Rival Gang Member Stabbed, Beat, and Sawed Into

Rival Gang Member Stabbed, Beat, and Sawed Into

Rival Gang Member Stabbed, Beat, and Sawed Into

It appears all isn’t quiet on the Southern front as the infamous potato camera makes brief appearance with retaliation video of rival gang member.

The victim is a tad screamish from get-go with a pounding from a large piece of wood. His vocal chords get good lashing by his own falsettos after repeatedly stabbed. Later on different gang members start sawing into his arm.

Filming quits before we can decipher if the poor sole escapes his captors clutches. It is safe to say that without immediate medical attention this man is good as dead!

73 thoughts on “Rival Gang Member Stabbed, Beat, and Sawed Into”

    1. if anyone’s curious…. at the end
      he is saying cut his throat… cut his throat…. come on cut his throat…. the bastard is still breathing

      i don’t think this guy made it out of this

  1. Best case for Eugenics I have seen. Round up these malefactors and start gelding! String up a few from a lampost or two with piano wire to encourage the rest to behave themselves. The rest ;life in jail till death, Feed them only bread ,porridge and the only meat they get is their own balls and any creatures they catch whilst working in the fields whilst cultivating the land for themselves and good citizens!

    1. @Hoping for Nemesis In your world, I wish to be a General of Punishment. I can wield the Unholy Stick of Death and smack the life out of these motherfuckers. It will be a great place to live and succeed in. We will make our world great again and I will enforce these rules with the Unholy Stick of Death which shall help us overcome these stupid 3rd world cocksuckers and we’ll also teach their children a fucking lesson in power and torment if they act up.

      1. @Kcire That just means that they spend every waking moment of their lives behind bars until they die.

        I prefer the strategy of utter disposal of their livelihoods with poisons and objects that cause torment such as KOOL and Newports.

  2. The ones being executed rarely are innocent. It’s scum being killed by scum, basically.

    Initially they are all brave with a gun in their hands while they commit brutal crimes against the innocent, and have no remorse whatsoever. No regrets. Eventually, they finally screw up by breaking the “criminal law” and getting in trouble with other criminals. That’s when they end up being captured by scum far worse than them and die in the most heinous ways imaginable screaming like faggots.

  3. This is what happens when you give subhumans socialism, instead of getting them into a job that fits their current mental capacities, like forced labor. I could sure use a lot of Braziggers to help me dig out my pool, instead of overpaying an educated gringo to use braziggers anyways.

    Guess I lack the “mastah” gene to inspire terror on subhumans. But a well-oiled carbine and a whip works wonders nonetheless, IMO.

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