Pump Attendant Assassinated at Gas Station in Kingston, Jamaica

Pump Attendant Assassinated at Gas Station in Kingston, Jamaica

Pump Attendant Assassinated at Gas Station in Kingston, Jamaica

At a gast station on Constant Spring Road in Kingston, Jamaica, a pump attendant was shot dead by an assassin who approached him while he was filling up a customer’s car. The attendant tried to run, but the shooter gunned him down and finished him off by standing over his dying body and pumping lead in his head.

The victim was identified as 19 year old Kevaughn McKenzie, a resident of Grants Pen, St. Andrew. The gunman reportedly escaped on a motorcycle.

Props to Best Gore member @jamaicanking876 for the CCTV video of the killing:

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    1. How about working at KFC in Jamaica? weaves go a-flying…lol Is this the island of Jamaica or Jamaica, NY? Both are full of coons. My guess is the latter.

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      Imagine the stench. No amount of chicken frying could mask the stink in that dump.


        1. To be shot? I’ve never been shot. But I guess it is like stubbing your big toe on a ledge when you walk fast.

          Initially you feel the thudding impact of the bullets. The initial disbelief that it’s actually happening. Then a few seconds later, your brain registers the pain of torn flesh and damaged bones.

    1. When I got shot it didn’t hurt until the next day. And that was mostly from powder burn because the bullet ricocheted off my side and I was drunk. I woke up the next day and I was like “oh yea, I got shot”. That was a long time ago. I read about people saying they didn’t feel it when they got shot, I can imagine hot lead in your guts would hurt a lot though. Depends on where you get shot I guess.

        1. Maybe we can ask those fucks in Thailand, looks like we might have a good post upcoming on that one. Says at least 20 dead + Facebook selfies. I’ll bet it looks like that Texas Walmart in there right now. Gotta love modern technology.

    2. No initial pain then feels like a serious burn once the adrenaline wears off. Didn’t know I was hit until fell over and saw the blood.
      Cannot recommend it the pain was not so bad but the long healing time and permanent damage sucks.

        1. Brazil who the hell wants to go there mind you look at thailand gook & gun =30 dead innocents fed up hearing about this crap
          We here in scotland had a shooter 1996 some utter cunt shot & killed 16 kids & a teacher he killed himself & guess what no city in jockland wanted to burn him so my city did it he should have been chucked in the river tay well fish gotta eat

      1. Good example would be the Northern Territory in Australia. It has a murder rate similar to Johannesburg, yet the tourism ads keep coming. Little known fact is that Crocodile Dundee was just a 2-hour advertisment for Americans.

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  4. I think he may had put diesel into the cars fuel tank instead of the requested Super brand.In Jamacai that is a killable offence so the attendant got what he de
    served at least in their bent minds.A quick relatively painless death for a young man taken too soon.RIP.

  5. I wonder why the guy was targeted. Was he just a regular kid trying to live an honest life and he was targeted at random by a member of the world garbage population, or did he have beef and brought it on himself?
    Or possibly he was involved with some criminal activity.

    Also, this is a good example of situational awareness. The guy may have been hyper alert, anticipating anything, head on a swivel, but all it takes is 1 second for an attacker to gain the upper hand and put someone at a disadvantage no matter how aware you are.

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