Rape Video with Bottle in Mellah, Rabat, Morocco

Rape Video with Bottle in Mellah, Rabat, Morocco

Rape Video with Bottle in Mellah, Rabat, Morocco

A video of a woman (prostitute) who was found Raped and beaten in an empty street in Rabat, Morocco. The woman was found unconscious on June 8th and died by injuries on June 11 at the hospital.

In the video we see the rapist inserting two big bottles of glass in the woman’s womb and anus, then he proceeded to break the bottle of glass inside the woman’s body by some sort of hammer, the woman was begging the rapist and the cameraman to stop what they’re doing, the cameraman said that he already asked the rapist to stop but he didn’t listen, and then proceeded in filming.

The rapist was arrested shortly after the woman was found, but the video just showed up, which led the authorities to start searching the persons who were filming too.

Props to Best Gore member @s7ayta and @moroccophobia for the video:

Handful of pictures:

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    1. don’t get me wrong but that fat little chubby looks like she would enjoy a rape “scenario” under cirtain circumstances.

      couldn’t watch past 30 sec, shit is disgusting, I’m no gay (hell nah), but disgusting shit is disgusting, fuck you all

      1. The glory Führer himself Adolf Hitler (Heil HIM) was not wrong, no doubt, he would have had ALL this people involved killed, after that, their families, so their roots are destroyed, too

        SIEG HEIL

        wanna get outta dis shit, fuck you, too

      2. @tatk Agree, a lot of women do like to be ‘used’ if they trust you, you would be surprised even the most independent, intelligent, beautiful, strong-willed women, like it, it appeals to their female nature I guess, there are women who don’t obviously, but at least ‘light’ stuff like ropes and other such bondage, etc, seems to appeal on a grander scale, they have to trust you though, more ‘extreme’ stuff like using knives, etc, not so much, but there are women who like that stuff out there, just harder to find.

    2. This vid needs to be removed. I haven’t watched it but if it depicts actual rape then it should not be shown surely. Don’t get me wrong I’m a BG fan of about 8 years. But the useless shits we regularly see at their
      demise might be somewhat entertaining. But there is no diginity here. A sad day for BG.

        1. ! This shit is mild in comparison to all the other atrocities we have the privilege of being able to see on BG. 🙂
          Don’t complain when something shocks or
          bothers you. No one is forcing you to watch.

          1. He eats da poo poo.
            When I first watched that, I thought these people were just ignorant. I didn’t believe people actually ate shit. Turns out that there are some truly deranged people out there. I’d like to thank o’l shit eater fag, for opening my eyes, and turning my stomach.

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          1. Oh, I get it. You are a “fem” guy. Feminine · Having qualities that are traditionally thought to be typical of or suitable for a woman. I’m actually an open minded person. I don’t care what others do with their lives, as long as they don’t try to force their beliefs on others. You are hateful to those who aren’t gay men. You give gay people a bad name. I find it quite insane how prejudice you are considering the marginalized place you occupy in society. I know why you do it though.
            And of course it’s laughable. I’m laughing.

          2. You’re calling them sick hetero Like being one is sick and wrong lol?! That’s laughable. You’re neither a man or woman and you’re throwing stones at a whole sex

    1. You won’t find that in rapes. Most rapes are not gory or even “violent”. They sure are bad though no doubt, even more so for the perpetrator than the victim, imo. For someone to be so blinded by a rage of lust is absolutely pitiful.

      1. To rape is indeed pathetic, considering that the perpetrator is so far gone as to find lust in the agony of another. However, they usually aren’t scarred by the experience, nor do they wash their skin until it bleeds, or feel so much shame they want to die. These reactions in the victim don’t occur all the time either, though the fact that they’re well-known indicate a significantly higher frequency. I believe the victim feels more pain but I do see your point.

        1. Personally, your most contentious statement is that most rape is not violent. What is not violent about a person forced to stay down and be sexually violated? Rapists are already lacking in sympathy, so disgusting fetishes and painful indifference occur quite often. Furthermore, rape is commonly about power as well. For example, strangling, depriving the victim of air through some phallic shape (not necessarily a man), and fucking them without regard until they’re bleeding and pleading. Rapists don’t care about lube. It’s quite like a dry punch to the inside of an orifice. Oh and did I mention the smell? To consider even these common practices non-violent would leave me nothing to say to you.

          1. You’re right. It usually works upon the mentality of control. Sometimes the mentality of control is found in women when they abuse their children. Sometimes children also show such a mentality of control when they play with an ant. And because desire and anger have a very close relationship so denial of such control quickly manifests as anger which leads to violence. Most rape is not violent is actually the opinion of a popular feminist Germaine Greer. As per law the definition of violence varies, and I feel no harm in abandoning a technical definition of violence and agree with you to the reasonable extent.

          2. Not all femininists are accurate in their views, unfortunately. It sounds like this one is talking out of her ass. Rape is called sexual violence for a good reason.

  1. I once tried to rape a wide mouth bottle of Coors Light, but my massive throbbing cock would not fit. Can’t remember why I did it or why I was drinking Coors Light to begin with. Angel Dust is a hell of a drug!

          1. You already know about the Justin Berber Salon. That’s where you go for your ass hair perm and pampering to keep your
            anal shutter looking like a wad of chewed gum in a Brillo pad.

    1. I would say religion, especially in the present, in general is bad at raising good people. Most of religion just like everything else is corrupt. Actual religion is hard to follow, too tough for common people, so they either dumb it down or twist it as per their inclinations.

        1. What people should be doing they can’t, not in the present. It takes a completely different kind of people and atmosphere to do what one actually should. Regardless of that, people of today will continue to follow their own natures. Nothing except a mass genocide by nature of almost the entire civilization and then re-population by a chosen few can make this happen. And that will happen on it’s own in the due course of time.

    1. The traditional morocco bottle-up season has started.
      Its that time of year again for moslems when things get bottled-up.
      ‘considered as rape’ is not a Question.
      The Question is WHERE as its obviously quite clear ‘yay or nay’ depending on what country its in.

      Looks like an infestation of moslems is starting here on this BG site. An antiChrist-people with no idea of morality.

      1. Quite right, I guess it would vary as per location. It’s a sorry state what lust, anger and greed can make people do and create hellish conditions for themselves and others. Also just for the sake of record, I’m not a moslem.

          1. A well -meaning moroccan ,obviously sincere ,respectable and probably secular and western -educated tried to tell me Morrocco was not like this. He was right. Morocco is usually safer than all Moslem countries but it is always a question of degree. They -moslems-have not become civilized yet and are still tribal and shit still happens.

            Women and children are raped and murdered a lot and then” honour killings “happen to cover it up.fucked up shit. He had bad luck because since he said Morocco is good we have seen this and the rape of murder of the ten year old all in just two weeks or so.ha.

          2. Yep Morocco was not like that but after the king Hassan 2 was dead , Morocco became bad so bad … Thiefs with machettes robbing people and leaving a scar on the victim’s face , and other things ..

  2. This is gore you idiots, just because it is in her vagina that doesn’t mean it is “rape” he tortured her, he didn’t “rape” her, he inserted something in her vagina to torture her. I wonder who the fuck this idiot was, if you are not going to rape her to draw pleasure to your cock why bother doing that to her and then break the glass bottle inside her?

  3. Lol, I expected way more out of this. He should’ve broke the bottle inside of her and fucked her with it. That would be a little better. Is it technically rape if she seemed like she was willing? Cause if someone was raping me, I’d be trying to prevent everything, not just laying there and taking it… Unless I liked it…

  4. Her name was Hanane, 34 years old. She was tortured, raped and killed by a 56 year old man in the middle of the street. Not a prostitute from what I read. According to her mother, the man had been threatening and sexually abusing her for a long time.

  5. I come here to observe the reality of humans. Some humans. The lowest of the common denominators. Thankfully there are very different humans on this planet. A far cry from what is shown here- in the videos as well as many in the threads who oftentimes make the people in the videos look like saints.

    Humans. Yes I feel like an alien here. Always have and no doubt always will.

  6. Oh god is this shit good!!!! Can you believe how forcefully he went about wreaking that cheap slut’s cunt to total ruin?? Or how thrilling it was to hear how loudly she screamed when he levered that bottle upwards in her, so you know her fuck-me-tube has been torn beyond repair!? And then, as if it wasn’t good enough to see him hammer-smash those bottles to oblivion , he then had the gall to use the head to push all those loudly ‘KRINKLING’ shards up into her baby-roaster! Oh, if only he’d then used that bludgeon to bash-shatter her pubic-mount as well!! God, did he know how to SHOW HER!!!! Now that’s what you do to a woman!!!
    And then, because it’s so hard to kill them by their cunts, it took three whole days for her glass-gashed-up bassinet to finish her off!!
    And that’s how every woman should die. Killed right in her PUSSY!!!!

    And that being said. HOW THE HELL are we NOT seeing this from when they brought her there, stripped her, and had all that fun beating her up??????
    As well as everything they did after this stops!!

    Now, take EVERYTHING they did to her, and do it to the SCUMBAG who pasted that unsmiley-storm-cloud over the top of this, virtually ruining what little clip of this we actually get to see!!

  7. Pure evil. Forgot white knights. Where, when you need him, is that pit bull who tore off the rapist’s junk last week?

    Just an afterthought: how did the captioners know the victim was “a prostitute”? Was their unimpeachable source perhaps her fuckhead rapists? And does her employment history really matter—is it easier to get off on her suffering if she’s a Bad Woman? Wait—am I really dissecting Madonna/Whore Paraphilia in 2019? Seriously?

  8. Pure evil. Forgot white knights. Where, when you need him, is that pit bull who tore off the rapist’s junk last week?

    Just an afterthought: how did the captioners know the victim was “a prostitute”? Was their unimpeachable source perhaps her fuckhead rapists? And does her employment history really matter—is it easier to get off on her suffering if she’s a Bad Woman? Wait—am I really dissecting Madonna/Whore Paraphilia in 2019? Seriously?

  9. Two Topics. One these fucking dudes should be found tortured and killed. Two for the people crying about rape on here this site has shown so much fucked up shit im fine with rape being shown honestly its not even as bad as half the shit I have seen on this site, most of you are closeted serial killers and come here to fap, so don’t talk about bg having class.

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