Rival Drug Trafficker Hunted, Shot Dead in Relative’s Back Yard – Goiás, Brazil

Rival Drug Trafficker Hunted, Shot Dead in Relative's Back Yard - Goiás, Brazil

A 21-year-old man, Klayton Silva was shot dead late Sunday afternoon in the state of Goiás, Brazil. Klayton had tickets for drug trafficking and possession of firearms of a caliber restricted to the armed forces and the Federal Police.

“Where’s the video?” asks one of the killers to Klayton during his execution video. The killers recorded the action to account for whom they had killed, and to show strength to rival factions. Relatives of the murdered boy told investigators that the victim was being threatened by drug dealers in the neighboring sector and was hiding out.

According to reports, five men arrived in a silver Fox car at the home of a relative of the man, on the corner of Liberdade and Laranjeiras streets, and invaded the residence’s yard as soon as they learned of Klayton Silva’s presence there. He said he would be away from the family and the region after being threatened.

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          1. i just can’t understand some people! what’s wrong with all of you? is watching some poor kid being killed violently make you all, humans? you bunch of monsters! and gargoyles!

          2. some monsters and gargoyles are so heartless, he is just a poor defenceless kid running for his life and getting killed mercilessly, maybe he regretted his past actions before he got repeatedly shot.

          3. c’mon people, are you all a bunch of retards? are you all going to poke fun and laugh at everything in here at bestgore, like a bunch of freak retarded kids?! or maintain some dignity and respect like mature adults? i admit some are funny, but certainly not all!

    1. This is not a site for the weak of heart.
      I would bet a large number of regulars here have seen death up close and personal, whether they be military, healthcare, hood rats, or from impoverished regions of the world.
      Nippie, you need a puppy

    2. Nippie sweetie who are you calling monsters and gargoyles you too are sat watching people being executed and you admit to finding some funny. Do you know the back story of this murder? No yo don’t, Q1 DOES THE KILLER LOOK LIKE A YOUNG BOY FROM A GANG? NO
      Q2 did the old momma state the “victim” was over hiding out from a drugs gang? Yes
      Well she was half right he was there hiding out but not from a drugs gang he was hiding out from a family who wanted to “speak” to him regarding the beating he gave his GF a beating that left her face broken and 3 STAB holes in her stomach. IF you don’t have the stomach for us laughing at those killed in brutal ways when they fully deserve it then BG aint the lace for you

  1. Looking out my window right now, I see a peaceful brazilian city. Surprised this kind of stuff is happening all the time mere kilometers away from me, like, holy shit, look at the amount of videos shot in Brazil.

  2. Sounds like they’re trying to shoot him more after he’s dead but their piece of shit weapons jam. Fucking animals with their damn overkill. It’s easy to see he’s dead. You want to kill him, kill him then move on.

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