Remains of Murdered Teenager Found – Nothing But Bones

Remains of Murdered Teenager Found - Nothing But Bones

Brazilian police apprehended juvenile delinquents who confessed to murdering a 17 year old and showed them where they left the body. Because 5 months have passed since murder, all the police found were bare bones. Props to the police either way for staying on the case until resolution.

The remains were found in Azevém, rural Caruaru, state of Pernambuco, Brazil. The victim was one Luiz Henrique nicknamed Novato of Agamenom in Caruaru. The three killers, all teenagers under the age of 17 stabbed and stoned him to death. They returned to the crime scene a month after murder and buried some of the bones.

The reason for murder – Luiz Henrique reportedly stole 4 packets of marijuana from one of the killers.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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27 thoughts on “Remains of Murdered Teenager Found – Nothing But Bones”

  1. There is no point in investigating crimes committed by juveniles in Brazil. The maximum sentence for a teenage in Brazil is 3 years in a “reeducational facility”. Even if you rape and kill 100 people you won’t spend more than 3 years locked up.

  2. I’m curious as to the motive to stab an stone another kid. Maybe they’re a group of fags and the other kid was killed for not sucking their dicks. Or maybe the other way around and he was gay so they killed him. Or maybe who the fuck cares why and we can keep guessing. Another fine example of the Brazilian outback!

  3. I know I already posted this on the actual page of the “lone skull in the dirt” , but that is’nt a skull. Its one half of someone’s sacrum, the ilium. The part that looks like the cranium is actually the body of the ilium and the part that I guess could look like a jaw is the ischium.

    Either way, that sucks he was left out there for so long. Like it was said before, its a good thing that the murder case was resolved.

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