of MİT (İntelligence service of Turkey) and as well they were opening fire to the civilians who was there to protect the police. There were some serious accusations of beheadings (or slipping his throat, I don’t know.) of innocent soldiers who has surrendered. But soon it came clear that it was a propaganda and it was false and that no innocent soldiers were harmed by the police or the public and even the ones who opened fire to the public and the police were detained and just beaten not killed until they surrendered. People and some brave soldiers rescued the police, disarmed the active members of coup (the active members of coup is around %0.0078 of army so there was around 1500-2000 casualties because the public was unarmed and they were traitors who was willing to open fire to the innocent civilians even without seeing a threat. And this losses is not announced yet, it is revealing slowly because of the security precautions for traitors before the trials because everbody who was on streets and some people not on the streets but against the coup demands execution for treason. İf public finds the real casualties out all of a sudden they would march on police stations or where ever they are being held and kill them without waiting for the decision of execution. So the official announcement of casualties around 200 right now.) and delivered them to justice, get the wounded traitors to hospitals. Hulusi Akar -the chief of army you could have forgotten by now even I’m exhausted to translate all the information- was rescued and took the charge of army before 05.00 am 16th and downed the traitor F-16s choppers. Arrests are contiunes to this day and slowing down with an absolute rate. For your information Erdoğan landed in Atatürk airport like at 2.30 am that night, and there were some rebellious F-16s looking for potential targets. His plane announced itself as an Turkish airline plane and landed without lights and after this he held a press conference kind of it was a messy time for press to do their job) right at the airport and thanked to the public and declared every single on of them as heroes of democracy. And at this time rebels were attacking every channel and cutting the broadcast, they hit the satellite buildings and blacked out digiturk (like a pay Tv for Turkey? I don’t know.) but the cable was still online and there was not a blackout or cut of internet never in this events. 15th of july is declared of the national holiday of democracy. Until now I wrote about what happened. After this I will write about the aspects of this.

    There were some coups in the history of Turkey, they were all organized and directed by chief of army and all of them were a success. İn fact the first coup against the law and supressed by the public in the world was this and the first coup that was supressed in the rate of this short time is this. These coup was supressed by brave public of Turkey and every country except Egpyt which is under the dictator ship of an coup commander has been with the Turkish government politically. The images and videos that you see about the coup is not about some protestors getting shot or getting runned down by tanks. İts about a nation who is brave enough to stand in front of a tank, chopper, missile to protect their democracy. This is some real shit right here.

    There are some bullshit theories of this was an orchestrated theatre by Erdoğan by some cowards who was at vacation at the time of coup or who has hide in his/her home in safety. This theories were not on the social media despite it was online all the time until that they were sure the democracy was freed by the stagers of coup by public and then they started to insult public and Erdoğan. Here is the logical proof of that this was not a theatre but a terrorist attempt of a coup by some traitors. All the traitors will be in jail for their life even if there won’t be a penalty of death. They were shamed and announced to public and many of them died in the process. Civilians, polices, special forces died at the process. They were exiled from the army and labeled as terrorists and traitors by the army. İf they live, they will live in shame and horror. İf this was orchestrated by anyone the traitors would not have been agreed to this in any common sense. Secondly there is no need for strength by Erdoğan. He is chosen by his public and have more than %50 of the votes legally. İf he wanted to make the country an Islamic country like some bullshitters say he could have done it anyday he wanted with the support of more than %50 of the country. Democracy works with the majority. Majority wants something, it happens. İf he wanted to damage the secular form of constitution he could have done it because majority of people agrees with him. He wants presidential system (like America and Ottoman Empire in past, it is proven that it works perfectly in our geographical place) and he is going to vote for it. There is some people who hates him without reason and make this theories and orchestrate Gezi parkı eylemleri (events of Gezi Parkı 27th of my 2013.) to weaken him without democratic bases and they simply refuse to understand that even he resigned and go for presidency again people would vote for him with more support everytime. He is claimed to be an Islamist. He is in relation with İslamic countries and other Turkish nations (Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Pakistan, Azerbeycan etc.) and condemns racism and accepted syrian war refugees with support of Turkish people. Lets be real folks, innocent people die because of wars in the world and somebody do something about them. Turkish people known for their hospitality and would embrace every innocent person on the geographical field without hesitation if they are in need of it. The citizenship about Syrians is another bullshit story. Erdoğan made a statement (nothing further just a statement) of that they may give citizenship to some of the ‘selected, well educated Syrians’ which was then declared as maximum as 300.000 people before the recent events. Europe did the same thing even when they were taking refugees. People makes bullshit theories of the new voters for AKP and Erdoğan but AKP and Erdoğan is having more and more votes after every election in Turkey. Erdoğan is not İslamist he is secular, they were close with Gülen before Gülen wanted to take the charge of an İslamic Turkey with sharia. And when he couldn’t have it because Erdoğan declared political war on him for his intentions to damage the democracy he sold private and top secret information about Turkey to CIA and other intelligence services. After that he declared as traitor and terrorist and hiding in safe-heaven in USA. There are still crowds at the squares who is celebrating democracy and staying on the watch until all the arrests are complete for safety of the army, police and democracy. And by the way market on Turkey was not affected by the coup nearly. And there was heavy propaganda by foreign media about what happened in Turkey like Erdoğan requesting political asylum (wow there is a word for specificly for that, man I love the flexibility of english) from Germany, Germany not accepting it he is on the run he is an Islamist or an enemy of Atatürk or wants sharia etc.etc. These are some bullshit please do not believe anything that is not proven. And for the people who bullshits about the brutality of police at Gezi Parkı Protests, We get teasers and stun guns after Gezi Parkı we even did not have those before the events of brutality TO police. more than 5 police were lynched and killed by this faggots but of course the media did not covered it. Stay safe folks.

    I will provide links of youtube for you guys who needs to see it with you own eyes. ( I do not know if I can do that on bestgore if I can not give out external URLs on bestgore and if I can edit my comment please do warn me about it and I will extract the part of URLs , by the way I thank bestgore for its very existence. ) (celebrations and watch) (the massacre of traitors) (the massacre of traitors v2.0) (resistance of the public) (the first statement of Erdoğan, invite to resistance) (Erdoğans speech at Atatürk airport, rebellious F-16s still in the air looking for him, actually he is talking about them too)

    So, this was pretty much it. Sorry for bad english of mine. I did not practice anykind of english and did not need it in months and I am exhausted because of the situations, I slept only three times since the coup so my english is rusty.

    1. Thanks for approval for my comment, it gives me hope that there is freedom of speech for anyone on bestgore and there is no taking sides. Thank you my friend you just earned a member for a really long time, by the way I do not support of the ban of bestgore in my country, I can understand why but I do not support. Thanks again, I know I am thanking a lot but I am really grateful because there are some real racism on some bullshit social media and I could not explain myself anywhere except here and in my country.

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