Retail Shop Owner Murdered in Cape Town, South Africa

Retail Shop Owner Murdered in Cape Town, South Africa

A retail shop owner was shot at point blank range by a man posing to be a customer. He and three other associates entered the shop in the China Town area of Cape Town, South Africa back in September on the pretense of buying clothes when one pulled a gun and shot the man in the face, killing him. The four fled on foot and have not yet been caught. The victim was a 70 year old man of Chinese descent. Now you tell me what the fuck justification there is in doing that? That man was earning his honest living and it’s just snatched. For what? Hopefully we see this asshole in a public necklacing somewhere down the line.

Mad props to African Angel.

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  1. Why do you think he got killed? Because he was not black, thats why. The boer farmer genocide also extents to anyone who’s not an under developed ape… Too bad we’re bashed in here by the fucking medias if we do the same to them though…

        1. Correct Der. Most likely not the first time he killed judging at how relaxed and easily it’s done. No feelings no remorse, might as well just have hit a fly over the head.

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          Obli? You should look into them I was outraged

      1. Certainly not, you think this white woman would take her child? of about 5-6 years. No she could hear what the killer said to the victim, she wasn’t looking around to watch, she wanted to calmly get out without looking at any of them.

    1. Maybe its time you caucasoids rid your parasitic presence from places you don’t even belong in the first place(ie…everywhere not Europe). It’s funny how you foment all of this global discontent, then you wanna act like you don’t deserve a bullet BTW your eyes even though you are the perpetrators and the reason for sectarian rivalry EVERYWHERE.

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      1. @nookie

        WTF ? People in CapeTown are mostly white?

        Well you obviously know NOTHING of which you speak. If you know shit, keep your mouth shut and let people just assume you’re stupid – don’t speak and prove it, ok?

    2. We need to wake up n realize all these foreigners that come all over the world to feed upon the white man’s built economy for there own profit are not what we want. The inventions and creativity which lies exclusively in there hands. That brought about a World of modern technology that reaches to the heavens themselves from which we as a people are the rightful descendants of simply cannot be denied. Anything less degradates us backwards.

  2. Because Black Lives need Material shit too @Obli that’s why.
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    2016 is the year of the monkey for the Chinese…that last bit being totally irrelevant but I got to use monkey in a non racial way while talking about niggers.

  3. Kinda seems weird like the white lady knew what was about to happen. She tried to have her son walk away from the scene but it was too late for that. You can see that the son was still behind the shooter when it happened. The mom tried to walk away calmly and quick and got a lil brush with fear and chicken skin when the shot went off. The lady was at a distance but no son right behind her. The shooter may have turned around real quick and accidentally bumped into the boy.

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    1. I just don’t understand how many people still don’t see that. These negroes would still be living in mud huts if it wasn’t for electricity, if it wasn’t for the architecture and all the creations and innovations of the white man.

      1. Right? It’s always been obvious to me that blacks tend to be less intelligent and more uncivilized than whites. Humans first evolved in Africa, which means that blacks have been around longer than whites, but it’s white people who are far more advanced. It’s a simple observation and objective fact that white people are more evolved, but no one is allowed to point it out. White guilt really pisses me off. We have more to be proud of than any other race.

        1. They love to use the “slavery” and “holocaust” cards to make us feel guilty, whilst portraying blacks as eternal victims of the white man, who never did anything wrong and were just unfortunate enough to be oppressed.
          Because only whites did bad things. All other races are innocent. I maintain my stance, we were the ones who contributed the most to mankind. Period.

          Of course whites are far, far more intelligent, with higher IQ’s, higher civility, but to state that is racism. Its politically incorrect.

        2. **Humans first evolved in Africa, which means that blacks have been around longer than whites**

          And you should also bear in mind that civilization started in Africa and spread to Europe. The oldest buildings in the history of mankind can be traced in Ethiopia, Egypt and Timbuktu in Mali where the first known university was established.

  4. This prosaic emulate of the darker variety emanates crystal clear signs of tension firing that piece. His erratic behavior wedded with the shopkeepers mildly gladdening floppiness makes this tape a worthy reliable sample of how delicate the human specimen and life itself truly remain.

  5. These are the daily issues in South Africa. It’s slowly turning into Brazil. Remember that reporter who was robbed whilst live on TV? Things are not good especilally for the whites who are mostly targets by these ”tsotsis” (thugs).

      1. @Lithium_512, you don’t have to hate it, just have to cope up and adapt to the ”new” South Africa. Early this year when I was in Johannesburg, we accidentally entered Diepsloot slums and we were almost lynched by the angry mob. We were saved by a good Samaritan who got all our mobiles and money in return.

          1. @hollyEat, no worries I only know this cos I watched Hotel Rwanda, lol. Actually it was all over the news, mainly because the Tutsi’s were all (man, women, children) hacked to death with machetes, maybe up to 100,000 of them.

  6. I wonder if this was a robbery or if it truthfully had to do with the fact that this man was Chinese.

    As a bit of a side note – I know many of you sympathize with Germany forcing certain parasitic portions of its population out of its country through violent means, i wonder if you see this as a similar situation

  7. When Apartheid ended it was done without the agreement of the cabinet! Mandela was a good guy tho he bombed the shit fuck out of white people in the Johannesburg area before he was captured and released 30 odd years later. He was the ONLY good black president! The last arsehole failed his A levels and wear fkin condoms on his head. Corruption is not even a description sorry, unless you live there and experienced it you guys have no idea how bad it is really there.

  8. This is just basically a hate crime.
    Nigga was just pissed off at seeing another ethnic minority person prospering by hard work through owning a shop whilst his fellow Nigga pals just hang out in gangs, being poor. In just the same way as Nazi Germans hated industrious Jews in the 1930s, so does this fellow hate successful Asian businessmen, coz they are thriving.

    If you look at first world countries like Britain, blacks came over in the 1950s, and Asians in the 1970s and 1980s but they have overtaken the blacks coz they study harder at school, work harder in offices, respect authority more, and have stronger family values.

    This bit of priceless logic was brought to you by Mr Spock.

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