Rabaa Massacre Video – Morsi Supporters Killed by Egyptian Security Forces

Rabaa Square Massacre Video

As previously indicated BestGore wanted to post videos of what, exactly, went on in Rabaa Square, last month.

Here is the first of those videos; note the security force snipers posted along the roof parapets in the first few images of the video and the circling government Gazelle and Hind helicopters.

Tear gas canisters, automatic and semi-automatic fire continue throughout the video and that pumped diode laser makes an appearance towards the end of the clip on an Armoured Fighting Vehicle (more on that in a subsequent video).

The video documents chest, abdominal and head wounds, caused by high velocity weapons which, despite the best efforts of the medical staff; including the use of chest drains, are predominantly fatal.

Note also, that square contains numerous women and children; in fact, the only thing that appears to be missing are weapons, unless you count the stick being brandished by the protester towards the end of the video.

Author: nastypersuasions

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110 thoughts on “Rabaa Massacre Video – Morsi Supporters Killed by Egyptian Security Forces”

      1. Shut up, dude. I’m so sick of the moral police trolling this website. Crying about shit you don’t like. I’ll make you cry…lets talk about raping old ladies with tire irons, lets talk about crucifying infants and burning down churches…go suck obama’s dick some more.

        1. Opinions are like arseholes everyone has one, so I’ll give a quick flash of mine. Ultimatly we’re all people at the end of the day, yes we may be a hell of alot different and while i don’t agree with their snackbaring religious bullshit, they have just as much right to not be murdered as we do, however it seems wherever their ideology goes death and oppression follows. I do not wish them harm or death, I wish they’d get their fuckin act together, I’d like to help them somehow as long as it doesn’t come at a cost to me and my own. Untill they drop Islam i couldn’t care less if they wipe eachother out over there and we (the western white guys) shouldn’t be over there or arming the rebels at all.
          Again… this is just in my humble arsehole

          P.S there needs to be a Burkka ban in all non Muslim countries its not fair that i get asked to take my hoodie down when I go into a supermarket and the muslims waltz on past. (probably with a big fucking grin on their face)

        2. I don’t know what the fuck they did to themselves. When Europe was in the Dark Ages, the Muslims were experiencing their Golden Age…. Now they’ve degenerated into a bunch of Islamist extremist who like beheading people who don’t believe their ways, want to topple governments to create their own Sharia law, while the rest of “Europeans and Americans” have somewhat pulled themselves up. We may not be in a ‘golden age’ but we’re sure more civilized than these savages.

          1. Excellent point Lagoonguy. How did they revert to animal status? Didn’t they invent math, or some shit like that? Also, they supposedly had the world’s most kickass library in Alexandria before it burned down in a suspicious medieval sand nigger insurance scam.

      2. no morsi should not have stayed in office after he suspended the constitution that the people had voted on he went with the way of the arab spring (terrorists) ! now this is a sad video lots of unneeded death but this is the way of the middle east ! so how’s this for un-educated ” not all muslim’s are terrorists but all terrorists are muslim ” FACT !!! SO SHOULD WE CRY FOR ISLAMEST KILLING ISLAMEST KILLING ISLAMEST …… ? I think not BUT I feel so so so sorry for the children of those people , they did not chose to be terrorists they are forced into it !

        1. If not forced they go into it after they experience shit like this. I’d fuck shit up after watching my mother bleed out on a dirty floor. And if the government in my country was responsible for it as blatantly as these guys are then lord help them.

      3. yeah dickweed everybody is sick of the racist card now its gettin old and tiresome ,so why dont you shut the fuck up playing on that old same record ,aww boo hoo hooo you are racist you are ,awww woo boo hoo . i mean what you going to do cut her tongue out ?if she doesnt like people who scream allah ackkbar like fuckin idiots she doesnt have to .stop trying everybody to like everybody cos it aint going to work .

      4. Suck a dick vicious..I’ll say whatever the fuck i want to say..freedom of speech cunt..i give a fuck bout a dune coon..but i feel bad for the children and the innocents…..honestly i could give a flying fuck bout em…SOOOOORRY..haha..not really..fuck out myface faggot..

      5. Its extremely ironic that you say that given the fact that this person has the right to express his/her opinions and you put them down like that on a website that is dedicated to showing people what its like to have your rights taken away.

      6. Racist Islamist cavemen do nothing but rape, murder and destroy anyone who does not share their narrow and hate-filled view of the world. We would all be better off without them. Being against Islam is not racist, it is Pro Life.

  1. Thanks for this vid @nasty, powerful stuff. Great glimpse into the horrors of war and the unmistakable looks of death that result. And after the 500th Allahou Akbar you start to realize how brain dead people are.

    1. amnyc

      As a war, it was rather one sided; governments just hate dissent.

      The British news almost had me pushing my fingers down my own throat, this evening, as the politicians realise that many of them are probably going to be jobless in not so many months, and are so desperate to stay on the gravy train that they will sacrifice everything to maintain their status quo.

      Thanks to Acneska and Vasily, as well; I was having real problems getting the video to link with the post.

      More to come.

      Doctor Nasty

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  2. That’s sad and all, but wouldn’t they have to ask themselves if saying “Allah Akbar” over and over is even worth it, knowing good and well the security forces and chanting the same shit? It kind of diminishes the point if both sides are using the exact same war cries. Is Allah going to help both of them simultaneously?

  3. I love the sad music in the background, really tugs at the heart strings! Ha, as with all the protests in the country the military had warned the protesters that if they stayed, live fire would be used to disperse them.. And that’s exactly what happened, then everyone wants to say how brutal the military is and so on.. It’s like saying there is a train coming thru at such and such time, and if you stand in front of it your most likely going to die.. What do these fucking ppl do, bring god damn babies and kids to a protest with them!! Great idea, Allah Akbar!!!

    1. You simply defined “resistance.” Standing up to a machine, against all odds, takes the pledge of steel balls… and vag. There was a time when ours (not I) did the same. If you must, fault the cause, not the measures taken.

      1. The right and wrong (left) pull the strings. Those in the fight truly believe that they are on their version of God’$ ju$t fight. Enjoy the fruit$ of our empiriali$tic empire whil$t you blame our under$tudie$, more-commonly thought of a$ $lave$.

  4. Thank you for the censorship! In this case, as I hinted, it was warranted for being completely off-topic/irrelavent. I will post a new one about decapitation that I hope measures up. The other was just semi-porn. This is death.

          1. I’m not trying to jew bait you Bru. No! It’s just your pic reminds me of Patrick Bateman, who works for Pierce and Pierce. Do you happen to know some guy by the name Paul Allen? Never mind, I have to return some videotapes.

      1. As I said, “warranted.” I made no complaint, nor do I care to. I am simply unfamiliar with this type of forum. I thought the content might be interesting to some (particularly) the photo of the Mexican head on a Jeep hood right outside my apartment) but I acknowledge that it waa off-topic. For clarificatio: had I posted such a link on a cartel beheading entry would it have been acceptable? Are there means og submitting related content to a/the moderator/s? Thank you. Love the site.

  5. This is just a small taste of the Arab Holocaust that is taking place all over the middle east thanks to Israel. International Jewry is behind all the death and destruction in all of these middle eastern countries. If Obama had any balls, he would fire some cruise missles at Tel Aviv, or a nuke….whatever.

    1. So one group of muzzies hates another group of muzzies and yet the almighty “Jew” all powerful, all knowing and all seeing as you make them sound, causes it? I don’t like Jews any more or less than anyone else ,assholes everywhere; but I think you give the Jew waay to much power and credit almost godlike. You end up in advertently worshiping them.

      1. No, that’s wrong. The facts are that the Jews are in political control of this world and most working class people have no knowledge of that. So regular people need to see comments like these so they can wake up to the reality of the Jewish takeover of political power in our white countries. People have been brainwashed to not talk about race. And there are not enough voices informing society about the truth. But hey, you’re entitled to your opinion.

    1. We cannot win another war. We lack the hatred to finish things as they must be finished in a winning war… with utter brutality and vengeance, absolute disregard for conventions, even ‘The Geneva.’
      War is disgusting and hateful, and must be fought as such.

  6. The only thing thats great here is the suffering. Together in pain. Neverending fights, divide et impera, running against a wall over and over again, instead of climbing over the corpses of the self nominated eunuch masters towards divinity. This is the future for us all, decimated, living in megalomaniac monster moloch megacities, apart from nature, mentaly retarded and devolved to a subspecies.
    The stealth agenda is working very well out.

    Thanks Doc, it was somehow beautiful.
    Thanks to the people who are keeping the gore spirit of this site up.

  7. Some of you don’t realize that these people who are getting injured and killed are a very small minority that wants to make problems.The egyptian army and gov have let them protest for over a month without any harm.

    Then the gov decided to stop the protesting due to it being invalid and gave a 1 week notice(or so) to clear the area but instead of doing that they brought in their women and children more to the area.

    You figure it out whose fault is it…and i repeat these are just a few minority (couple of thousands versus over 80 million other egyptians who didn’t approve of Morci being a worthy president)

    1. I was at dinner with a friend from college’s parents and my friend’s father kept suggesting we “turn the desert into glass.” The more glasses of wine he had the more talk of glass. “Motherfucking peace on earth fucking finally.” He’s ill, but not misguided.

  8. what is the point behind all of this bloodshed? they are all f#cked up if you ask me, everyone in the middle east. everyone killing each other and all calling out to the same god. this video makes me feel blessed, blessed to have a home, and to have peace, and that my family is alive and well.

  9. It seems to be easy to speak arabic. They communicate with each other only using “allah hu ackbar”.

    Allah hu ackbar! (good morning!)
    Allah hu ackbar! (mornin’!)
    Hu Allah ack bar? (did you go to the bar?)
    Allah bar ack hu… (Alla forbidden me)
    Ack Allah hu bar (as if Allah would know…)
    Allah ackbar hu (see you later!)

      1. La la, la la la la, allah hu ackbar!
        Nice one! Many similarities: Phrygian caps; 1 girl in the village, Smurfette; an evil ‘cleric’, Gargamel; an unwilling subordinate, Azrael; complete faith in a glorified dictator, Papa Smurf; a suicide bomber, Jokey Smurf!

  10. At the end of the video that little kid crying because he lost his mama,that is the type of shit that upsets me it does not matter what race you are we are all human all of us have RED blood I don’t under stand why every one has to kill each other? smoke some weed and get along.

  11. Those flat panels mounted to the top of the armored vehicles look more like LRADs (Long-Range Acoustic Device) than green-laser dazzlers. (Not that LRADs are a good-time device or anything, but I thought I’d point that out.)

    Thanks for the video. I’ll look forward to seeing the videos you have regarding the green-laser dazzlers.

  12. Propaganda of the people.. The government forces are obviously in contact with armed opposition due to the heavy rate of fire you can hear, it’s not just potshots at civilians with sniper rifles you can also hear heavy support weapons which leads me to believe two groups are in a firefight, obviously women and children should not be around firefights…

  13. Typical propaganda video. Show pictures of injured people and dead kids. Edit out the ones where the these people were killing soldiers.

    Good thing the military stepped in before Mursi purged it’s ranks and replaced them with Islamists. Those guns would have been used to suppress the majority in the name of Islam.

  14. whilst we in the west take obvious interest in these countries we need to start looking inwards a little more reason being here in the uk we are building mosques as if they are going out of fashion, islam is growing at an alarming rate and as ghadaffi once said islam will one day rule the world not by the sword but by pure numbers and that is one thing that we the west are overlooking

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