Puppycide – Cleburne PD Cop Calls Dog Over to Him, Then Shoots Him in Cold Blood

Puppycide - Cleburne PD Cop Calls Dog Over to Him, Then Shoots Him in Cold Blood

An incredibly cold blooded case of puppycide was caught on bodycam worn by Cleburne, Texas PD officer. The cop called the dog over to him, and then shot him without second thought. The dog was not acting aggressively in any way whatsoever, you can even see him wagging his tail. The dog came over to the cop when called, because that’s what dogs do. Poor doggy’s name was Maximus.

Owner of Maximus explained what happened thus:

Our pups got out while we were shopping out of town. The Cleburne PD called my phone, letting me know they were trying to gather the puppies. We rushed back home to find out, by our neighbor, they shot one, and one was in the pound.

I kept calling the chief of Cleburne PD asking why this happened, and how it did because the officer should have waited for animal control. He said: “Ma’am, you do not know how your dogs act around other people. I said “OK, I understand.”

So I decided to request video because I know that cops have to have camera on when shooting fire arms. And I paid one dollar for the video and report.

The cop said in the report that the pup was aggressive and growling and charged at him

Lying piece of shit!

This cop just demonstrated pure psychopathic behavior. Calling over a happy, tail-wagging, non-aggressive animal just to shoot it demonstrates clearly that the cop simply wanted to discharge his weapon, and that he takes pleasure in the thought of ending a life.

Unfortunately, the buddy-boy system in police departments across North America secures them with impunity. When one of the psychopaths does something psychotic, they close ranks to “serve and protect” themselves.

This shooting took place in August. The cops had the bodycam video since then and ruled that the shooting of this “aggressive, growling and charging” dog was justified. If the owner of the dog did not make a request to obtain the video, it would remain justified:

As is often the case, the short video does not tell the whole story… The officer was attempting to secure the other dogs until animal control arrived when one dog became aggressive.

The cops defend each other, the judges defend the cops, and even if they face a lawsuit, it doesn’t effect them in the slightest as it’s the taxpayer that foots the bill for their defense and suspension with pay before they are reinstated. No consequences for civilian and puppy killers at all. None!

Serial killers start with animals and work their way up to people. Our cops, as is apparent, are already on the later stage. They are bullies, sociopaths, and psychopaths who want to be immune to law so they can indulge their perversion.

The Cleburne puppycide video is below. The dog killer’s name is Kevin Dupre:

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      1. ***As a doctor I recommend High Speed Trans-Cortical Lead Injection Therapy;
        it cures pigs dead


        I’m speaking in tongues, as I’m reading your post!!

        But let’s not forget to cremate this bastard, once justice is served. Having it lay in the ground for any extensive period of time, could create “global rotting.”

        1. I really hope that this piece of shit pig was at least reprimanded but I know that is just wishful thinking. I was halfway through the police academy then I thought twice about my decision and realized that I absolutely did not want to be associated with these kind of pieces of shit! This particular asshole pig is the definitive reason why people do not trust ,or like cops! Even the Natzis had more understanding and compassion than most pigs do nowadays. Complete ass hats!

    1. Fucking cops bullies that couldn’t make it in the workforce so they get a badge and a gun and when they can’t shoot a black guy or pistol whip a pregnant girl they kill some poor puppy these murders deserve to be shot like the pigs they are if only the sheeple would stand up against such human garbage.

    1. For Real lol! There’s 2 tragedies here that Poor Dog gets shot and 2 the Cop can’t shoot for shit and We expect these guys to save us from an attack or Death when he can’t hit something right in front of him 5-6 feet what a useless Fuck this Hog is all Around! The Joker would say
      “Even for a Guy like Me That’s Cold”

      1. That is him and if you save his pic, the name of it is COPROACH- lol. What a fitting name for the officer. I may be a little biased since my first dui was in Cleburne. Naw, he’s just a piece of shit for shooting that dog.

        1. Ohh dawn do you not read the title of the post..do you even read the article or you just scroll down to the comments first? How can you participate in commenting if you didn’t not even bother to read the article? I bet you forget to take off the safety cover of a razor blade when you shave.

          1. @3rd

            Listen bro your comments are almost always on the edge of producing an argument with someone I wonder why that is?

            They are full of sarcasm and leaves the original writer of the comment feeling unsure about what your motives are.

            If you wanna be nasty to someone why don’t you just outright be nasty instead of using a rather childish way of getting a reaction.

            Dawn obviously knows he’s a cop and she simply asked the question of why the COPS get away with it. If you can’t figure out she already knew that then unfortunately your the one who’s lacking in understanding!!

            BG is a place where people can come and be themselves, fit in even and it’s people like you give the place a bad name so maybe you wanna think about changing your attitude towards the other members here!


          2. Yah judge well said pfft…It’s not to hard to figure out why cops get away with so much shit..

            @judge wow you have one published post here in BG under your belt and you wanna regulate the playground.

            I didn’t do anything wrong I’m human man I have good days and bad days, don’t act like you never came on here replying to others with attitudes.

            Dude I know what BG is about you don’t have to tell me and I’m doing ecactly what you said being myself if there is anyplace on the Internet for me it’s here… So Don’t tell me what attitude I should change when I post.

            Your obviously a well liked around here hence people reply to your comments even when they are pretty stupid and sometimes didn’t have to be said but oh well that’s how it is, you sound big headed.

            @dawn I’m sorry I was an asshole.

        2. @danielray

          Lol mate I’m holding it don’t worry!!


          By making an apology you admit that your being a twat but don’t try and justify your actions by saying you are having a bad day there’s no excuse to be an asshole to people who have done nothing wrong and blame it on being human. Your in control of what you say and how you act are you not?

          And thank you for reminding me about only have a single post hmm I must endeavour to make some more soon. It’s a bit hard when you don’t have access to a PC! But I’ll be sure to make some more just for you guys but I hope that my sometimes stupid choice of words don’t offend too many people like yourself! 😉

          As for “regulating the playground”.. There’s so much wrong with that statement I’m not going to touch it!! You can probably guess that I’m done with this conversation now!


          1. Listen dude you started it by saying I’m giving this place a bad name. Your nobody special your not fucking better then anyone one els, your just flesh and bone like everyone.

            I’m not offended dude it’s the fucking commenting section of a extremely graphic gore site and I rather be insulted by you, rather then someone I respect.

            Big deal I said a joke about a razor for humor purposes check this out
            “BestGore.com serves as a portal accommodating discussions on various topics involving real life events. Topics are suggested through posts which, with sole intention to stimulate discussion, contain purposefully exaggerated, blown out of proportion, try-hard offensive, or fabricated commentary.” Don’t get your panties in a bunch.

          2. Damn, Dude. Take online comments a little too seriously ? You really let someone you do not know, never will meet, and have no clue about who they are hurt your feelings ? Good thing you are broke and don’t get online much, probably end up with some serious self-esteem issues. Then again, maybe not. You get to play hero enough times because you catch someone misunderstanding a comment then making themselves look like an ass allowing you to jump in and look all smart and hero-like and stuff, you’ll be the ultimate keyboard warrior. I hope that woman thanked you, because she seemed all scared and unable to verbally defend herself until you stepped in…..now take your broke – no-computer-having-ass and go lay down next to your dish.

          3. I do have to say that the laughter will last for a few days over watching you two exchange insults- I am laughing at the fact that I am on a website that completely disrespects the lives of countless people who were unfortunate enough to die in front of a camera. We reduce their lives to a punchline and get enjoyment out of their complete and utter misery. Then, we don’t make fun of the guy who apparently lives in a third world country with limited access to this new technology they call computers and the internet- while another guy apologizes and hopes he didn’t “offend” anyone with a few words in a crowd of people that watch people die for a hobby…this is friggin’ priceless ! Wish I had the time to wait for a rebuttal from the judge, but I remember how long it takes to warm up a commodore64 and he still has to find a phone line to hook up that sweet 56k modem to.

          4. …and third eye- you should have realized what you were dealing with as soon as you wrote the line “Listen dude you started it by saying I?m giving this place a bad name.”
            Some sarcastic comments giving a site that shows people having strange objects removed from their ass a bad name ? You might have realized right there you were not dealing with a mensa member…again, priceless.

  1. Really what the fuck is wrong with this pigs??? For fuck sake its just a poor puppy, shot it for 3x or even more when he turn off that video..
    I hope that pig acquired Ebola, Aids, Herpes,Parasitic worms, Pubic lice, Rabies and Halitosis..
    Its just so wrong to kill animals for pleasure.. 🙁

      1. Exactly! Glad someone gets it @danielray! It’s not just about this puppy dying, it’s about the fear some cities have of their police force because things like this are brushed off as no big deal cuz its “just a dog”. Goddamn am I glad we don’t have this problem in my city!

          1. It’s alright lol I was born and raised in this area so its not that impressive to me. Huge drug problem coming from Philly, New Jersey, and New York but we’re fighting it. It’s pretty awesome to see the police and citizens working together to get this under control. You ever been here? It’s cold as shit already, only 48? tonight!

  2. I read somewhere that of you file complaints against police officers, towards their bonds (NOT the police department) , they will no longer be able to be bonded and will essentially not be employable as a cop anymore. I read that it only took three or four legitimate complaints and the piece of shit loses his bond. I don’t remember the details of what I read long ago, but if you’re interested, this will give you an idea of where to start, an idea of what I’m talking about…. happy hunting…..



          1. I’ve heard a lot of stories of cops in confined spaces like hallways ect. And they are more likely to shoot each other, maybe their hands shake from the adrenalin ? I was taught to shoot at first by family members and when I turned 12 the WWII vets at our local VFW hall taught me as they had a range in the basement, plus my high school had an indoor range. I used to shoot M1 Garand in competition but had to give it up because shooting 500 rounds a day made walking the next 3 days so painful I couldn’t walk. Respect to those old timers I don’t know how they did it day in and day out.

          2. Even the best marksmen can get buck fever the fact that so many cops cant shoot just shows that they are trained to react out of fear. Thats why they scream and carry on when beating cuffed victims. Thier just on adrenaline auto pilot. THIS PIECE OF SHIT….. IS THAT FUCKING LOSER YOU WENT TO SCHOOL WITH who burned cats and picked on the kids with down syndrome. Now hes got a fucking badge. See how they turn us against each other. RAGE

          3. ***it?s because cops panic and can?t shoot for shit. cops get to use ranges for free, so i cannot understand why these men do not have impeccable shooting skills.

            …It may be due to the fact, that they are all high, from the drugs that they’ve confiscated…


      1. Even the best marksmen can get buck fever the fact that so many cops cant shoot just shows that they are trained to react out of fear. Thats why they scream and carry on when beating cuffed victims. Thier just on adrenaline auto pilot. THIS PIECE OF SHIT….. IS THAT FUCKING LOSER YOU WENT TO SCHOOL WITH who burned cats and picked on the kids with down syndrome. Now hes got a fucking badge. See how they turn us against each other. RAGE

      2. Hey @ ki my dick lau
        Chill the fuck out ,if you cant be respectful to our member’s and if cant understand BG rules,click on the puppy and get the fuck out of our community.
        Its that fucking simple.
        Dont bother replying to this comment.im merely stating a fact
        Good Day to you sir!

    1. The dog is wagging its tail, its not running or barking agressively..
      These pigs are just trigger happy scumbags that takes advantage of any chance that they can use their guns.. be it a dog, a cat or cockroach..

      1. Indeed @Obli. You bring the lawn chairs and grill, I’ll bring the food and liquor. We’ll make a day out of it and at the same time send a strong message to those who believe they can murder our pets with impunity. I just looked up the Tibetan Mastiff, Truly Amazing.

    1. Thanks for the info @antropomorphia. I also searched and signed, it was very quick and easy, and I would love it if all SOBs would sign!!! @Obli, I completely agree with you, nothing but a slow torturous death is a good enough punishment!

      1. See, now this is what I think. Death? Oh *maybe* he’ll eventually be dead… After all the fun that can be had is extracted out of that badged piece of filth. The fear of indescribable torture and grotesque, disfiguring bodily destruction. That’d elicit some balance for the crime/s committed. And serve as an abject warning.

    1. A little much no? Maybe some lashing or some sort of punishment… but straight too death for killing of a puppy?… Wow I just don’t get it how you put a puppy’s life more important then a humans even if he is a cop.

  3. I hate animal videoes.
    Theyre worse to watch than most videos on best gore….
    Humans are shit, and treat other humans with no regard…as seen many times on best gore.
    But harming animals a whole heap of shit

    1. Judge im not endorsing you shooting a cop but the “if i knew id get away with it” part is why THEY get away with it. Convenient that teaching us that everything is about us illicits that very response everytime. WE are too important to risk ourselves for a cause. “They are too powerfull overthrow”. Its an illusion. @Everyone stop living in fear ACT. If your afraid act. If your nervouse act. But dont just let it turn you away. Fear is our greatest teacher. And weve allowed it to oppress us for far too long. If it scares you meet it head fucking on and know you will not be moved. Stand and people will stand with you. Now more than ever people will follow courage. Even without a defined purpose.

    2. @Judge Ya sound Hard man tough as nails, but let’s be real you really wouldn’t do that…I don’t get how you and a lot of people on here want to kill him for killing a puppy…the balance is all off..I dunno man never mind but I just think all the energy towards the puppy should go towards an Actual person.

      1. @3rd

        Let’s get one thing clear here… oh ye of little faith. Without trying to sound “hard as nails” as you so eloquently put.

        I find it a little patronising that you seem to know what I would and wouldn’t do in a certain situation? You must have superhuman abilities. Maybe that 3rd eye of your isn’t so rotten after all.

        If you were to shoot my dog and I caught you with a pistol in hand you had better run because you would be dead the moment you came into range and that goes for any other scumbag animal abuser/killer I’d blow your fuckin head off and not lose a moments sleep over it.

        So in future please refrain from telling me that I wouldn’t have the heart or were too scared because of the consequences to do so. I’ve recently just got out of prison for the second time here in the UK and it ain’t such a bad place anyway, hence my 2 months away from BG and if you think your gonna kill a member of my family and get away because of the thought of being locked away you’ve got another thing coming my friend.

        I love it when people like you see a little bit of agression typed over the web and your the first person to call someone an Internet gangster only because you are probably a scared little pathetic tight Jean wearing college boy from a small town in the middle of nowhere.

        Good day to you sir 😉

        1. Dude chill out I never said I was gunna shoot your dog,

          You just dont sound realistic I was just pushing toward the way that you sound tough claiming in your own words “I honestly would shoot this man dead” even knowing he is a cop and this would put you back into prison my friend. So… You want to go to prison possibly for life for shooting a cop over a puppie? Alright man your one tough dude prison 2 times geez let me step outta your way man.

          Thanks I am having a good day

          1. @3rd

            You have obviously never owned a pet in your life especially a dog because if you did you would know that they are much more to you than “a puppie” they are a family member and the penalty for killing one in my book is death!!

            Read my comment properly and you may get a better grasp of what I put! Again your failure to understand what people write is causing problems for you. 😉

  4. Can’t watch it either. It’s official now, I hate cops more. Who could look at a trusting and innocent pup and murder it and get off by it? Someone psychotic. He should be fired and receive a Brazil beat down.

  5. Yup, I can’t watch this one either. I’ve seen a lot on this site as we all have but the animal abuse videos I never have watched. I signed the petition but don’t think its really going to do any good but make myself feel a little better knowing that I did something no matter how small a gesture. Sign the petition my loves!

        1. No its definitely not but what I’m referring to is how society treats dogs as an item. Some people are confused as to why this puppy’s life is so important. We domesticated and breed dogs for our own entertainment then throw them away when they become not worth the trouble. We brought them into our society, it is our responsibility to care for them. My comment was to add to yours, not contradict or lessen it any. Truly sorry if it sounded that way, I did remember you’re a fellow pit lover 🙂

          1. @Issues, You’re talking about a society that throws it’s own children away. Too many of them believe dogs are disposable, instead of a lifelong companion. But now I’m preaching to the choir. 😉

            This video IS very sad and part of a disturbing trend. I understand it angers a lot of members and some are venting that anger on here. Making calls and signing petitions is great, I also advocate those who can going to their local shelter and adopting a dog or cat that would otherwise also be killed. That way, this tragic event is turned into a positive, a second chance for another animal.

          2. I 2nd that! Go adopt from your local shelter or rescue, consider fostering a pet to help ease overcrowding that leads to euthanasia to make room, volunteer at a shelter or rescue, and pleeease spay and neuter your pets!
            I miss anything @IWM hahaha

          3. @IWM I changed my avi to my girls, my older girl Annie (a breed and throw away named Kilo) and my diva Heidi (a stray with no name and no interest in being friends with humans or other animals). Both are rescued from “the list” and as you can see the best of friends. They are inseparable from each other and “their” kitty lol

          4. @Issues, I think you pretty much covered it. 🙂 If you can’t do any of those, please donate a bag of dog / cat food to a shelter or rescue. It’ll be greatly appreciated!

            What beautiful dogs! Those girls ( and their kitty ) are lucky you adopted them, although I bet you’d say you were the fortunate one!

          5. Thanks @IWM and you’re right, they saved me that’s for sure! I’m a totally different person than I was before I adopted them and my cat and that’s definitely a good thing 🙂

  6. I’ve already seen this. If anyone wants to tell Cleburne TX police department how you feel about this their phone number is 817-645-0972. Don’t be so surprised at this, it happens to dogs literally EVERY DAY and not just to pitbull type breeds and reeds that resemble them. This happens to Retrievers, Labs, even little Beagles. You don’t like it then join your local Freeze Don’t Shoot group and fight to put a stop to this shit. If these cowards are afraid of a dog imagine how they react towards humans. Allowing this pussies to carry guns puts our citizens at risk. These are the same officers that will beat up a woman because she was “being aggressive” and shoot an innocent man dead for stealing a fucking soda!

  7. This got me more than watching people die. What the fuck is wrong with this world. Such behavior is absolutely unjustifiable. This is what people are – piece of shit. Abomination of “intelligent life”.
    Poor animal is unable to distinguish what is good and what is evil, it doesn’t know whats happening and why is this happening, what it did wrong.

    It did nothing. This Dog just meet a worse piece of steaming goat shit on this planet. A fuckin two legged troglodyte. What a waste.

  8. What in the fuck…jesus christ. I really don’t like watching that shit. Astounding, absolutely fucking astounding. What in the world was the point if that…they are puppies!
    That was disgusting and ruined my day. I bid everyone adieu.

        1. we here at Best Gore are animal lovers. However, this website depicts the darker side of life and animal cruelty is one such aspect of that.

          you acknowledged that you would see teeth grinding and offensive things before you entered the site proper. There is no argument now for complaining about it.

          1. I am a little confused BG is and would bo offensive to most people ,but what i cant understand is why people do so much crying when animals are displayed,dont get me wrong I like animals as much as the next person,but the violence and gore is so much on a different level why make it out as an issue about animals dont like it ?what about the poor people????

        2. @ibogaine Bro nobody is getting off on this, if somebody voices support for animal cruelty we would run them off this site. It was an awful video but the greater majority was unaware of this taking place “MSM neglected to show this in my viewing area” since it was brought to light members have signed petitions asking for this cop to be fired and have posted the telephone # of the department he works for so we can voice our collective displeasure. Bro I know it’s hard to look at but sometimes we need to be outraged, like you I love and respect animals. I know they did not post this to glorify but to horrify, as we all seem to be. Much respect to you brother for looking out for our 4 legged friends who need people like us to be their advocates.

          1. @alicatt Yea one look at what people searched for to get here is an eye opener indeed. But us decent members of B.G. need to be made aware or how will we ever put a stop to this ? We cannot be unaware if we are to ever overcome the scum that would like nothing more than for us to turn our heads from such despicable acts. People like that thrive when left un-checked. I do truly respect you and your stand on this issue. I hope your doing well. 😉

          2. Since it was brought up…did deadvector get booted off here for threatening to shoot pitbulls? Here we all are outraged at what happened to this innocent puppy yet a member just recently made threats to do the same. I left it go because I’m not impressed by someone who can talk big talk on the internet but since you mentioned that Best Gore respects animals I wanted to ask.

          3. @IGI A few people as I recall voiced their displeasure with him but keep in mind that was another day and a different thread. Everybody argues on here on occasion, me included but those arguments should stay on that thread and not be carried onto others. I know your passionate about what you do and I respect your hard work and advocacy. But arguments from yesterday are the waters of the past. If we all decided to fight yesterdays battles on todays threads you can imagine what they would look like. 😉

          4. @rayf I get what you’re saying and that’s why I didn’t mention it again until now and only now because of your comment. I’m not going to bring it up again but since you mentioned booting people I was curious if that was truly the case.

          5. @IGI I believe he was being more trollish than anything. They get rid of those around here eventually as well. It will happen.

  9. Funny if you look at it cause if that was a human most of ya’s be saying he probably deserved it or how funny he feel to the ground etc. . But now it’s a puppy ya all like oh no not a puppy at the very least it should be a human not puppy ha don’t get me wrong I feel for the lil pup but least he had a quick almost painless deaf considering what other dogs go through like China baking them alive. .

  10. The cop should have to pay a large fine and be demoted, but not lose his job. After all, it’s just a dog. Let’s keep some perspective here everyone. Although I understand the difficulty because most people are just gay for dogs. It’s ridiculous.

    1. The guy is obviously a maniac, man. For what reason would YOU kill a puppy. For having a bad day? May be so, but then you shouldn’t be a cop who’s dealing with violence on a daily basis. Or else I want for myself a fully automatic rifle at the ready all the time and a few hand grenades.

      1. What reason would I shoot a puppy? To save the $50 the ASPCA would charge to euth it. After all, it’s just a dog and the $50 could buy me dinner and a few drinks.

        I also want automatic rifles and hand grenades. They are way fun but completely useless if not at the ready.

        What angers me about this post is not that he shot a puppy, but that he has more rights than I do. If I just shot a puppy, I would go to jail. It’s bullshit, complete bullshit. Cops think they are royalty.

    2. When “just a dog” turns into someone’s child or a woman then you’ll be crying about it. It’s fine if you don’t care for dogs but to murder something that has done you no harm and poses no threat to you as this psycho did is not ok. It is a clear sign of mental instability. It has been proven that serial killers, pedophiles, and whatever other psychos that hurt innocent human beings start with animals almost EVERY time. That means today this cop shoots an innocent puppy, tomorrow he beats the shit out of you at a routine traffic stop just because he can!

      1. It doesn’t mean that at all. Emotions do not dictate logic or reality, no matter how well placed they are. And this officer should not be fired because a bunch of armchair psychologists want to punish him for what he hasn’t done yet. I agree he needs to be punished for killing this dog the same as I would be. But not punished for what could be, or what he hasn’t done yet.

        1. He should no longer be permitted to carry a weapon because of his inability to react logically to a situation. I don’t care if he sits behind a desk the rest of his career so long as he is not put in a situation he obviously can’t handle rationally. If you can’t see the danger he presents to his community then I don’t know what to tell you.

  11. This is why I have no respect for the law in most cases. There are so many videos of things like this happening. I believe officers should not resort to shooting an animal unless it is showing clear signs of aggression and is charging with the intent to cause harm.

  12. sad for the little doggy!! i hope and pray to whatever is out there! this parasite catches ebola and dies a painful death..along with his parasite brothers and big daddy judges! A blade would be to quick for this parasite! he needs to suffer from the inside! pray that this parasite of the law catches ebola!

      1. It’d be worth it to know I at least tried until of sitting idly by while my community is terrorized. First it’s shit like this then they push the line a little further and further each time they get away with it until next thing you know you’re living in a police state and are under their control. Wake the fuck up @3rd I rotten, this isn’t just about a puppy dying!

        1. Dude I am awake, but how do you know your not still asleep dreaming your awake IGI?

          I know whats going on we are under there control and there is nothing you and I can do. You expect me to say fuck it all and ambush some police? Fuck no your an idiot.

          You want to start a war with them, be my guest. But how many of you are on your side? Who’s gunna fund you, You need to Find a leader and people to follow, lots of people will die even maybe you, I don’t believe you have the will power to say fuck it and tomorrow start your war against them let me see how far you get.

          1. There is something we can do. I’m not just going to sit back and say oh well while things much worse than this video happen. We don’t have this problem in my city because we all stood up for ourselves. It didn’t come to an ambush or shoot out thankfully but if it had then I’d take a bullet for freedom. I know I’m wide awake because I’m doing shit about the horrors around me instead of kicking rocks with my hands in my pockets.

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