Remains of Dismembered and Decapitated Man Found in Coffin

Right Size Coffin for Amputated Limbs and Severed Head

According to the information I got, this happened in Pedro Juan Caballero, Paraguay. I was unable to verify that information. I checked to see if maybe the pics are related to this video, but I don’t think they are.

The pictures show the remains of a dismembered and decapitated man stuffed neatly in a coffin deposited at a corner of some building. There are black plastic bags next to the coffin, I wonder what’s in those. Pieces of quartered torso, perhaps?

Props to Best Gore member @dana1216 for the pics:

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62 thoughts on “Remains of Dismembered and Decapitated Man Found in Coffin”

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          3. @sekritajun

            From what I understand, sharks prefer not to eat humans, first of all because the taste is unfamiliar to them, and second, because we provide very little in terms of protein, since most humans are lean, sinewy, and bony. A seal is nice and plump; prolly worth their while much more.

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      1. Well, actually it IS bad, because it would involve killing someone first, which is against the Bible. But the Bible, or rather God himself, doesn’t prohibit the eating of human flesh, so if you could convince someone to amputate their leg so that you might cook it, that would be alright.

        1. First. The Bible means nothing to me.
          Second. I would only feel comfortable killing someone who by mine and societies view is “bad” otherwise I would have already done it I have no doubt

          1. Yeah, but would you really want to EAT someone whom you considered to be bad enough to merit the death penalty? I mean, there’s a slight risk you might be consuming their essence here.

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    2. Looks like he was ripped apart. If he was cut up like all the other articles on BG then he’d have cleaner cuts of meat and skin and probably not much hanging out of the skin holes. Also his left leg has some pubes/maybe partial genitals attached still, definately ripped limb from limb somehow.

      At least he’s not in one of those long plastic or metal tubs they use to collect body parts off the road.

  1. Man…always boggles the mind to see a human torn apart like this. That was once a sentient being; a mind with the ability to appreciate pictures and text, just as we are doing as we nose around this website.

    But on the other hand, and there’s always another hand, he was prolly a vile human being to have incurred enough of someone’s wrath to end up like this.

  2. well those caskets are used by the coroners to transfer the bodies to the morgue so they can perform the necropsy, but for what i understand from looking at the scene the body was dismembered somewhere else and was dumped in plastic bags.

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