Robbers Shoot Biker in Cold Blood to Steal His Motorcycle and Manpurse

Screenshot from CCTV Video of Cold Blooded Murder to Rob Biker in Philippines

Robbers Shoot Biker in Cold Blood to Steal His Motorcycle and Manpurse

On October 9, 2020, a man riding motorcycle down a road in Paso de Blas, Valenzuela City, the Philippines, was shot dead in cold blood by an apparent pair of robbers.

The duo of robbers caught up with the victim on their own motorcycle and shot him cowardly from behind. When the victim collapsed, they stole his manpurse and the bike and rode off each on one.

According to the backinfo I got, the victim was known as Gino, and died on the spot. After the murder, the robbers abandoned his Yamaha NMAX motorcycle in Lawang Bato, Valenzuela City.

Props to Best Gore members @jam8teen and @delimanu for the CCTV video of the murder/robbery:

Best Gore @jam8teen also provided a few pictures:

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      1. Yes that can be that is true, but here we got same problem these motherfuckers venezuelans or “venecos” we called him here, they came here to rob and kill, we hate them all, all of those are communist socialist bullshit people, we getting into chaos here in Colombia as so many people from venezuela came here to fuck a lot, they don´t have any kind of humanity so really beast people they don’t care to rob you and then kill you for nothing i hate that people watch your country with this kind of plague.

    1. @pachen
      Yea, seems like a recent thing. This shit goes in phases. Looks like the cartels are just recently back in a big war now, so we might end up seeing some more skin peeled, beheaded, de-limbed, ears cut off, pig shit covered, set on fire & roasted then exploded smoky bacon dirty burritos again soon.

        1. @drstrangelove
          Yes he could/should have rammed them indeed.
          They don’t seam to case out the places before acting out on their crimes which is quite stupid. If i was a criminal, i would know where every single cctv camera is in my neck of the woods that’s for sure. I more, or less Know where every Red-Light/traffic camera’s are in Kanata, Ottawa, & the/my surrounding area’s. 🙂

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          2. @drstrangelove
            Yes,, i must agree that i do love my Country except for the Government and what it has done to Mark in the past, which is something that i will not ever forget, or forgive them for

            Although i live in Ottawa which is Canada’s Capital i have together with my wife Cathy visited Banff and Jasper Alberta, and as you said it is quite beautiful indeed. It’s too bad that your Aunt is a millionaire yet such a Bitch.

            You’d think that she would want to share some of her wealth with her family and leave behind great memories of being a good heart’ed person, instead of being regarded as a cold & selfish cunt. 🙁

            I Never understood selfish people like that brother, and probably never will, as i have always been a generous person with anyone in need. And even though we are quite comparable and are well off we are no multi millionaires that’s for sure.

            It seams like it’s always the people like us that think of others instead of these selfish millionaires that can do so much good in this screwed-up world we live-in, if they wanted to,,, Shameful. 🙁

          3. most cctv use wifi .one can obtain a wifi dauther online which blocks the wifi signal ,its a small module that plugs into a mobile just throw it in the bush next to cctv cam..also works on alarms..good hunting…

          4. @drstrangelove
            Get Da-Fuck Outta Here & Thanks for this my good man & B G Brother. I Never knew that devices like this ever even existed. Do you reside in Canada, or the States Brother, i ask as i don’t know if, and where they would sell this in Canada, or if i would have to order it from The States??

  1. To add insult, someone stole his Crocs. Society has sunken to a new low. (Not that it was ever good)
    You see one fall off and land in front of his chest when he hits the ground, then one on his right foot when they ride away. In the last photo, no Crocs to be seen.

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  4. It’s possible the guy in white t-shirt in front of them could have been in on it? He seemed to slow him down and keep him in place till they got there…
    It’s clear they had prior knowledge to what was in that guys bag as someone mentioned it was so well planned the robber was dressed like the victim. This was a well coordinated professional job. Nothing to do with the bike it seems.

    1. Good point…

      Kinda looked like it, the way he slowed down a bit. I imagine the face masks could make it a little more difficult to identify the robbers as well. I’m sure they’re aware of the security cameras, so a coordinated effort, along with the masks, could increase their chances of not being identified.

      Anyway, they made it look pretty easy. Others, may have needed a Try-Cycle to complete this job.

  5. It looked more like a personal killing or a hit. As it stands this is all the info we have.
    The reason I lean on a personal killing or hits
    1. There were clearly better mopeds around that they could take
    2. They shot the guy from behind so in case he lived he can’t identify them and the shot looked like a hit
    3. The shooter shot one more time toward the head as if he was paid to take him out.
    4. They didn’t keep the moped

    It sounded like they had issue with him or paid to take him out

  6. Blame the government and fucking police for this:
    If there is no police, those robbers would never dare to do this because, people would be fucking armed and someone would react and kill them right there.
    Please tell me that they are captured lately!

    What really boiled my blood:
    They did all this with nonchalance, arrogantly.

    Imagining their torture on BG gives me hard on.

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