Robbers Stab Jewellery Clerk to Death in Egypt

Robbers Stab Jewellery Clerk to Death in Egypt

In the town of El Alamein in the Matrouh Governorate, Egypt, robbers fatally stabbed a jewellery clerk an finished him off with a hammer, before stealing a bunch of jewellery with a suitcase.

News from Egypt is that the robbers have been caught, because they left fingerprints all over the place and didn’t pay attention to the CCTV cameras in the shop.

Props to Best Gore member @AnizZ for the video:

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    1. Don’t agree with that at all. He didn’t try to save his boss’s loot at all – that knife was in his chest before he even registered what had happened…….

      Those 3 arsewipes hopefully will have their hands chopped off before their head. Just hard to believe anybody could carry such a robbery out with the genuine belief that this was a good idea and that they won’t get caught when every square inch of Earth is covered by CCTV (especially a freakin gold shop ) and don’t think to wear gloves? What a bunch of subhuman sand niggas……

  1. The robbers got caught, huh? I sincerely hope they are to be executed and it gets shown on Best Gore.
    Whilst watching a criminal get executed on your laptop, I suggest having a few slices of cheddar on Jacobs’ cream crackers and a nice glass of claret. Good combo. But always remember to smack your lips as you sip the wine as it helps the oxygenation of your taste buds.

    1. Lol I was thinking that. Who’s suitcase is this? These guys were geniuses. . Suitcase. No gloves. Camera rolling for us to see. How could they get caught. It’s perfect. Donkeys!

  2. The pic above where he’s standing in front of the gold w what looks like his hands cuffed. Is that the killer?? Watched again n they have similar jackets. Looks like a cops desk w the gun and bullets. Idk he’s a dumb fuck who gave zero fucks!

    1. Wow for some reason I didnt even look at the picture I just went straight for the video haha yeah it sure does look like him im guessing all the loot around him is what they “made away” with even though they didnt make it away haha murder weapons there too stained red

      1. There may not have been a hammer either its possible the pistol was used to strike with held by the barrel. I gotta watch it a few more times

        *Edit* I think that is what happened. What I see is him stab the guy with the knife and it gets stuck. He panics and runs around trying to figure out what to do and ends up beating him with the pistol. I kinda need a second opinion on all that though whats everyone else see?

        1. Who needs CSI when they got us. We should be paid for our services. goreservices. Hahah. We would be great. We def have been trained to have tough stomachs. We have all ethnic backgrounds chiming in. We will get to the bottttom of it. Funny but so true. Lol

          1. Dammit Kevin, that’s so true. I have not the slightest doubt that all the Best Goreans here would make excellent forensic investigators if they form an actual team that meets at crime sites. Gore seems to stir up our passions.

            Whilst for “normal” people, the sight of blood, and guts is very stressful and traumatising, I get the feeling that most people in this site (including my bad self) are not functional in that sense and would actually RELAX and engage in all kinds of debates on what happened, etc.

            If you have a crime scene, and nobody can help…then maybe call….

            Now all we need is a busted-up Ford Transit van with a siren on top, and some business cards.

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    1. Yeah I noticed that too. I think it took him a couple of mins and a few reminders from his ringleader to get onto it and put his two trays in the suitcase before wandering off again. Useless dum fuqs…..

  4. As if stabbing him once and knocking him down or something wouldn’t have been enough. Greed does fucked up things to people’s heads, just for worthless pieces of shiny metal. But life itself is worthless too, so it doesn’t make that much of a difference

  5. The tile floor and walls will make it easy to clean up the place. What can you say, Muslims killing Muslims. In Australia the only people who attack an innocent man like this are Ice addicts, imported asylum seekers from Muslim countries and people who are fucked in the head. In these Muslim countries stabbing someone and slitting someones throat is like putting on a shirt. Hopefully they will all lose their heads over this and the earth will have 4 less Koranderthals.

    1. “What can you say, Muslims killing Muslims” No that was a criminal killing an innocent hard working man. But to correct you it was an infidel killing a christian man. Yes I read the news in arabic.

  6. Small update for this post the jewelery shop owner is christian and the one who killed him is considered very dangerous and wanted. The two younger thieves are still to be found.

    1. He got caught and believe me when I say the police as beaten the shit out of him. This guy will get the death penalty for sure. Unlike the west this deserves the death penalty.

      1. Ah, yes, @airs, it’s Turkey and not Egypt. Really, for one whole season of work, I went home with less than $1K in my pocket, and a hand carry bag that’s almost full with little boxes of gold jewelries. Istanbul and Cairo, ahha! Am missing these places. Never mind the clubs in TURKEY, yes, not in Egypt as per my first comment.

  7. After spending 1.5 year in that country, I’ll tell you what it looks like: 3 brainless muslims entered the shop intending to perform a cold blooded kill and robbery on the christian copt. The reason is there – christians are haunted minority, becuase they are smarter and run businesses. In opposition to dirty muslims, whose fate depends on “insha’allah” and other snackbar crap. Sad thing to see, but I got loads of friends in Egypt, and only few muslims among them… I’ve seen it many times. Everyday you get the examples of threathning, killing, robbing etc.

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