Public Market Massacre in Alkorah City, Syria

Public Market Massacre in Alkorah City, Syria

FSA propaganda team says that this massacre happened to do shelling of a public market in Alkorah City, Syria. I’m not an expert, but I’d expect some kind of crater and collapsed walls if a shell was dropped on that area. To me the massacre looks more in line with suicide bombing whereas a bomber wore a suicide vest laced with explosives and set it off when surrounded by enough people.

I don’t believe any claims made by the terrorists. They’ve been full of shit right from the start.

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22 thoughts on “Public Market Massacre in Alkorah City, Syria”

  1. Don’t worry the rebels will let off chemical weapons soon and Hillary, Fucking terrorist bitch, Clinton will provide chemical weapons to the rebels,. Once this is achieved a no fly zone will appear, which will mean attack everything the Assad government do.

  2. only the Arabs are capable of supplying this much gore in one vid. keep up the good work cuz we need the entertainment. when you see too much of this you just don’t give a fuk anymore. PORN! thats where it’s at. easier to fap to and doesn’t remind you of your own inevitable death that awaits you.

  3. If I hear “All-uhh” one more time.. I’m going to yak…. Havn’t these morons figured out that every time one of their Rag-Head compatriots says ‘alluhSnackbar’… 30 people up and die…

    Just an objective observation… Your ‘All-uhh’ could not give a $hit about you or your fly-blown existence….. Every time his name is invoked people die, little girls have their throats slit or any other manner of depravity occurs.

    Your religion is a scam and a joke… I would be laughing but too many are dying in the name of your god… I kinda like this Syrian thing… Reminds me of the Iran-Iraq war…. They were so busy slaughtering one another that they forgot about Christians for a while. Let’s hope these depraved assholes continue for a while… The civilized world is a safer place as a result.

    And try not to blame it all on the Americans…. These vermin have been slitting one another’s throats for millennia.

    1. Youre right!. But I hope you do know they beleive in the same God christians do. Just with a different sick minded prophet who used to be christian and decided to write the quran which he copied a shit ton of info from our bible and added a few things here and there (he was probly one horny fucker while writing it too) and claims it magically decended from the heavens. Pretty cool how one man can be behind all this.

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