Robbers Armed with a Knife Fail Against Guard Armed with a Gun

Robbers Armed with a Knife Fail Against Guard Armed with a Gun

CCTV video from Argentina shows would be robbers armed with a knife taking on a lone guard in a small booth. What the crooks didn’t know was that the guard was packing small heat and had it at the ready. His just-in-case hunch proved to be right.

The robbers first walked by, eyeing and assessing to make sure the guard was alone and easy to rob, but that’s probably why he was ready for them with the gun in his hand when they came back.

Well done. Fuckers didn’t see it coming.

49 thoughts on “Robbers Armed with a Knife Fail Against Guard Armed with a Gun”

    1. In my opinion, that was pure adrenaline that got him as far as he ran, then collapsed. I have seen this first hand in multiple real world contacts. I think it’s safe to say he was shot, more than likely he took multiple hits and probably died right where he fell, (not instantly, but not too long after we see him drop). Seeing the robber/thug/shitbag get that little sprint in before dropping is not uncommon at all in scenarios such as this. That’s just my opinion and I certainly could be wrong, but I form that opinion based on real world experience and not call of duty/airsoft battles.
      As others mentioned I agree the pistol is more than likely a Makarov chambered in 9×18 mm which are known to generally be very reliable. With the right type of ammo, they can actually be pretty nasty too, and regardless of caliber a well placed shot or two, (lucky or not), can ruin anyone’s day. Thankfully it was this douche robbing an innocent, working individual.

      1. jajaja thats not a fancy gun like a makarov, thats a bersa 380 , most common concealed carry here in argentina, pretty cheap too and very reliable. the robber is dead, i read it on a policial news , right after he fell, one less rat to worry about.

  1. Instant karma! Love it. Guys like that have no morals or compassion and will stab someone for $10, always picking on easy targets. They got what they deserved, I hope that one that went down died.

  2. Although im not a fan of guns, when i see one pointed at a lowlife scumbag it brings a smile to my face. Had that guy not had one we may be watching an altogether different video. oh, and 10 out of 10 for the quick draw!

  3. He saw them clowns coming and sussed them out a mile away. Fair fucks to him. I reckon he waited till they got right up to him so he could justifiably fire a few rounds at them. Fucking legend. Not allowing himself to be another statistic/victim.

      1. you got that right Obli, and although I dont normally attack strangers, I am usually packing both. I never leave home without a pocketknife, and usually a couple in my purse, and my S&W .38. Like i said before, always be prepared!

          1. 🙂 even though it is pretty peaceful here in sunny North Alabama, and I live out in the country, I do work in town and just like everywhere else, we have our fair share of crackheads. Even worse are the damn meth heads out in the woods. So yeah, I know the score, and I know how to protect myself – shoot first, take awesome pics for BG, ask questions later!

  4. I love KARMA !

    Take that you fungating irrelevant smear of smegma ! I can not stand your thieving and treating other people like they don’t matter.

    I hope that one is dead as a door stop and the other two are living a life of leisure just like they wanted, but in a filthy cockroach infested jail.

  5. No glass at the front of that booth? Probably far too expensive. However,security guards are cheap and plentiful. Of course I’m sure the gentleman that was ‘packing heat’ in the video will now be assured of a job for life,although having seen many South American videos on this wonderful site I’ll assume that it’ll be considerably shorter than a Swedish Bus Driver’s.

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