Puppycide in Racine, Wisconsin – Cops Murder Frightened Dog As It Ran Away

Puppycide in Racine, Wisconsin - Cops Murder Frightened Dog As It Ran Away

In Racine, Wisconsin, a SWAT team murdered a dog in cold blood as it frolicked in its yard, but turned around and tried to run away when it was frightened by a large group of men dressed in full tactical armor, and hiding behind a large military vehicle.

That dog was obviously wielding a large knife in a threatening manner. There couldn’t have possibly been another course of action. The dog was also reaching for an Uzi from behind its collar. Besides, the dog was obviously a criminal, surely gang-affiliated, with a propensity for marijuana. Righteous kill.

The conclusion that can be drawn from all these puppycides that are happening all over the place lately, is that the cops hate the people they swore to serve and protect so much, they want to inflict maximum pain upon them, and figured out that causing them grief by killing their pets under the guise of self defense acts works every time, because it virtually always comes at no consequences to them, but is devastating to the person they seek to inflict pain upon.

That it’s indeed the fact can be observed from the double standard that exists between civilians killing a police dog while defending themselves, and a police killing somebody’s puppy that just trots around its yard.

Here’s the best part – the incident in this video began when the dog defecated on the neighbor’s lawn. To resolve the dispute between neighbors over the dog shit, which allegedly involved verbal threats, full riot gear SWAT team with an armored vehicle and a the K9 unit was sent in. I shit you not.

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165 thoughts on “Puppycide in Racine, Wisconsin – Cops Murder Frightened Dog As It Ran Away”

      1. There is no “let’s start” “should’ve” “would’ve” or “could’ve”s at this point. Everyone on this site watches this shit everyday and does nothing (me included), we are simply part of the flock until we eat the psychopathic shepherd who we allowed to ‘protect’ us. If anyone want’s to take up arms, and not just be a lone gunman who’s written off as a nut; I’m all ears and arms.

        1. ‘everyone’ on this site is not American…..and don’t have these totally fucked up uniformed gang problems. I really feel for the citizens of the USA having to deal with these COMPLETE cunts.

          Feeling very blessed to live where I do…..

          1. It is spreading though. I always felt lucky here but latest in the newspaper is some scum bag going around beheading cats and chopping off their tails too. Why?? Worse, where is it leading. Cat today, dog, human ….

        1. @mighty whitey
          we need more people to make more of a stink and continue to demand justice for those that can’t speak for themselves. But you are right there are so many people out there that would rather watch news about Justin Bieber etc.. pathetic. ..

          1. That’s what I have been saying as well. A lot of you people get on here and complain about why Jesse and Al don’t protest when these things happen. Al and Jesse probably don’t know about it first of all. why don’t you people write them and let them know and maybe they protest. Also, they are only two people and can’t be everywhere at once. Why don’t you people, meaning white people, get out there and protest this since it obviously bothers you?

      1. Civilian Killers what they do best, killing innocent civilians, family pets and overall creating general chaos in the name of public safety. MSM is an absolute joke and too chicken shit to expose the real threat civilians face, exposed to on a daily basis.

        Naturally their response will be the whole we were in fear of our life, yeah a shitload of CK Swat Agents terrified of a puppy…fucking cowardice cunts. Their code is simple: Threaten, Terrorize and Brutalize, hey it’s their way of serving and protecting.

    1. In all the other countries around the world, when the cops have pushed the limit too far, the people will suddenly snap and there were suddenly dead cops everywhere. It’s only a matter of time. And when it happens, the few cops that survive will be crying their eyes out, how they never got any warning before the people revolted on them.

    2. Get yourself an M1A springfield, it’s basically an M14 and 4 or 5 20 round magazines.

      It’s a big rifle and a real battle rifle. It will drop these devils without too much trouble.

      Get some body armor too, you can buy some as a civilian.

      1. Wonderful weapon with it’s 7.62 round, tho I’d recommend a match grade sighted version with tripod for prone long distance hits myself… but good choice @madmar it’s an excellent and efficient battle/sniper rifle. I wear body armor as a manner of course; you can trust the cops to be backshooters more so even than a gang member these days.

    3. ok–the thing is this–why in gods name would a person let a dog lose ,when a swat team is doing this—really–its again the owner fault-poor dog—-but the people who yelling need to slaped up side the head.–oo the swat team is out ther-”go on rover go rite up to them and play bad dog” unreal

      1. poopieon?November 4, 2014 at 8:07 pm?said:

        ok?the thing is this?why in gods name would a person let a dog lose ,when a swat team is doing this?really?its again the owner fault-poor dog?-but the people who yelling need to slaped up side the head.?oo the swat team is out ther-?go on rover go rite up to them and play bad dog? unreal.

        Im right there with you so many unresponsible owners these days an its illegal to have dog out unless theres a fence. The owner basically signed the dogs death warrant when he or she let it out unsupervised an unleashed with no fence, didn’t care about the animal enough is what it comes to.

    4. Well, either the donut shop ran outta donuts , or they don’t have any jism left because they have been jerking off all day , or there’s absolutely no crime of any sort that demands the attention of the fucking swat team cocksuckers in Racine , so they need to shoot that little fucking dog and they needed 20 guys to do it because they might of got their faces licked !!! I fucking hate cops more and more each day . I can tell you that they have done shit to my family because of an allegation ( out of anger and a total fabrication ) and treated my 13 yr old son like a fucking mass murderer . Out of all the cops I’ve dealt with in my life ( I’m 50) ,only 1 or 2 have been good cops and the rest are power hungry and abusers of that badge they wear .

    5. Well, you can’t do a thing. Every legal option is just ignored, brutalized to silence or killed with Justin Bieber (as other people here have pointed out). No, the real uprising will come when food or money runs out. I bet within five years when all the fiat currencies will start to falter. Or wait for a great disaster: Massive earthquake in Japan or the US. Or a free-falling Chinese economy.
      When that happens – don’t live in a city. Be in the countryside. With lots of weapons. And don’t expect the good guys to win..
      I really feel for your country. You really are in the shits so to speak. But I hope you make it cause you’re decent people. Or… well.. at least you don’t behead people all the time.. πŸ™‚

    6. by not being fucktards and containing animals properly. you cant buy dogs like toys and throw them unleashed or penned in your yard irresponsibly. the owner got what was coming to him for being a LAZY careless owner, dog shoulda ben with someone less…fucktarded and better at taking care of animals

    1. The Mountain lion cougars in the hills behind my house love raw, feral, destructive pig… Cops here like to shoot at them too even tho they avoid people unless provoked. They sure knows how to silently stalk & ambush their prey before making it bark out a loud squeal too. A delight when you catch a rare glimpse of it. I hope they develop an appetite for Animal Farm Napoleans in uniforms with guns.

  1. That dog probably had knife, ebola, was chanting Allah akbar, death to America, we’ll the southern states, where all the stupid ones live.
    That dog was gonna destroy that k9 trained german shepherd into little pieces

  2. It’s just a matter of time until a grief stricken dog owner, witnessing their beloved pet shot to death, tries to retaliate and is also killed. Actually, I’m surprised it hasn’t already happened. Maybe that’s why they’re doing this, as there really is no logical explanation.

    1. you know, i read acne ska’s 3rd paragraph (about inflicting maximun grief) – then i read your comment @it was me…..
      …..and the reason for these dog killings become clear – those bastards are trying to engineer situations in which they can “legally” use their weapons to kill humans.

      i hope those commenteers who on previous “puppycide” posts have said “…big deal, only a dog” are paying attention here

      1. @karmen40, Thank you.
        I agree with you, it would be “somewhat” understandable if they were shooting a large dog that was attacking them, even though they could use non-lethal methods such as pepper spay. When they shoot animals that are clearly not a threat, that seems to be the only likely conclusion, it’s to intentionally instigate a confrontation.

    1. They always have to kill innocent
      animals. πŸ™ Hopefully they will find karma someday.

      I finished watching Caddyshack, was a lot better than I thought it would be!
      I now get the pool reference :D, however they went a litte overboard on sterilizing it. Lacey is such a tease, always walking around without a bra. -_-

      So does anyone know how to change the time on BG? I looked all over the dashboard and there is nothing about timezones. The time on BG posts has always been several hours behind, it’s driving me insane.

    1. Even so if you were a dog lover you wouldn’t shoot a dog. I’d either cuddle it all dogs like cuddles. Or taser last resort. All dogs calm down given the opportunity and a piece of chicken. They knew they were going to deal with a dog who shat on lawn. Oh no death penalty which incidentally is what he got. I hate cops. Bullied kids from school.

          1. @karmen40
            Yes I do live in the US.
            I always have them on leashes when walking them but I will be honest and say there have been times where I have walked out the house and the puppy is so damn quick he will get loose and that’s what gets me really nervous. The cops around here harass people for nothing really.

  3. Any good the police do at all, and I mean any good, cannot make up for this kind of out of control barbarity. Besides, the alleged good cops always cover up for the bad ones, and that makes them bad, too.

    I wonder what bullshit the report of this incident will contain.

    1. Here here!!!!!! Fuckers can’t go five minutes without using their guns. Ghurkas who pull their knives out for no reason or even accidentally have to draw blood. They cut themselves. Imagine the police had to shoot themselves everytime they drew their guns? Ha ha lot of dead cops hopefully.

  4. Are these so called cops mentally retarded or something !?, what the fuck are these unscrupulous fucking dick heads on !?. Any twat who kills a defenceless pet in cold blood deserves to die. Hang these fuckers high.

        1. @ewestomper
          I am kind of surprised PETA hasn’t taken more of an interest in these videos… I mean you would think that the animal rights groups would be screaming bloody murder over these but it’s all pretty shush shush

          1. PETA cares more about making stupid fucking videos of trying to guilt trip people into becoming vegans, than they do saving animals.

  5. “Officers, who for over three hours were focused on peacefully resolving this crisis through dialogue, were now forced to deal with the distraction and unpredictability of having the subject’s dog moving through the scene of this active encounter at a critical time.”
    No matter the amount of training, nothing will prepare SWAT for the unpredictability of an Australian cattle dog.

  6. When we live in a society where the police and military have a 70% approval rating and the government is at 15%, local too, how can anything really be done about this stuff? As the old saying goes, its the tail wagging the dog here!

  7. When they’re not shooting dogs dead, they’re shooting cows in fields, beating injured dears to death and menacing other peoples livestock in general.

    I bet the Wisconsin police force has put down more dogs than the local veterinary physician.

    1. @wicked mama,

      I reckon if the police were to come across someone’s pet rabbit they would react like Tim the enchanter in Monty Python and the Holy Grail,

      “That’s no ordinary rabbit, that’s the most foul, cruel and bad-tempered rodent you ever set eyes on. That rabbit’s got a vicious streak a mile wide, it’s a killer”.

        1. Mine has a job, she is my household assassin. She left me a large rat and a mouse this morning by my front door. I love that she kills rodents, but would prefer she take it easy on the birds and reptiles. Today was her first rat

      1. And the fact the dog was black means he’d probably be singled out for murder anyways. Better to have it and not need it and all that… His leash probably doubled as a Yaqui slide holster for his beretta 9… Use his front paw to rub an itch? *Pop! Pop! Poppoppop!!!*

  8. I bet the guy who’s lawn got shat on is laughing his ass off. The cops just did what he was probably threatening to do himself.

    We need more vids of the chick running outside and bitching the cops out. She was about to go off LOL

  9. Full riot gear SWAT team with an armored vehicle for a little dog is going a bit overboard. These pigs are scared of their own shadows. Shit is absurd. Unless some changes are coming, we’re fucked as long as these murdering bastards are on the loose with no consequences to pay.

    1. certainly @wastedtalent, in my country (eng) a police dog is considered a police officer.
      …and if this is the same in the US, ialso belive that “murder in the 1st” in some states is reserved for cop killers.
      so do we (an answer pls, my american friends) have a situation that in some states killing a police dog results in a more serious charge than killing a child?

      1. Yup they would take killing of a police dog very seriously here in the US. Although they are way easy on pet abusers/killers..
        A few months back a dog was found in the middle of the street half dead. The dog was tortured and abused so bad. The owner had the dogs tongue cut like a serpents tongue it was forked. I don’t even think the owner got jail time

  10. Wow, that was insane overkill, and I hope the owner uses the video to put the police department on the rack. Laughable and a legit waste of taxpayer resources.
    I would add though, that loose dogs are now a big problem in many communities. Pet owners do not take the time to really train their animals, and there are so many many incidents of dog attacks and dogs shitting wherever they want. Neighbors get fed up, and rather than work it out themselves they have the right to complain to the local police. So in many incidents it is just as likely some paranoid or pissed of neighbor has brought the police into a situation that they should not be in.
    I can only empathize with many of you here that are angry with the police. But the way to get rid of the police is not by killing them or hating them. It is by having a majority of people who have made some laws about how we get along, and then fucking follow those laws. You remove the police by removing the need for them, not because of what they do through the law that is right or not right because we cant follow those laws. So many have surrendered their own common sense and ability to work together that yes, in a world of 7 billion, we are now seeing systems break down more and more because people do not support them or work with them and the system cannot adjust quickly to handle everyone’s every need or opinion. Sad really, that a little dog getting whacked by a squad of overprotected idiots is a symbol of where we are.

  11. Retitle: Dog runs toward police in defense of owner. Dog gets shot.

    If you were a cop in that situation, and you see an animal running toward you like that, you’re probably going to shoot it. Yes, it started to run back and forth, as it was unsure if it should pounce, but it would have attacked the police if it had continued. They did react a bit too fast, but better safe than sorry.

    1. First of all, the poor dog did not show any signs of aggression, as it it clearly shows on the video. I’m sure those fucking Dudley Do Rights were screaming and the poor dog is backing up and started to run away from the fucking cowards!

  12. I live a few hours away from Racine, and I can tell ya, cops are bored as fuck. Shooting a dog is something they will ‘high five’ about later.

    0 fucks will be given if a cop is killed. We need to keep it that way.

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