Raging Brazilian Man Beats Another to Death for Disrespecting His Mother

Raging Brazilian Man Beats Another to Death for Disrespecting His Mother

I don’t speak any Portuguese, but I was told the phrase the raging lunatic repeats over and over is “Respeita minha mรฃe“, meaning “Respect my mother“. Somebody should turn off the speech loop in his brain, for fuck’s sake.

The video shows an altercation on the street in Brazil that turns violent and ends with the raging man beating the absolute living shit out of the other, while telling him to respect his mother – whatever that means. I guess if mom says she wants it up the ass, you put it up her ass. Don’t disrespect her by not giving her the anal massage, porra!

Some people from the crowd tried to intervene, but each quickly realized it was in vain. The rage was real in that guy, and he was not stopping. When he started to bash the opponent’s head into the concrete, that’s about when the last seconds of his life began to tick away.

He should have beat the guy making the badger mating call noises in the beginning of the video instead. WTF?

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82 thoughts on “Raging Brazilian Man Beats Another to Death for Disrespecting His Mother”

    1. Hey Hitler, I agree. Remember the teen girl that allowed herself to be clubbed on the head? She went all goofy, eyes rolling, gasping, spastic arms flailing and shit… It scared the assailants who tried to revive her because she “dinnduu nuffin’ bad enuff to get kilt for. Sometimes, them Brazilians die 2 EZ…. but oh well you can’t always count on them Brazilians to do things rite.

    1. It`s not a black people “thing “. It`s a human thing. I`m from Georgia ( Caucasus ). If you say something indecent about my mama in my presence, I will rip your throat out. Respect is a big thing in here.

  1. That didn’t look like enough force to kill a man but what do I know? The victim was obviously drunk and the attacker would probably fold himself if he actually went up against a formidable opponent not a good fighter just took the opportunity to lash out on someone weaker and not even in the right state of mind. I find it silly people get so upset when someone “disrespects their mother” its an obvious ploy to get one riled up, either way don’t talk that shit if your ass cant cash!

  2. But the bloke was right, i know that cunt and his mother’s a right whore, she sucks cocks every day, she sits in a trailer and the men queue up for her skills, sometimes she even does it on a voluntary basis, i even been a few times myself, she’s good, a good whore

  3. What the fuck happened with regular fighting where everybody went home afterwards? Completely sick and fucking tired of these fucking pieces of shit bashing heads off of the pavement and head kicks and acting like they’re all MMA.

  4. That assailant didn’t seem right in the head, like he was retarded or something. Reminds me of the movie “Something About Mary”. Whose unbalanced brother would go all ape shit if anybody touched his ears.

  5. I will do the same if someone dare to insult my mother (or my father) in front of my face, maybe a “little bit” dismemberment or “mexican drug cartel” style of execution is a good lesson for them.

  6. As for the badger mating call at the beginning, it sounds like it’s a variation of the ebonics form for “Blat” or “Blap”, which is an onomatopoeia for the sound makes when fist makes contact with flesh.

    It’s usually the rallying cry you hear to incite a fight between idiots, as seen above.

    I do enjoy the ASMR of head hitting concrete, though. <3

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