Rabaa Massacre Photos – Deposed President Morsi Supporters Killed by Egyptian Security Forces

Rabaa Massacre Photos - Deposed President Morsi Supporters Killed by Egyptian Security Forces

Rabaa meaning fourth or four in Arabic has become the symbol, made by raising four fingers with the thumb resting on the palm, of the repression of pro-Mohammed Morsi anti-military coup protestors by the Egyptian military, Police Force and plain clothes security forces. Democratically elected President Morsi was deposed on July 3rd 2013 and the military, under control of General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, has regained a tenuous control of the country.

The protesters had been camped on Rabaa al-Adawiya Square in the Nasr City District of Cairo for almost two months; the square is named after a religious woman who was the fourth child of a family, and campaigned for freedom throughout her life.

The true number of those killed and injured is unknown; a representative of the Egyptian Ministry of Health announced that only 26 civilians were injured and none killed, but photographs by Agency France Press showed 26 victims, GlobalPost states that there were 149 fatalities and the Muslim Brotherhood has claimed that as many as 2000 people were killed and as many as 20,000 injured

The demonstrators had attempted to block access to the square using sandbags but the government forces used heavily Armoured Army bulldozers, Armoured Personnel Carriers and Humvees with roof mounted remote operated automatic weapon systems to force their way through the barricades and then prevent the tens of thousands of protesters from leaving the area. Despite the claim by the Interior Ministry that live ammunition was not used eyewitnesses report that the government forces initiated the attack, at dawn, using tear gas and fired live rounds from automatic weapons, semi-automatic weapons and shotguns into the crowds; snipers were also firing from positions on nearby rooftops. Tents in which people were sleeping were set ablaze and an eyewitness in the seven stories ‘Field Hospital’ at the square confirmed that many of the victims had been shot in the head or chest, or burned alive.

Following the massacre grieving families were forced to spend hours searching through temporary mortuary facilities where ice was being used to slow decomposition in the stifling Cairo heat, but then came up against officials who insisted that the bodies could not be released without a coroner’s report and a burial permit, which the government and Police refused to issue, unless the families submitted statements that their family members had died from natural caused or committed suicide.

Egyptian State television and the newspapers either failed to report on the fatalities at Rabaa, or blamed the Muslim Brotherhood entirely, applauding General Sisi for his valiant work.

Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim referred to the General as ‘Egypt’s devoted son,’ promising a cheering crowd that he would accept ‘the people’s mandate’ to fight terrorism in a military-led ‘new dawn’

But with such unfaltering support of Sisi and the security forces among much of the Egyptian population, and a deeply rooted hatred for Morsi and his failed policies, sympathy for those killed at Rabaa is scarce, and the Muslim Brotherhood was accused of capitalizing on the bloodshed.

After the military removed Morsi from power, a crackdown on his allies and supporters has ensued, in addition to hard-line security measures enacted by the Interior Ministry that have some activists and international leaders questioning the intentions of the interim government.

The silence from Western democracies in relation to human rights, popular will and democracy is deafening.

Interestingly, Wikipedia states that Egypt has, since 2002, been consistently within the top 4 benefactors of United States military aid with US$ 1,301.9 million contributed in 2010; good to see those tax dollars being used wisely and humanely, in killing peaceful protesters.

In the meantime; take a look at the device on the roof of the Humvee; I think that it’s a pumped diode laser designed to interfere with the vision within 500 metres during daylight (and up to several kilometres at night); it emits an intense green light and can cause severe ocular injury if used within 20 metres of an individual unless the safety detection devices are active.

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      1. :lol:……… Towel heads :mrgreen:

        My brother uses that term all the time and I always say to him…….. are you racist ? ( he is )

        I still do ;)…….. In saying that, these sand dwellers are using the correct ‘garb’ in the desert and if that’s what it takes to suck resources so be it 😉

        Never mind 😆

  1. Thank you, @nastypersuasions. It’s obvious you put a lot of research into this and I appreciate that. The thing I found most interesting was your explanation of the pumped diode laser.
    Personally, I don’t believe there will ever be peace in that region. Those countries have been fighting since time began and they’ll fight until the end of time. I wish the Western nations would let them sort it out amongst themselves. Cut all aid, humanitarian and military, and let the wealthy Arab nations help them.

    1. I wish the Western nations could take a step back, and let the Middle East take care of itself, but I have a feeling that division amongst different forms of Islam, and who knows what else prevents them from playing nice with each other. Also, I’m sure the oil business comes into play…as well as “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.” from us Western non-Muslim cultures. It’s all just one big god damn shitty mess.

      1. Agreed. It pisses me off to no end how Obama has a hard on for war in Syria just to help his al-Qaeda buddies. That civil war is none of our business, just like Egypt was none of our business, and yet he wants to give weapons and aid to everyone who hates us, and to help the FSA terrorists overthrow a sable government and slaughter Christians. It’s complete madness.

  2. Muslims, a word to send many a shiver down the spine of the free western man, however let us not forget that the western man is much the same in their differing view points except we take it in the ass when our governments decide to mount us.

    Yes, the Muslim Brotherhood are filth, even I despise them with their caveman views and their child like belief systems, they truly deserve the hatred that they themselves derive from their perverse religious ways.

    Why is it then that they can get so passionate about who controls their countries whilst we, the free west, bend over and take it in the tail pipe.

    Let us forget for a moment that the extreme Muslim exists and look at the situation without bias, the main population who voted for a government are being derailed, their choices are being eroded and they fight to the death for their right of choice.

    We in the west vote for our leaders, who are a very select choice, because we are told to, even though we ourselves did not choose the candidates, we are merely told to select from a predetermined choice, this is not democracy, this is the illusion of democracy.

    The conclusion, we are all brain washed automatons in that we believe what our “leaders” tell us, we fall for every trick, hook, line and sinker, we believe in the idea of “free choice” because we are given the illusion of choice and as such we despise those who do not give their people a choice.

    The Muslim Brotherhood should be opposed for their extremist views however so should the pro capitalists with their perverse ideas of “work sets you free” the ideal that work is everything and leisure is to be despised, profit is god and loss is hell personified, all while making sure that wages are kept extremely low via wage slavery and house prices remain extortionately over the average mans ability to pay and maintaining that the young work for free to gain that most important “experience”.

    Let us then despise the extreme Muslim’s view point but not their manner of coordination and action, we could learn a thing or two, if we all worked together and supported each other, even against governmental resistance, we could once again, through power of numbers, create change.

    The free vs the brainwashed is not as apparent as represented by our filthy media outlets for the definition depends upon where you stand and who you stand behind, we are all slaves if we depend upon others to live, we are all brainwashed if we depend upon others to think, the free man as such does not exist.

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  3. bravo to the brave people of egypt who protest in defiance of the military dictatorship bank rolled by america and israhell. how dare the people get off of their asses and try to force change. it is much more civilized to stampede and trample people while trying to secure a plastic “bargain” at the black friday douche bag fest.

    1. That’s a tad presumptuous Uli.

      It’s nastypersuasions point of view and should be respected.

      Clearly these other folks that post these stories have been given a certain amount of trust and ‘freedom of speech’ 😉

    1. Andrew

      Sluts and whores; directed at whom?

      Read my posts and you’ll get my research, interpretation and no bullshit.

      BestGore doesn’t ‘copy and paste’; each posting is carefully researched and the salient points extracted and we attribute sources, including photographs.

      Using automatic weapons on largely defenceless civilians gets my goat; I’ve found one photograph of onw home-made firearm in Rabaa Square; not exactly good odds; wait for the videos and you will see why.

      Doctor Nasty

  4. Arbaa is four in arabic not rabaa

    Keep on posting more of this nasty gore I show them to my friends who’s arab too and they hate being Arabs
    Just want to educate them of what’s really happening in the world as news so brutal like this are not allowed in our homeland emirates

    1. malikah

      Thanks for that; I was using various Western newspaper sources and they were all coming up with rabaa as meaning four.

      Unfortunately, when I use google translate to transcribe ‘four’ and ‘rabaa’ into Arabic, I get:

      Rabaa ?????
      Four ?????

      Similar, but not identical.

      Doctor Nasty

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