Public Execution and Hoisting of Alleged Child Rapist in Yemen

Public Execution and Hoisting of Alleged Child Rapist in Yemen

Public Execution and Hoisting of Alleged Child Rapist in Yemen

In the Ibb Governorate in Yemen, a man accused of raping and murdering a child was publicly executed in the sports stadium in the city of Ibb. Thousands of people turned up to attend the execution.

According to the info from an Arabic source, the man was executed due to pressure from the public, and not because he was found guilty of the crime by a tribunal.

The condemned was laid face down on the ground, and executed with gunshots from an assault rifle to the back – Yemen style. His bleeding corpse was then hoisted with a crane, much to the cheers from the sizeable crowd.

Props to Best Gore member @african-angel for the video:

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  2. Well, if he hadn’t killed his victim, the family prob’ly woulda killed ‘er fer not bein’ a virgin no mo’, so hey!

    Death came too easy. Scaphism woulda been better. Or lingchi over the course of a few days, after bein’ hung on an Algerian hook.

    And they say I’m a member of the gentle sex, huh? What a bunch o’ crock!

    1. @petuniawigglebottom As long as they keep killing themselves off, I could care less, whether the man was guilty or not, I hope 20 million of them get accused and executed, the British should have done it a long time ago, as one soldier said, they’re dirty people, their country was shit, before the British took it over, and its shit right after they leave, Brits need to reclaim the empire, and get rid of these rats, permanently, before Europe is too full of them, that we can’t .

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        * laughing with you and not at you.*

        1. @hopingfornemesis Don’t worry man, banter is beautiful, we all talk shit about past enemies, and other countries, for a laugh,but it’s out of mutual respect to some degree, or as I said banter, so by proxy being banter means that you don’t mean it in a bad way, necessarily, have a good day you big gay faggot.

  3. I was in jail with a kid toucher from Yemen. He was getting deported after he completed his sentence. He was the only person I ever seen that didn’t wanna get out of jail because he said they would kill him when he went back. Dumb ass child molesters wont change.

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    They even know their true enemy unlike the west gentile, as you can hear in the chant “God is the greatest, death to America, death to Israel, curse upon the jews, victory to Islam”

  5. If he was guilty then it’s probably best to rid him from Earth ASAP, such as we see here. A part of me thinks, yeah, let’s torture this git forever, but I don’t want to become a savage. No joy nor celebration in violence. Get the job done.

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      1. That’s very interesting and useful news Pigs. Just remember though, if a body is left unrefrigerated for more than eight hours before embalming, some serious Beethoven work of decomposing can happen. Not a sweet melody to encounter on any day let alone a Sunday.

  6. since when did a tribunal get anything right? Courts are there to steal your money and protect the corrupt. they do not deliver justice. lynchings are the closest thing to justice we see on here. hang the cunt high, mother fuckers.

          1. if we keep on lynching, we will get to them soon enough. practice makes perfect. people need to get right with God, because i don’t give a fuck who dies along the way. there are no innocent people in my eyes. only sinners. you won’t ever see me working for the red cross. dumb cunts need to help themselves or die like a fuckwit.

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  7. It’s weird how in some of those countries like Yemen they look like some of the people in Columbia or other places in South America. Sometimes I see a video of a place like Yemen and can picture those guys hanging out in Cuba as well, smoking cigars.

  8. What A Fucking Shit-Show! I Would grab the barrel, and shoot myself with-it. Even if i was not guilty cause the noise would be giving me a headache, lol. Sick-Fucker deserved-it if he did do the crime.

    And the crowd of families with their 4 and 5 year old kids, are just as fucking sick, if you ask me to make them attend such events so young. Cause then they grow-up being able to kill without thinking twice as it is promoted so much, and ingrained in their brain again,,, At Such A Young-Age.


          1. I Know,,, it,s funny how we use to all buy All that made in China-Shit frm K-Tel, lol.
            Especially sice we thought that it was awesome stuff. Made By K-Tel, lol, lol. 😉

  9. It couldn’t get any better than this having a sea of people converged ;at the stadium which looked pretty much packed to its limits . Those hoots ,shouts , yellings & sloganeering were enough to add up to the fervor of assemblage .To top it all ; a heavily played out bass number was for the listening up until the end . I for once liked it as there weren’t any shouts of
    ” Allahu Akbar ” .At one stage it looked as if the people weren’t there for execution but for a heavy rock concert .
    Keeping in mind his last wish ; the condemned was given to feed on bullets in lieu of the Breakfast and that’s highly justifiable
    It was more of an eye candy to see him getting hoisted and lowered now and then on the crane , the bald headed denounced Yemeni. resembles a suspended vulture and at this moment his dirty soul is at Iblis’s door , begging for mercy.; which seem hard to come by.

  10. Not even proven guilty? Haha, and countless millionaires and billionaires are PROVEN fucking pedophiles and molesters and yet they don’t even get 1/10 of what that man had gone through. You gotta love the so-called justice of this fucking world we live in.

        1. He does and I was just stirring the pot. I always get a good laugh from Mr Spinxter.
          I am now’s 2:45am Friday morning….it’s very hot & hard to sleep. Waiting for the aircon to be delivered lol Whereabouts in this world are you?

    1. i agree completely! would love to take apart in punishing this man for what he did 🙂 i am a very emotional person, but for raping and killing a child? are you fucking kidding me? i’d fucking dance on his limp neck and pull off his ears

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