Protesters Gunned Down by Syrian Security Forces in Latakia

Protesters Gunned Down by Syrian Security Forces in Latakia

Protesters Gunned Down by Syrian Security Forces in Latakia

According to the human rights activists, dozens of protesters are killed by Syrian security forces every day. 39 were reportedly killed on Friday April 8, 2011, additional 28 on Sunday April 10, 2011 among which were the attendees of a funeral in Latakia.

Syrian security forces have been using live ammunition to disperse the protesters, but as can be seen from many videos posted on the internet, some of these live rounds are fired directly at the protesters.

The rule of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is being challenged but he appears determined to retain power by force. Many journalists were arrested and independent media banned from places like Latakia where activity of protesters has been the most intense. The protesters demand freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, and the repeal of emergency law, which has been in effect since 1963 when current leadership seized power in a coup while also instilled a ban on all opposition.

Video below shows protesters in Latakia getting gunned down by the security forces of Syria:

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19 thoughts on “Protesters Gunned Down by Syrian Security Forces in Latakia”

  1. Just another Hell hole in the world.

    Not my problem. The only interest I have in this is the entertainment value of the hate/gore/violence. I gave up giving a damn a long, long time ago. That’s what happens when you get older. Your heart dies and you become desensitized if not INSANE!

    But, it seems the gunmen like to go for the head. Some serious brain spillage going on.

    1. took words out of my mouth…. more gore please and what better way than to have 3rd world cuntries like the shit holes in the middle east. hooray for shit hole 3rd world cuntries, without you id be bored.

  2. Overpopulation is a problem because not all governments do this.

    If we want to control the number of people, we should encourage governments to proceed in this fashion: get rid of the useless eaters by any means necessary.

    The good side-eefect would be, of course, a ton more gore. More gore = more fapping = good!

    1. overpopulation… maybe. but take the USA as an example. they are the most powerfull and rich country in the world and its population is huge. And south america, being a bunch of developing countries, are less populated than north america and more poor. It’s not only about population, but about the capacity of producing goods and services too.

      1. the economics lesson was fun, but thats not the only issue. the people choose to live like savages. they make no effort to contribute to developing a civilized country, they use violence as a bargaining tool and they have learned that corruption is power, the supposed innocents do nothing to process justice by turning in criminals and such. that and their country is poor as shit… my opinion over all…fuck em, more gore.

        1. i dont much care for USA tactics of solving issues, but we at least operate a developed country and our forefathers understood that oppression of the masses is net zero. boo hoo for the protesters, they would just elect another corrupt bastard to oppress the country.

  3. I think the M.E. (Middle East) needs its own section or ‘tab’. Christ that whole area is in protest, Yemen, Egypt cops beating protesters again, Libya, Syria, Bahrain, Iran, Jordan, Oman is shooting protestors.

    1. what do you mean ‘a myth’? a myth that its a bad thing(enviromental,housing,food etc problems) or a myth that we have an ‘over-populated’ planet(near 6 billion) at all, you think maybe there is only 2-3 billion?

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